….. ” That which is gone is gone ! ” A poem by Dr. Bachchan.


Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan has been one of my favorite Hindi poets.
I have attempted to translate two stanzas of his immortal poem:
Jo Beet gayi so baat gayi, (That which is gone is gone! ) ,roughly .
I am , although not very happy with the translation, but am sure that the soul of the poem shall reach you, may be in bits and pieces.
May I expect you to make an attempt to relate to the subject and enjoy the nuances of the poetry. And convey if you liked it.
1] Jeevan Main Ek Sitara Tha
Maana Vah Behad Pyara Tha
Vah Doob Gaya To Doob Gaya
Ambar Kay Aangan Ko Dekho
Kitne Iskay Taare Toote
Kitne Iskay Pyare Choote
Jo Choot Gaye Fir Kahan Mile
Par Bolo Toote Taaron Par
Kab Ambar Shok Manata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

There was, indeed a star in my life,
I loved immensely.
It so happened that,
It went away from me,
Yes it did, so it be!
Look at the sky’s yard,
So many stars have left it,
So many it loved have gone,
Did it meet the lost, again ?
Have you ever seen the sky:
Grieving for the stars, he lost.
That which is gone, is gone!
4] Mridu Mitti Kay Hain Bane Hue
Madhu Ghatt Phoota Hi Kartay Hain
Laghu Jeevan Lekar Aaye Hain
Pyale Toota Hi Karte Hain
Fir Bhi Madiralaya Kay Andar
Madhu Kay Ghat Hain, Madhu Pyale Hain
Jo Madakta Kay Maare Hain
Vey Madhu Loota Hi Kartay Hain
Va Kachcha Peene Wala Hai
Jiski Mamta Ghat Pyalon Par
Jo Sachchey Madhu Sey Jala Hua
Kab Rota Hai Chillata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Nothing but of soft earth,
Like pots of wine, we are made.
With a short life, we come hither.
Such pots are meant to break!
Yet, there in the wine- house
There are earthen pots of wine,
And there are cups to drink in too.
The amateur drinker keeps worrying about
The fragility of the pots, the cups.
Those who are in deep love with wine
Always drink with joy!
Do they ever grieve over
The short life of the pots or the cups?
Do they ever scream or shout?
That which is gone is gone!

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