The Greatest Hero

He never considered himself brave. He never thought of himself as a hero.
Everything he did was just what he'd been trained to do. To get in there and help. To save lives.

But there's a big difference between walking in armed to the teeth, ready to fight back, willing and able to deal death and walking our path armed with just medical supplies, guts and determination.

He was always there wherever we went. He was just "Doc" to us.

Doc wanted to serve, he volunteered, but Doc found his conscience wouldn't allow him to take life. Instead he chose to save it. He walked with us unarmed, taking the same risks without the ability to hit back.

I defy anyone to say this man was not a hero.

I am honoured to have been called friend by him.

John Logan died last week. Taken by Cancer. I will miss him. I will remember him.

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  1. starlette

    Must have been a privilege to know such a man Way, and a feeling of comfort to have him walk beside you………his code of ethics was to save lives, and that’s what he lived by………to walk into the unknown, unarmed, took some guts, brave man indeed……

  2. roseinbloom

    Waylander. I find wisdom in whatever you write and I am happy that you shared your friend with me. It is always nice to be reminded that there are real heroes.

  3. foreveryoung2

    May he rest in peace knowing that he followed his heart and dedicated his life to saving others. It is a privilege to walk with him along his path – you have been blessed Way, as I am sure he was to also call you “friend” xoxo

  4. 2doghouse

    That was lovely, Way… I think we can all be a hero to someone, or many, in our lives. In big or small ways. And I think we all have a hero in our lives. Someone who is, or was, a wonderful friend.