Trust - a comparatively small word but with a huge amount of meaning. What would life be like if we never trusted anything or anybody. Would this be a very detrimental thing or a definite case of self preservation ? We have all meet individuals who are referred to as ' trusting souls '. The very phrase itself suggests a certain amount of naivety or lack of judgement but is it really better to place ones trust in our fellow man or should we only trust ourselves? Speaking personally , I always tried to give everyone I met along life's journey , the benifit of the doubt but , as time and time again , this trust was undermined I finally came to the sad conclusion that the only person I could trust totally was myself. Is this a sad and cynical outlook to have ? Maybe , but all I know is that decades ago it worked for me and continues to do so up until this day. I am sure others have a very different attitude towards the concept of trust and I am equally certain it works for them. We all of us have to find our own path and long may we travel it.

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  1. grandmaj

    I to always used to give people the benefit of the doubt where trust is concerned, but it has been proven and speaks for itself in many cases. Lies , deceit, its a hard one, and not one I am willing to trust that same person again. They will fool a lot of people, but will not fool me again. Very good blog Scorpio

  2. Scorpio Post author

    Thank you gran. It’s a great shame our lack trust in people is engendered by their actions but this is just a sad fact of life.

  3. starlette

    Hello Scorps…….I am afraid I am very cynical of trusting 100%……..the older you get, and the more people you meet it becomes even clearer you can only really trust yourself……people put their trust in Doctors and they fail many……..people put their trust in the police, very often to be disappointed………workmen and companies who say they will ring you back re complaints……they don’t…….trust no one that’s what I say….lol…….even families…….a loathed saying…..Blood is Thicker than Water………Piffel……..oh Dear……am I full of hatred and bitterness…….not at all……..just keep the armour around you…..

  4. drummer

    It’s a sad fact of life that you simply cannot trust everybody, I guess it is a matter of keeping faith in those around you, but regretfully even that can backfire, so be aware, very aware!

  5. deaks

    trust is not earnt
    it is freely given it is a choise we all have
    the wise may trust well the gullable not so
    to trust only yourself means you are untrustworthy yourself
    I trust who I wish and live with my choises

  6. Scorpio Post author

    Everybody is obviously entitled to their own opinion , that is why most civilised people favour democracy. Deaks , I think you have a rather warped view as a whole but , when all is said and done , that’s just my opinion.

  7. davidrv

    Personally, I think that giving your trust is leaving yourself open to exploitation. It’s a lazy way to not invest time in familiarizing yourself with the other person. Everyone has flaws according to your idea of perfection, either reject those people or deal with the flaws.

    With this online stuff, it takes more time. It’s like being at a Halloween party with everyone wearing a disguise; what’s real and what’s not.

  8. deaks

    u trust only in yourself
    and u say im warped
    u say u belive in democracy
    is that not trusting one system over another
    u put ur trust in more people than u even realies
    do u drink the water from ur taps that’s trust
    I could go on and on but ur ignorate so I wont

  9. Scorpio Post author

    And you can’t spell 😀 and now deaks , as unfortunately I’ve given into the temptation of coming down to your juvinile level of comments , I will enter into no further discourse with you on this or any other subject except to say I’m glad I rattled your cage. Adios Amigo ! 😆

  10. deaks

    no I cant spell and u cant think
    I like it down here
    uve rattled nothing
    its all just a game
    in the end nothing realy matters

  11. he76r45n

    Good blog.
    I tend to trust until it proves misplaced!
    It always hurts when shown but I believe what goes around comes around.
    Karma is a great equaliser.

  12. drummer

    Haven’t seen so much interest in blogs for years – if I were to try to summarise all of the blogs thus far, I would just say be very aware!

  13. foreveryoung2

    Of course we trust things like the water we drink, we have no choice- oh yes we do, we can drink tap water or bottled water, depends on which one you trust the most.
    Trusting people is a different concept. When we are young and naive we trust almost every thing, but as one goes through life with people you trust letting you down, whether it be within families or friends, heartbreakingly, trust becomes a difficult thing. I have trusted family and friends only to have them kick me in the guts for their own personal gain. Therefore trust is something I am very wary about. Great blog Scorpio – certainly stirring 🙂

  14. 5mintbreak

    Trust is often broken when we are but children, think of Santa Claus, then the tooth fairy, and so we then start to doubt, what is the truth? Small white lies, porky pies and then whopping lies. So our trust is tried and no matter how we try to give a reason why, we deep down carry doubts. Let us not mention the hurt caused by this. Yes we are asked to trust but as life teaches us be very careful in whom you place your trust.

  15. catlady

    I think there are levels of trust. For example money. If you have met someone new recently you might trust them with giving you the money back if you buy their meal or train ticket when they don’t have the money. You aren’t going to give them your life savings to invest in a bakery in the Sahara (Even if you do love cakes like me). So to me trust is an ongoing thing where you are continually evaluating how much trust to invest in someone. When trust is broken i relationships I think it is very hard to regain. We are at the end of the day all human and none of us is perfect. I could not live without trusting anyone to some degree but anyone who abuses my trust will not be in my life that long (will they Brian?). Good original blog Scorpio, thank you for making me think.

  16. deaks

    trust is simply a choise
    u make ur own rules to it
    maybe based on your lifes expeience who cares
    once uve made a choise live with it
    don’t bitch or cry oh I trusted them they let me down
    u made the choise take responsablity for it

  17. Rockflower

    I agree with much of what everyone has written here. It is something we all have to work out within all our contacts with others. Like so many others I like to give people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Of cause in different relationships, the degree of trust needed is variable. I would say that the greater the degree of trust given, damage to that trust is more wounding and final . If complete trust is given and then broken by one of those involved…….the harder it will be to restore and I should say that full trust can never be restored. The trust of daily social intercourse, we have to roll with the punches and let it go, sometimes people disappoint. Often they disappoint because we expect too much perhaps. If as an older person I can be cynical, I would say that the older we get the more we realize that we are truly on our own. We enter life alone and leave the same way so the ultimate trust we must have….. is trust in ourselves.

  18. Scorpio Post author

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised as I never expected so much interest to be shown in my blog. Thank you all for taking the time to put your thoughts on paper , as it were. 😄

  19. deaks

    my own personal thoughts and how I deal with trust is I never blame other people for my choises in life
    and I will never let the untrusting taint the beautillfull joining of one or more people in trust
    I wont let the untrusting win its as simple as that