"Men used to speak of the glory of war.
Perhaps that had been a lie.

They'd spoken of honor,
Perhaps that was only vanity.

They'd spoken of grief.
Yet there was hardly even grief anymore

Grief had been numbed," Edward Rutherford

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  1. jackiestone

    Throughout history the same lessons are taught over and over again. So long as Man exists the same human nature dwells within and continues to exert the same influences every generation. Man has yet to learn how to progress above and beyond his base nature.

  2. waylander

    There is, nor has there ever been any glory in war. Just loss
    There is no honour in war either, except, perhaps, that of doing your best to protect your mates.

  3. leafofgold

    War, according to western Knight hood has always constituted honor,glory, and bravery. it was always measured financially. Use God’s name was mandatory to the justification of Religious slaughter. Not an irreligious remark . Look at those who did find that honor was key. A Sir Knight was giving all the glory while he walked upon the bodies of his serfs. There are always two sides to the story. Just once I wish reason would prevail.

  4. waylander

    Ah, but there’s the rub! Once glory and honour are mentioned the young flock to the banner.

    I, at least in part, blame the old soldiers like myself. Those who only told their children the funny situations. The silly situations and then only those where no-one got badly hurt.

    We all think we are protecting them from the horrors of wars, but I have come to think that, at least in part, in trying to do the best and protecting our children, we have, inadvertently, perpetuated the cult of glory and honour.

    Recently, in a discussion with my 30 something son on a story in the world news I lost my temper and told him the truth about war. He went rather white and the rest of the family didn’t speak to me for days.

    Strangely that encouraged me. From now on when asked I intend to tell the whole truth and to hell with any consequences.

  5. chalkoutline

    There is no glory in war, but there is necessity. The problem is that it is waged too frequently, recklessly and for the wrong reasons.

    Who in their right mind could possibly say that Hitler should not have been stopped by whatever means necessary?

  6. jsmile

    No one likes war. Since the beginning of creation it has existed and will throughout generations as long as evil seeks to prevail. Chalk is correct in that it is waged too often for unnecessary causes.
    We all want peace world wide. In this day we are at war with those who seek to destroy a free society. If one apposes war, and many do, how do you negotiate with terrorists? You don’t. War is bad no doubt but it is necessary to keep peace in a land. Just my 2cents.