Sugar, Not good, Try Natural Sweetners

Sugar, Not good, Try Natural Sweetners

I am now talking about sugar and how bad it is for you. I know it is not a pleasant thought but you know that sugary drinks are not good. If you must have sugar, save it for something really special and try to use honey or real maple syrup instead of the white refined stuff. I don't think anything man made should be consumed by humans. I really don't think so.

If you don't feel good, maybe it has a lot to do with what you are eating especially if it is any type of a manufactured product like refined sugar, flour and other products.
It is never too late to make a positive change. Ditching the bad stuff is being good to yourself and you know you just don't want to give the bad stuff to those you love.

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  1. lani36

    timely ,you have brought this up Bloom, i have always used honey in my tea etc: but douse a little raw sugar on oatmeal and such honey can go to the tummy a little if too much of it is consumed…we cant get original maple syrup here only the synthetic one and wont have that… xxx.

    1. cappuccino

      I get “QUEEN” 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup…..At my local IGA supermarket.
      I agree,its far better than the synthetic stuff.
      Dunno if Coles or Woolies sells it,will check.

  2. waylander

    Smoking’s bad for you. Alcohol’s bad for you. Fat is bad for you. Breathing polluted air is bad for you.

    Basically everything is bad for you, so I’ve given up trying to follow the latest fads and panics.

    Let’s face it, no-one gets out of this life alive, so I’ll enjoy the remainder of mine doing whatever I like.

    No stress, because that’s bad for you too, lol

    1. starlette

      I sooo agree with you Way………the fittest people drop down dead for no apparent reason…………stress is the big cause of heart attacks………live, love enjoy your life…….when your time is up it’s up………don’t sweat the small stuff…….what’s what i say….xx

      1. starlette

        should read…that’s what i say…and of course just my opinion……if we are to believe all that is sold to us…….living on a lettuce leaf would be taboo

    2. PollyPie

      Agree with Way too. As Ive stated before…. trying to live a so called healthy life, does not guarantee a long life. eg Linda McCartney.
      I do add honey and maple syrup (lucky Im in Canada) 🙂 but not because its healthy, I add it because I LIKE it.
      Michael, I love jam and marmalade too 😀

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Waylander. That is your choice but living healthy is a wiser choice. You are also an example for your younger people. At a minimum, you can speak against your bad choices.

    1. waylander

      Bad choices? That’s your perception. To me they are good choices.

      I will support your right to state your beliefs unreservedly, but please try not to decry mine.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Waylander, you are right. I can state what is healthy, but your choice is your business. Your choices are unhealthy. I stand corrected. I am still drinking some coffee.

        1. nmod

          Rose , you may have to re-phrase that ! You can state what “You think it’s healthy “… But nothing it’s set in concrete .
          There are guidelines set out by the health industry that are recommended …but it doesn’t mean that if you don’t follow them to a T that you are going to drop dead young !
          Sugar it’s been around for thousand of years …and to have a couple of teaspoons on your porridge or in your tea will Not kill you ! …In fact we need some sugar in our system for it to work efficiently …Glucose is the only fuel normally used by brain cells. Because neurons cannot store glucose, they depend on the bloodstream to deliver a constant supply of this precious fuel.
          The body can turn carbohydrates into sugar , but if we follow the latest fad of no carbohydrates / no sugar diet …how is that going to be beneficial to our well being ?
          I don’t think it’s the sugar we use at home that’s the problem…but the loads of UNSEEN sugars used by the manufacturing industry that may be overloading our system.
          So , as with everything else MODERATION is the key .

          1. roseinbloom Post author

            nmod. Our sugar in manufactured into a chemical that resembles a drug more than a food. Moderation is good.

  4. vonMichael

    Oha Rose, have you thought of the consequences your proposals mean
    to the british marmalade industry? This part of industry will have to
    close down if your proposals take place in the population! Michael

      1. passaggio

        My grandfather lived to be 94. He smoked pipes. He ate salt on everything, a lot of salt that is. He had a sweet tooth, and loved pie. He loved sausages, bacon, anything that was fatty. He didn’t have a heart condition, nor diabetes, nor high blood pressure. He did have poor eye sight at the end. So he chose to live “unhealthy” by your standards Bloom. I can only hope to live the great life he had! 🙂
        Living in moderation has always been the key to life. Not sure why people don’t understand this. Just my opinion.

        1. starlette

          Passaggio. my dad lived till he was 85………took bread and lard or dripping to work daily…… name all the taboo foods, he ate them, as did many in those days……….loved salt on everything, had a sweet tooth……….was the coal dust from the mines that killed him……never spent a day in hospital……..not advocating what we are being told is a unhealthy life style, but just saying no real proof that it will make us live any longer, my husband died at 37 from a heart attack, not overweight, not on any medication……..just a perfectionist in his job, stress caused his heart attack and nobody will convince me any different……

          1. nmod

            That’s true Rose , they lived differently …food was natural and organic ,they mostly had to kill the animal for their meat and used salt to preserve the meat to make it last .
            Sugar was a luxury used sparingly …( we used to get a teaspoon of sugar as a treat after we drank our cod olive oil …yuck ) and people used to work hard at everything they did …lots of manual work ! At home and at work …also people walked everywhere !
            Wow ! These days we don’t even want to get off our butt to change a TV channel !
            Thank you Rose , we may not all see eye to eye on everything …but your blog has certainly made me think !

  5. Pete

    I watched a program on tv last light that was about the substitution of high fructose corn syrup for sugar in a lot of processed foods and drinks. The narrator was saying that the increase in obesity can be timed to have started at the about the same time as the switch was made. The program is from the UK and is available to Australian viewers on iView at