Sorry state of the nation….

There are many thousands of ordinary people living in Britain who are very concerned at what is happening to our once great country..I am fed up of preaching politicians who are continually making promises about our future in Europe, securing our borders from illegal immigrants, and making our society fairer for all.. I'm fed up with the human rights ego-fanatics and ethnic minorities who call us racists, when in fact they are the worst offenders.. who make no effort to integrate or even learn our language.. I am worried about the hundreds of Africans and Asians rioting in France especially the current situation in Paris with the hostages, most are waiting for an opportunity to jump on to a lorry, trailer, car or caravan to carry them illegally into Britain where they will claim asylum and welfare benefits.. I am appalled at the way children in Rotherham were groomed for sex exploitation over a 16 year period involving 1,400 children. The children now appear to have been abandoned for fear of being accused of racism by the politically correct brigade, who consider that, most important than children's safety!! It's unbelievable that a few months back a British family were hounded like terrorists across Europe because they removed their very sick five year old son from a south coast hospital because they wished him to have the latest available treatment in Prague. When captured, the parents were imprisoned, their other two children put into care and the little boy was kept in hospital isolation. What an awful experience for all the family. The outcome was the child did receive treatment in Prague which I truly hope was successful. For the record our wig and gown brigade do appear to toughen up with sentences, but by the time the liberal do-gooders have deducted time off for a multiplicity of reasons, a life sentence only means at most, half... I find it very sad that modern education does not include good behavior, good manners, and self respect and their responsibility to society in general and deplore parents who fail to correct their siblings for misbehavior. In my humble opinion there's something wrong with Great Britain today....

and for the moaners and groaners on here i got this blog from a bloke across the road who got it from his brother down south who got it from his cousin in Cyprus who got it from his brother in Spain who got it from his mother in tinbuktwo who got it from the man in the moon... and no one knew his name!!! so hopefully this WON'T get removed !!!!!!!

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  1. Jsmile

    I have for the most part backed away from posting political interests on SC due to the majority of liberal disagreement and backlash. I applaud you for posting this blog. We in America mirror your thoughts and feelings on this subject.
    All too often the general population chooses to avoid politics all together. That is a gross mistake. Our liberal politicians preach peace and tolerance to it’s people all the while these thugs and terrorists hijack our freedoms and lives.
    and our leaders tolerate this. The current attacks in France are inhuman. Thank God the police took three of them out. People need to pull their heads out of the sand and acknowledge we are at war with the attack on our human freedoms and the right to live. Terrorists need to be dispatched from this earth. Some will argue that killing isn’t the answer. My reply to that is, convince the terrorists of this and we may have peace. Fat chance! Our now minority leader Nancy Pelosi stated in a press conference “we need to educate and negotiate” with these terrorists. This is for the most part the mindset of our leaders both in America and Europe. We have lost so many of our freedoms and now our lives are at stake and what is our government doing? It’s time we start profiling these thugs and STOP allowing them across our borders to destruct and kill innocent people in the name of their god. We can’t read a bible and pray in public but these terrorists can break every law on the books and kill innocent citizens all because of a stupid cartoon. What’s worse our current leader has given these terrorists funding and weapons! Wonder why our media didn’t report that? You are right it is a sad day but we as a united people can and need to push back. terrorists understand one thing and that’s death and conquer. We need to rise to the challenge and not disappoint them. Great post Pollie!

    1. lani36

      I am with you J smile, in oour Country Australia it is the same , do gooders preaching love and help to all these people who come here by boat, more than half of whom arefinacial refugees , here for 1 yearand building two story magnificant homes , not working but receiving social security benefits , free schooling , clothing, etc for their families…
      My biggest argument about the way these people are molly coddled, and given everythign with their arms out and there hands up for everything they can get for free….
      I manot rascist, My dad came fromGreece as a migrant , in the late 40.s , hewent straight to work, he rented a house for us,untilehe could by working 3 jobs buy a house for us , for the whole grandmother ,mother, aunt he worked hard to get where he was in a short time no one handed himanything andhe would and himself and a 1 little boy and a baby which was me … No-one handed him anything andhe would have not acceptedit if they had…
      if these muslim youn g men want to go andf ight in their other country let them do so by all means , but as they board the plane take their passports from them and say dont come back and refuse them entry if they do ,becasue then they are trained as terrosists, …if they stay herea nd not be allowed to leave their the ones who are being brainwashed into attacking the westerners in our own country, where we value liberty , democracy, and freedom of speach …
      They come here to western countries , they claim to get away fromw ars and terror , why then do they advocate it in the name of their religeon, when they comehere, i ask them are they Australian muslims or just Muslims living in Australia Ameria ,France and England,and accepting all the rights and privaleges of our western civilisations… I don.t care what they think , of me speaki9ng my mind ,becasue they owe alegience to their new country , not live as though theya re still in the country they fleed from, and be grateful they now live ina free and democratic country and i will go so far as to say definately ban the burkha…

      1. lani36

        sorry to have a second say … however , I feel the Agenda here at least, is to bring many people into the country that will work for less Wages thereby lowering the wages, here in Australia the present Governement is trying to destroy the Union movement , if they succeed,people willbe workin glong hours for less money and conditions , but the migrant workforce will step in and work for whatever they canrecieve in wages becasue theya re not used to the standard of living that we have come to expect in

    2. pollie Post author

      Jsmile thank you so much for your comment… your comment was actually better than the original post.. I enjoyed reading your thoughts ..thank you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. marionp

    As Jsmile says….it’s not just in Britain that you have these problems. America is going through the same thing. Thank you Pollie for a great blog.

  3. powderpuff

    yes, I agree with you. This is happening in a lot of countries, if not all. If you don’t agree with this blog then you must be of the ones who are ruining the countries. Great blog again Pollie, I applaud you for putting it up.

  4. vonMichael

    A very good blog Pollie!

    Who is to blame fort he desaster we have to face in Europe?
    I remember the time when we had a government section for
    economical development of emerging nations.
    Germany as other European countries have paid billions of
    billions to improve the economical situation of these countries.

    But where did all that money go to. Whose pockets got filled
    with it?

    Answer; the rich got richer and the poor got poorer with the
    total result that nothing has changed in these countries.

    The generations that will follow us will have to pay the toll for
    failures of the past and the politicians who where responsible
    for the disaster they have produced will be dead.

  5. jcb1

    A very good blog pollie but all your blogs are good and always have been. I especially agree with what jsmile says and people do need to pull their heads out of the sand and take a long hard look at what is happening not just in Britain as someone also said. well done for broaching this subject keep up the good work.

  6. Postman73

    Great blog Pollie, and i totally agree with all you say, however……….one thing does bother me somewhat, both on how it was omitted from this blog, and every other media source in this country. Yes, it was bad in Rotheram, and everything that went on there, terrible, but nobody will ever convince me, that the exact same thing hasn’t been happening on every single council in the land. Just because one bad apple has been brought to the surface, is there not a distinct possibility that others lurk out there as yet undiscovered ?. Wonderful blog Pollie, but i just think this should be put under the spotlight more. Be safe.

    1. pollie Post author

      Oh how I agree with what you say postie.. too many things are swept under the carpet and not just to do with government either.. There are a lot of things that people that should sit up and take notice of but don’t…and lots of ‘bad apples’ out there.. thanks hun for your comment πŸ™‚

  7. vonMichael

    Sorry Pollie I’ve got to come back with some few words.

    Any nail file has two sides, the hard one and the soft one. No one can do his nails with the soft side alone.
    But our politicians put their believe for their politic in the soft side only.

    I do understand the temptations for a better and secured life from people of outside Europe very well. But we can do nothing for them here in our homelands we have to consolidate their living, working and medical conditions in their own country.
    But non of our own countries have qualified politicians to do so. The lobbies run the politic and the politicians acting like a pupped on the string.

    1. pollie Post author

      Very good once again VonMichael and a brilliant description maybe you should volunteer to give then a helping hand haha!! maybe we both should eh!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€