The night is never completely dark

I took a walk with my dog at 2300 the other evening. Jack wasn’t too happy to start with because he does love his bed, but he cheered up when he realised I was heading for the woodland behind my house.

Most people would say “Take a torch”, but there is really no need for that. We walked up the grass hill and down past the lake then climbing again into the woodland. Clear skies and a half moon made walking easy. 

About two miles into the woodland is a small clearing that I like. I sit at the edge, my back leaned against a tree and look across and up, watching the stars, the occasional intrusive aircraft heading into or out of the airport about 5 miles away.

Sitting there in the dim light provided by the moon and the stars Jack’s ears suddenly pricked up. Sure sign that something’s on the move. He was looking off to the left so I followed his line of sight and there on the edge of the clearing stood a badger staring back at me as if to say “What the hell are you two doing in my territory?”

We continued to stare at each other for a while, then the badger obviously decided he had better things to do than get into a staring competition with a mere human and wandered off on whatever business he was about that night.

The next visitor was a deer stepping daintily at the edge of the clearing. She wouldn’t cross with me and Jack there, of course, but she did give us a good stare before deciding that it was safe to walk away rather than run.

Soon after more noise. Jack was looking both left and right so there was obviously more than one visitor on the way. First to the right of centre across the clearing and then slightly to left of centre they emerged. Two foxes. They also stared for a time and then went about their business.

So walking near midnight and beyond, wildlife in plenty, all seen without the benefit of artificial light of any kind.

The night is never completely dark.

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  1. Hello Way, so a different life comes to the fore in the dark…….Badgers I love but only see them dead at the sides of the roads…….although I live surrounded by Sherwood Forest I have yet to see one Deer prancing around although I know plenty who have………don’t see any Foxes either although have seen reports of them strolling down the middle of the road………so it would seem for me to see these beautiful creatures I have to sit in the middle of the woods late at night………well that’s never going to happen even if I had a Grizzly Bear with me for a companion…….

    1. In the UK the only thing that can threaten you is another human, or a grumpy badger if you get too close to their set when they have young, so the Grizzly is hardly needed

    2. Starlette. I would prefer Robin Hood for a companion in Sherwood Forest which is what I think of when I hear of Sherwood Forest. It sounds cozy to have the Forest around you. A walk may be nice with the right companions; I would need several actually.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your walk and the critters out at night. How dark the night is depends on the moon and stars. I am usually not out at night and I live with a lot of artificial lighting so I find your account very informative.

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