The story of the Doctor who waits for his son every Saturday.

The story of the Doctor who waits for his son every Saturday.

While on my way back from the hike with the local Climbers and hikers club members in Maharashtra, India, many years ago, I happened to see a small temple located on the foot hill.
While going in, I removed my shoes at the gate. They were not new, but in good condition and expensive.
While I returned from the temple the shoes were missing.
I spent a lot of time searching for them. It was getting late- about 7 pm. The place did not have sufficient streetlights. In addition, the bus service was very poor.
I was afraid, if I travelled without any footwear I may hurt my feet.
I left without footwear and sure enough hurt my foot in dark as I feared I would.
Standing on the bus stop, I waited for some car driven person to give me a lift. I did get the lift.
The person was good. He was kind. He saw blood oozing from my foot. He stopped the car on one side of the road. He opened his first aid box. He cleaned my wound.
There was some pointed plastic, which had got embedded into my foot. He washed the wound with some Hydrogen Peroxide.
He happened to be a Dr. He took me to his home- which was not very far.
At his home, he pulled out the plastic piece and dressed up my wound properly.
Then he gave me a tetanus injection. He refused to accept any fee. He served me a hot cup of tea also. While I was ready to leave, he asked me why I was not wearing any shoes or any footwear.
I told him the story. He opened his cupboard. He took out a brand new, unused pair of hiking shoes. The size was same as of my lost shoes, the color was also the same.
I was astonished how the size color and the model matched exactly!
His eyes were wet. He told me that his son had met with a road accident about a month ago, on a Saturday. His son was into climbing and hiking, he told me. The shoes were meant to be a birthday gift for him. However, he lost him on the previous day.
It was the same day; Saturday .He lay at the same road where I got the lift from the Dr.
A speeding truck had knocked him down, but no motorist took him to any hospital. Today, when he saw me waiving for lift, he felt as if his injured son was standing on the road requesting for a lift.
He stopped and took me in.

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  1. lani36

    he world is a mysterious place, many mysteries are unknown, but let not the kindness of others to be ever forgotten ….

  2. macathy

    Strange you retell this story as it was the reading at mass on Sunday.the good samaratin,thanks .Shows that old stories still are the same as the world we live in now.

      1. Maize

        I’ve read since
        I was 4 years old….all your themes, characters, plots are very familiar,Again.Id advise you to start up your own group, so that people who wish to read your writings know where to find them.

  3. macathy

    Am I missing something here,who has the right to tell someone that they need to start their own group to blog in .I though Rob said that his blogs were ok ,is this the green eyed monster creeping in to chatters?

  4. Abhilaaj Post author

    Thanks macathy, foreveryoung 2 and Maize. i will just quote lani 36 when she rightly said above : ” he world is a mysterious place, many mysteries are unknown, ……”

  5. millie

    Mac, i think maize is just saying that it seems to be more of a story that he read somewhere and copied. Maybe i’m wrong but i thought that the blogs were supposed to be more about thoughts, ideas and original stories, etc. If Rob says it’s okay then it’s okay, but it does seem that it would be better suited to a group for stories, poems, etc. that people would like to share. It was just a suggestion. Why suggest that she’s jealous — what’s to be jealous of?

    1. Maize

      Thank you Millie……I agree about your comments regarding blogs but I won’t get involved in the discussion.
      And you’re right, there’s nothing for me to be jealous about.

  6. macathy

    Essentially, a Senior Chatters Blog gives you the ability to document your life experiences, observations, opinions, etc around topics you find interesting.

    This is what Rob said about I think we can find stories but if we rewrite them in our own words it’s ok,that’s my interputation.
    Sorry if I felt that the comments above were a bit harsh,but telling someone “I’d advise you to start your own group so that ones who want to can read them” seems to me like a threat I could be wrong .
    Addressing someone as “Esteamed newly appointed member” could be taken the wrong way too.
    The jealous bit I felt came in as to the way this member became a member.

  7. millie

    Well, I didn’t see it that way, Mac. I’m just saying that we have all been told in the past that we should start groups for poetry, writing, photography, religion, etc… It just seems reasonable to do that—not threatening at all in my eyes. And I hardly think anyone who is a member here need be jealous of anyone else who becomes one, however that happens. Shouldn’t really assume the worst of someone b/c they make a suggestion to a newer member. She even said that she was awaiting the next in the series. I didn’t see anything wrong with her comment… jmo.

  8. starlette

    Have to agree with you millie, its either your own blog or it isn’t, simple as………. what’s the point in shuffling someone else’s words around, we can all do that……..cannot be one rule for one, and one for another……..if there were no individual groups and we could all put whatever on the blog page, then I think it would be a little overcrowded………there’s a group for everything………if there isn’t one for what you are interested in then create one, then we all know what you are about, and we either choose to read or to pass it by…..and yes I know you can read or pass on here to, but that’s not the point in question………I maybe wrong, but I feel the blog page is for various assorted writings, funny, sad, debatable topics, who knows, but not the same theme all the time from the same author………yes a separate group is called for……….had to create my own group for my selected topic………so fairs fair……just saying……….xx

  9. Maize

    I am deliberately staying out of this discussion.
    I found some recent comments to be cruel,hurtful and extremely spiteful.
    This started because I perceived some unfairness happening, and I hate unfairness.
    And jealousy on my part? No, I don’t think so,on any count.
    Anyone who knows me even slightly will hopefully recognise the person I am.I always try to be fair,honest and caring.I am keeping my distance in SC. now.
    Thank you Millie and star…my thoughts exactly.

  10. Abhilaaj Post author

    Without getting involved in to any further debate , I will just stay that the anecdote was by all means my own work.
    2] I am shocked at the negativity and sarcasm of some individuals. I need not name them.
    3] Quoting from a site only about certain historical dates and figures related to some famous personalities while showing the source invariably does not amount to copying .