The delights of being a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers celebrating it today.Wonderful people Mothers .Wonder what the world would be like if there were none of us.
Think about it you men would be doing all these wonderful things we do!
The thought of a labour room full of men delivering their little off springs is something my mind really likes.
Picture the bed all six feet of him laying there in pain. the pretty nurse tending to him be none of this making passes now at the pretty nurse,would there?
The sound of "oh no no more I can't take it enough get it out of me " would be heard all over the ward.
But the reassuring nurse telling you "oh it's fine dear push hard now,won't be much longer you can do it" wonderful feeling of delight when you see your new baby dear. Will soon forget the pain ,push now. Then your new baby placed in your arms oh what joy it' is mum or dad which is it now?
Think a world of Dads having the kids might be a little too much to think about ,wonder how many would go back for their second baby?
Anyway as it's not the way it's been, all you mums have a happy day today.Dads can look after the mums today ((((((( hugs)))))) xxxxxxx love mac

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7 thoughts on “The delights of being a mother.

  1. laura

    Mac, I actually saw a video of two men that had contraptions connected to them stimulating live birth. At first they were all jokes and giggles, then when things got serious, they turned into two sniffling piles of pain LOL.
    It was great to see the new respect they had for their prospective wifes after!!!! xxx

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