When reading about money erosion in a newspaper column I am old enough to let my mind go back to the days when money was in gold and silver coins. In other words, when money was, worth its weight in gold or silver so to speak and not a theoretical value printed on a piece of paper or plastic.
If you have a sovereign in your possession its value has not deteriorated and it is worth much more than today’s £1. Yes, I know most of the reasons why this is so, but I feel a nostalgia for the days when I could pay “on the spot” with a cheque validated by my signature - which I never forget - instead of a bank card validated by a code that I often confuse with the dozen or so passwords and pins that clutter my brain. The French call this: ”monkey money” presumably because it makes us behave like monkeys!

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  1. vonMichael

    Hello Roger,
    this time you mention has gone by since the end of WW-1. Copper had replaced gold and silver for a couple of years afterwards.

    Checks have been replace by the use of a creditcard which is far more convenient in the daily use. We can buy idems, pay cash and carry them home immediately insted of waiting a few day before the check is booked by the bank.

    That all makes sense I think. Michael

  2. roseinbloom

    Very interesting. I hate paying bills and they are making paying and buying much easier, but I also realize that there isn’t much that I need.

  3. rodger Post author

    Sic Transit Gloria Money.
    Thank you, kind friends, for your thoughts on this topic. I agree that the debit card is convenient but it is also convenient for the dishonest to empty your account if you are not very careful especially if you use it to pay on the internet. Being embossed on the card the number can be copied with a little sleight of hand and some clay or plastecine so never let your card out of your sight.
    If you have difficulty in remembering your PIN, remember the position and sequence of the numbers on the keypad while staring at the pad. Your visual memory is stronger and you can key-in blind while the keypad is hidden from prying eyes.