System for Educating our Young

Sorry readers , last night I did not enter my latest rant . Having calmed down a little since last night , I feel that I can now put fingers to keyboard. So what was it that caused such bad humour in me ? Me , who sails through life without needing to turn the tiller. haven't a clue about sailing or boats , so before you comment , you sailors out there! Just thought it sounded good ! Mam had visited youngest sons school for Parents evening . Its only twice a year , I can cope with it . NO !
Need some background here . I , never enjoyed school , neither have any of my sons . We attended regularly ,and were high achievers , just not for us I guess. Now youngest son (14years) follows the family trait . I now know why I , or my children never enjoyed school . The educational system is not giving the children what they need . I will go no further than saying that about our present system for educating our young .
I left the school , clinging to the fact that in less than two years he will be free of the regime . To enter another regime of sorts I guess . Think positive . Now this may come as a shock to you readers , I choose , after hating my schooling days , to enter the educational system and make it my career . My route was not along the main stream , way off the main stream as it happens . I loved my job . Last night I did not meet one teacher who gave me any signs of loving their job. Shame , no traaaaaagic . Schools are not factories , this is not a part for a washing machine that they are moulding . Damaging a childs life cannot compare to a faulty part in the family dishwasher . Wake up to the reality . Our children in the 21st Century deserve better .
There , I dont feel any better for having voiced this . I wonder if there will be any comments ? Hopefully my experience is rare.

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  1. starlette

    Quite agree, if the teachers are dull and uninteresting, how can they inspire the pupils to listen and learn, bored pupils = troublesome pupils

  2. jsmile

    Well said scorpiofem,
    I have current and retired family and friends who teach in the “factories”.
    I can well relate to your story. “J”

  3. jackiestone

    These factories are too common. State testing has become the priority over the actual education of the children.

  4. krazykatlady

    i hated school..we moved a lot and i never learned to make friends or learn that friends can disagree and still be friends..if i had a fight with a “friend” (usually my “friends” were other misfits) just wait and we’d move again..i hated being the new kid so much..funny thing i loved college and being a teacher assistant for pre-k to fellow adult students in college….i had one (college) teacher that called me to her office..she then preceded to sit and yell at me for bringing other info into class and asking questions as all the other adults didn’t understand me…basically i was told to shut up in class and to dumb down..well i was ANGRY!!..i went to the admin. and in the end she didn’t return after the end of that semester…sadly there are a lot of burned out teachers in all grades in our schools..teachers have to LOVE teaching and to LOVE his/her students or they should get OUT!!…and i hate labeling kids..but i won’t get into that as this is turning into a

  5. Linda

    There are many issues at hand. I too had to move alot in youth, it is hard to catch up if every time you go to a new school they are teaching something different. By the time you catch up, off you go to another school. Today the education system is so messed up. It is like a factory. Something we deal with here in US is the standards test every student must take. It takes the creativity away from teachers. So much paperwork. There is not enough time to reach out to all the different learning styles of children. It is like a cattle a drive. With budget cuts, they have cut out basic skills classes that help when a child gets out of school and into real life. No home economics, wood working, mechanics. Theyy find money for sports, but cut out others things. Everyone is pushed to go to college, not enough is done to allow children to decide if they want something besides white collar jobs. All this breaks a child’s spirit and causes the teachers to be stressed out. There is no control over students these days, I was a teacher for one year and had more problems with parents than teachers. They expected me to be teacher, counselor, parent and caregiver. Okay… thanks for the rant! lol This was barely touching the subject. My grandson is now going to a charter school and it is awesome!

  6. scorpiofem

    Well I did stir up a hornets nest .Strong feelings . Lets hope that some sense will be bestowed on the powers that be and that decisions made from here on will be well thought out and workable. I promise to calm down now .

  7. PollyPie

    I disliked school too, and couldnt wait to leave. But my problem was with authority figures and rules, and am still like that today.

  8. Linda

    It was good talk Scorpiofem… There are many issues. Sad how our childhood affects us all our lives. We can focus on the positive things and leave the other behind. I learned to make friends quickly. So that isn’t bad.

  9. Lina

    You did stir up a hornets nest didn’t you??? lol As parents we do get worried over our kids education, it can be a long hard road if the teacher is a problem…. and on the other hand (being a Libran) it can be sheer hell on earth for the good teacher if some of the parents won’t help them do their job by reinforcing things at home…. both parents and teachers are confined by the rules and regulations of the “powers that be” who have NO idea what the real world is like, and expect everyone to fit into their mould…. kids are our future, they should be given the best possible chance of fulfilling it…. Ok my rave over…. thanks for the opportunity – could have gone on MUCH longer…lol xxxxxxxxxx