Soul Food

Well, now I hope no one minds me running off at the mouth via my computer.  How strange it is to look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back.

Everything about me has changed, things that looked up to the sky now look towards the floor.  Some things that looked down look up.  There is much more of me then there used to be, and when did it become such a chore to get into bed, dang these new beds are high up.  But my soul is the same, maybe not as shiny but still a lot the same.

I love the things I call soul food, music that fills me with happiness or makes my toes start tapping.  A view of the ocean near here, that makes my heart go pity-pat, and also makes me smile. Seeing a smile on my great nieces face when she sees me, as well as the one on my mothers face, even tho she isn't sure who I am.

Life is grand and precious in ways it never was before, so all I can say is amen for being a senior it rocks!

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  1. Rockflower

    Shyblu… is precious and I think getting older makes us more aware of that. I work with textiles and I tend to see life through the perspective textiles give me. I tend to think of a person’s life as a big tapestry and every experience, every person you meet is a thread in your tapestry. Some threads are gold and silver, some lovely colours. Other threads are are at the other end of the spectrum, dull or nasty and dirty. We get older and some threads unravel, others break and are no more. Sometimes one of our lovely colours breaks off and this leaves a hole we really notice and is seen for ever. That is the downside of aging it really is, on the other hand getting old is liberating in many ways……you cherish love and friendships more, if you are lucky you see, really see. You know who you are and can absolutely be yourself, it is not that you don’t care what others think, it is just that if others don’t like what they see……too bad, you are what you are. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. joesemi23

    I really hope that you do not consider what you wrote to be “running off at the mouth.” If it is please continue.

  3. CSweet51

    There is an old saying that “growing old ain’t for sissies”. I love the senior life. I only had one child when I was married and he has blessed me with an incredible daughter in law and 7 grandchildren. All I have to do is love them! How awesome is that! I have friends to go out for breakfast with. I don’t have to work anymore, although I did love my job. When it snows, I can stay home and go to the store tomorrow when the roads are cleared. I can volunteer to help others when they need help. I can go to a movie in the afternoon if I want to. I can go to the park and walk around the path while looking at all the flowers along the way. I can read whenever I want to. Paint if I want to. Take college courses for free because I am ‘that age’.
    Yes, being a senior is pretty awesome. Now if I can get my knees to like it also hahahahaha.