The steps, which bring the devout
And the sinners alike to your door steps,
Remain covered with the snow in winter-
And sweat under the scorching sun in summer!
When your devotees are heating themselves,
Near a fire- place.
Or relaxing in cooled down summer in solace!
It is only the steps
Which never leave thy feet, nor thy grace!
If at all, you decide to visit the place of worship-
You shall,
Not to the call of all the devotees;
Nor to the call of priests,
But to embrace and kiss the lowest step,
Touched by those of your devotees in rags and tatters
Who wished to enter
But were pushed to the ground!

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  1. Abhilaaj Post author

    Thank you so much bcd. Such compliments go a long way to help us in improvisation of our skill. I just wish to bring some moments of smiles and some grains of sensitivity in the human life.

  2. starlette

    The words paint a picture in my imagination……..the lowest step is there even for the most menial amongst us………perhaps even more so……xx