The Man in the Gown

The Man in the Gown

So, here it is 11:35 pm. It's been a long, emotional day at the hospital. They admitted my sweet mother-in-law at about 10 a.m., and now I am finally unwinding...
So, let me share a lighter moment that made me laugh today.

I had been waiting, waiting, waiting to talk to the doctor. It was about 5 pm. I was really sleepy. Mom had been dozing on and off. The tv was on the relaxing nature scenes with lullaby music station (not it's actual name). I was tired but couldn't fall asleep. The chair I was sitting in was slick, and my pants material was lightweight. How can I say this discreetly? Oh heck, I can't! The truth is that just when I would get really relaxed, my butt would start sliding off the chair.

So I gave up and did what any tired and somewhat stressed female would do, I went to the cafeteria and got coffee and a chocolate brownie!

Just as I was finishing my healthy snack, my son Ben called to check on his Grandma, and on me too. I stepped out into the hallway to talk to him.

I was blabbing away, and saw a man in the room across the hall peek out. He had cracked the door open just a bit. When I saw him, he shut the door really quick! A couple of minutes later, he did it again. The third time, he opened the door all the way. He was standing there in a hospital gown, holding it together in the back with one hand. He looked straight at me, then he looked up and down the hall, and shut the door again.

I suddenly realized that he wanted to come out of his room, but was waiting until "the coast was clear." So, I quickly went back into Mom's room, leaving her door open just a couple of inches.
Sure enough, I saw our neighbor patient walk out of his room at a brisk pace, holding his gown together in back with both hands that time.

I was giving Ben the play-by-play of all this as it was happening, and laughing! I couldn't help it!

I don't blame the poor guy! I've had to wear those stupid open air gowns before too, and I think we can find a way to sue it's inventor for emotional pain and suffering. Really! A patient has to leave their room sometimes, and there know... strangers running around the hospital!

Wouldn't that be considered indecent exposure in any other place??

Oh well, the situation provided comic relief for my rough day. Laughter is the best medicine, especially in a hospital!
Maybe those risque' gowns serve a good purpose after all.

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  1. Debbie4958

    Oh KayBee I do hope you motherinlaw is ok. How stressing for you. At least you were able to have a bit of a laugh which was good. Take care hun ok….you need to look after you too…xx

    1. tania

      Thank you KayBee…I too have had to wear one of those hideous gowns before today… I wish your mother- in – law well x

  2. KayBee

    Thank you both! We were going to have the kids and our granddaughter over yesterday to celebrate her 90th birthday (which is actually on the 5th). We ordered a cake. But…she is getting the care she needs. Maybe by the 5th she will be up to a very short party. 🙂 Time will tell.

  3. KayBee

    Laurie, Starlette, John, and anyone I missed…I appreciate your kindness! Mom is stable, still having problems though. We also still have to wait for test results too. Our kids went with me to visit her today. Seeing both of my kids at the same time makes her day and mine too!

  4. cfort22

    Hoping your mother-in-law quickly recovers, and can be soon discharged. What a cute story about the poor bashful guy, with the gown! lol! Just be glad you weren’t wearing one, while trying to sleep on the chair! Thanks for sharing, and finding some light moments during a difficult situation.

    1. KayBee

      Thank you for reading it cfort, and for your kind comments. Me? Nooo, I refuse to wear one of those gowns, they can’t make me!!

  5. patrickr1950

    Great story, Kaybee! 🙂 I trust that your mother-in-law is feeling better.

    Regarding those gowns, once when I was a patient I told the nurse that if I didn’t get a second gown which I could wear on top of the other one, so as to cover my rear as well as my front, I would walk around the hospital and deliberately moon as many people as possible. She fell for my bluff (well, it was probably a bluff, but it would have served them right), and got me a second gown as soon as possible. Really all it takes is a second gown. Any professional medical facility has no business humiliating patients! And those patients who are not too sick should stand up against such an outrage! Mooners of the world unite!!!

  6. lani36

    Kaybee, warm wishes for your MOTHER-IN-LAWS speedy recovery,,, yes I know the history of those gowns worn them a few times in hospitals here too.
    Poor man his dignity was surely pushed to the limits.. hope he recovered …
    have a lovely 90th Birthday party ….. with hugs and get well wishes… xxxx Lani.