The Face Of Senior Chatters – Is It You?

Hi Chatters, as some of you already know, I'm busy making improvements to Senior Chatters - all of which I hope to be able to share with you very soon... This is the main reason why I haven't been active on the site as much recently.

Anyway, as part of the improvements, I'm simplifying the look of the homepage (the page you login to SC) and as such I'm looking for one of you beautiful people to be the face of Senior Chatters 🙂

Drum-Roll-please... Lol

If you would like to appear on the homepage, please provide a few sentences detailing your experiences on Senior Chatters together with a nice photo and the winner will take pride of place on the Senior Chatters homepage. All other successful entries will appear on our main sales page, so nobody will get left out.

Please email your testimonial with photo to [email protected] or if you would like to use your existing profile picture (photo only please) simply write your testimonial in the comments section below.

Thanks for your continued support and good luck...


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  1. kiwigirl

    OK drum roll folks, a suggestion……Hey Rob, shouldn’t you be the face of Senior Chatters? it is your site after all lol. Or what about one of Faye, without her the walls would fall down.

    1. faye

      Kiwi I couldnt agree more….but then he isnt allowed to put pic on Chatters…haaaaaaaa! (smack my hand for that one!!!)

  2. macathy

    Oh gee rob. More improvements. Can’t Waite.

    I think Senior Chatters is the very best chat site on the nett.
    Where else can we get the friends we need and the encouragement we like
    Of course. We have You Rob to give all the help we need. Thanks. But don’t want to be face of chatters. Get good looking guy. Whipp maybe or twiggs.

  3. beenhere

    I am always happy to chat with my friends at Senior Chatters. I am always given a warm welcome by my chat friends which i hold dear in my heart.. I have met so many wonderful people here and have made many friends. It is good to know thtt all who chat here feel safe and harassment free.

  4. padraig1

    Well rob i’ll be honest with u av been doing the chat scene for 20 years now i have been an admin in lots of different sites and the reason i keep coming back here is to me its a throw back to the old sites i started in way back then but also i have made some good friends in here, now this is gonna sound crazy as i’v said it takes me back but i would love to see some way of giving us sound in here i mean real sound and the music room can be used properly i’d even offer to admin in it if there was some way for u to achieve this

  5. Wanda

    I joined SC in April when I was going through a rough patch health-wise. I’ve met some wonderful people here who let me know that I was not alone, and in turn I was able to comfort them. And in so doing, I helped myself in my recovery.
    Now, I’m addicted and I check in several times a day with my SC family. I also enjoy Mr. Been’s weekly music trivia quiz shows in the chat room. We share some great fun and camaraderie. This is a wonderful safe site for seniors.

  6. skippy

    its not me rob lol. Would just like to say how much I love senior chatters and how dedicated I am to the site. Came here looking for some comfort after my fathers death, not only was i comforted I have made many new friends from around the world who are like extended family to me and whom i cherish and can return the comfort. This to me is the safest and best seniors site on the web and I thank you for creating it, I thank admin and monitors for keeping members safe and I thank all the lovely members for being the wonderful people you are, you really make my day xxx

  7. nellybly

    Rob, I think you may find it difficult to find members who want their pic on the front page!!! I love it to bits here, and it’s a source of friendship and chat, but not on the front page!! How bout yours?

    1. Rob Post author

      Thanks Nelly, I understand what you’re saying. However, a photo of me, together with a testimonial of what I think of Senior Chatters is not what I’m looking for here. I need real people that I can use to reinforce the integrity of Senior Chatters, and if that’s coming from me, it far less believable than if it’s coming from an actual member. If that makes sense.

  8. padraig1

    Sorry Faye I vote Patricia or why not both of u I think Rob is looking for more than one do like my profile in pic lololollolol no count me out

  9. padraig1

    awe Faye doll u know how i feel about u were there for me when i started in here when some had problems with my sense o humour xxxxxx

  10. millie

    I nominate Way… haha.. j/k. I know, I read that too.. just figured I’d jump on the nomination bandwagon.. it’s fun, come aboard! lol

  11. grizz

    I think perhaps we are looking at this all wrong, guys, this is a chat site, not chat up site, so the last thing we need on here are the bold and the beautiful, perhaps the bald and bedraggled will give the impression of rousing conversation more than some half chance of chatting up some blonde bombshell or buff bozo. Ok, buff bozo is perhaps stretching things because we dont have them here, they get booted quick for being underage or great big fibbers.

  12. Rob Post author

    Perhaps, I’ve overcomplicated things with the title of this Blog. It must be the Marketer in me, looking for an angle 🙂 Essentially, I’m looking for a couple of testimonials, with a photo that I can display on the new homepage. The testimonials will be located half-way down the page and used to reinforce the character and integrity of our community.

    As Grizz pointed out, I’m looking for real people here and will not be going down the staged photoshoped look, so don’t worry people…

    So far, I’ve mocked-up Wanda’s and BeenHere’s testimonials, which I think will look great on the homepage. Thanks guy’s for coming forward – appreciate that.

    There’s still time for anybody else to get involved. Just write your testimonial below.


  13. faye

    I have been with Senior Chatters for a long time. I now have friendships from all over the world. I can also chat to many within the live chatrooms or to just one person via private chat or messages. Other parts of the site I can visit at my own leisure and I can learn from others or relate my own experiences in many subjects.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Senior Chatters to anyone looking for the best Senior Chat site on the internet.