Temporary Foreign Workers

Temporary Foreign Workers

I have a little job at a large establishment which just about keeps the wolves away.
They employ 26 Custodians, 35+ Security, 32 Maintenance and 5 drivers.
A month ago I asked if I could do more hours....., so they CUT my 3 days down to ONE day a week.
Yesterday the bosses spoke to the custodians and FIRED all of them. Not because they did anything wrong, but because the company have brought in a contract firm, Bills Cleaning, who only employ TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKERS. These workers who will replace Canadian workers, will be paid HALF the salary of the present employees.
Next will be the Security staff, then the Drivers, and maybe the Maintenance staff.
Everyone is so shocked, sad, and angry that they put hard working Canadians out of work, and replacing us with Temporary Foreign Workers.
I apologize for posting this, but I feel so betrayed and upset.

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  1. PollyPie Post author

    Something very weird happened. A ‘thing’, like a michelin man was on my screen for a couple of seconds, and Pam and Tanias posts have disappeared !!!!!! 😯

  2. vonMichael

    Money moves the world PolliePie. That’s not different in your country than it is here in Germany.
    More, more idiotic than the import of foreign worker seems to me the fact that 40yrs old, fully trained and the native language speaking people are to old for many jobs.
    O top of the even more idiotic than this is the fact that this procedure finds supporter in politcs in each State of our country.
    International renominate brands in the fashion industry in France turning their back on skinny mannequins cos it is absolutely frightful seeing those walking toothpicker on the catwalk modeling.
    That makes me hope for those unemployed and highly trained people in industry.

  3. davidrv

    From the Government of Canada website:
    The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals to fill temporary labour and skill shortages when qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available.

    If you’re in a union, the proper actions must already be in motion. If not in a union, get together as a group, get media attention, get hold of government officials.
    It’s like going back 60 years; what a shame.
    Be strong PollyPie.

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Thanks David. I dont understand how the government can put out a statement like that, and then let it happen. It seems they write it so it looks good, but then put blinkers on and pretend they cant see it.

      1. cinta

        My son was made redundant in favour of foreign nationals. After 3 months he was recalled as the person who took over could not do the job. I told my son trained them just enough to enable them to do the practical part and no more.

  4. vonMichael

    The task of any employee round the globe he/she works is to help the company
    making profit. Not money; profit. That means vice versa, labor costs have to be low as possible in order to encrease the profit.

    If that would not be like this all of them would work for a NPO.

  5. charles1


    Labour costs can be high if there are commensurate increases in productivity.
    Profit is only a measurement of efficiency. It is not racist to want to protect one’s
    job and provide for the family. The ‘global economy’ is not working for the Western countries only for the Third World economies. Time to opt out and have the British economy work for the UK people.