South Africa’s failed state – budget address.

Stealing from the poor.


Our tenuous electricy supply:

The economy simply cannot press forward under the pressure of unreliable electricity supply. “The state should have taken drastic measures years ago to bring an end to load shedding. Apart from the fact that Eskom needs to be privatised, other electricity providers should also be allowed to compete in the sector,” says Dr Eugene Brink, AfriForum’s Strategic Advisor for Community Affairs. 

Elm’s take on Tito’s rubbish speech:

Yip, we live in a banana republic.  There is nothing republican about the Republic of South Africa.  Truth be told and understood by anyone with a modicum of intelligence is that in reality we are a democracy.  Said another way:  Thug rule by and for the majority only.  Be damned to any minority.

My home is proofed as much as possible against the only electricity supplier in South Africa, namely, the bankrupt, non functioning, state owned enterprise known as Eskom.  I have standby battery lamps, standby gas cooker and a large power inverter to carry all electronic equipment.  There was a time when we had more power blackout hours than hours where we could use electricity.  The state looting (corrupt tenders and payment to suppliers without said suppliers rendering any services) has left Eskom with billions upon billions of debt and a mostly non serviced ageing infrastructure.  Yet we pay an ever increasing flat rate for a non-existing power supply as well as ever increasing power tariffs, while being told to use our electricity sparingly as the Grid is at risk.

Winter is almost upon us.

Hello darkness my old friend…

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  1. A universal perennial problem world wide elm, more so for some than others but never-the-less always there in the background. The lack of electricity supply infrastructure is a big and complex problem in many countries, including Australia. We are currently wrestling with the question of what will fuel our electricity supply, coal, gas, or environmentally friendly resources such as solar and wind. If they don’t ‘get their finger out’ and make some long lasting decisions soon we will also be joining the load shed brigade.     

    1. Ah Bob, make sure you have a power inverter. Then we can continue chatting in the dark! Windmills are dangerous to both birds and humans. It kills the birds (winter or summer) and in snowstorms windmills can freeze solid leaving you with no power.

      Methinks it is time we go back to our caves… LoL

      1. How right you are there, back to the caves anytime. While Australia struggles to keep on schedule with the vaccine rollout and a million other essential matters, the past week’s National Parliamentary sittings here have revolved around rape allegations involving a sitting Parliamentary Minister and a ministerial staff member. In the case of the Minister, he is accused of raping a woman back in 1988 (before he entered parliament). The woman committed suicide in 2019 so it is virtually impossible to proceed with any charges. The minister concerned strenuously denies the allegation and, as presumption of innocence prevails, very little action can be taken against him.
        In the case of the ministerial staff member, it is alleged that he used his powers to hire & fire women employees as a way to coerce them into remaining silent about the incidents. Allegations have been made against him by 4 women and the response by our Govt officials appears to be “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. Their priority was to protect the institution of Govt. rather than the women involved in what must have been very traumatic occurrences. Loved your cartoon, very appropriate to the behaviour of most governments! Will chat soon.

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