She refused their blood; in return was cured by love!

She refused their blood; in return was cured by love!

I would like to share the following- being the edited version of an excerpt of my novel "Story of the Tea- Aunt" in the form of an example of kindness and love towards animals- with you.
"When Salim came to know about T- Aunt’s condition, he was very upset.
One day, he suddenly landed with a couple of pigeons concealed in a cloth bag. He also brought a pair of fresh blades with him. “If we massage her left part of the body – which is paralyzed- with pigeon’s blood she would ,be cured very soon”
He whispered into my ears…. “Pigeon’s blood is very hot and it has miraculous properties of healing the paralytics.”
“Who said?” asked I.
“There is a famous hakim[ Dr] in our locality,who has cured a number of patients and even those who visit him from far- flung areas.” replied her mother whom he had brought along for giving the blood massage to the T -aunt.
Salim’s mother, took out the shining White pigeons with dark Orange legs one by one but could not hold them and fluttering their half cut bleeding wings ,they hurriedly moved towards the aunt.
Probably, guessing the presence of a loving and savior soul.
She was awaken by the sound and on seeing the shades of the blood oozing out from their recently inflicted wounds, asked the attending maid servant to apply soframycin on their wounds in her and whispering tone. She instructed the maidservant to leave them at her bed.
The next day when I visited the aunt, I saw her caressing the pigeons with her right hand. A thought suddenly crossed my mind “Aunt is blessed with a twin! “
I saw a smile on her face after a very long time. Subsequently, she got a wooden cage built for the pigeons and hanged it above her door at the entrance .A cotton bedding was also made for them. The door to their cage was always kept open during the day but was locked at night to save them from a ferocious black cat kept as a pet by one of the neighbors.
Sometimes, they would come to her on their own. Sometimes, she would ask the maidservant to get them. As their wings grew and as their wounds healed, the pigeons started disappearing into the skies in the morning. They would and come back only by the evening.
Her love with the pigeons had a wonderful, rather miraculous effect on her health. Yes, mind acted as the greatest of healer and the greatest of destroyers as per its state at the given point of time.
Some gradual movement was seen in the left part of her body. Soon the pair of the birds became parents and she could not control her inquisitiveness one day when she learnt about the birth of the newborn snow-white chicks and with the help of Salim’s mom she managed to reach the cage somehow to have a look at the baby pigeons.
That became her daily ritual [and exercise], which she would repeat two to three times.And lo and behold! She conquered her paralysis, almost completely.
In fact she would walk to the cage to see and caress her grand- children as she referred to the chicks and not to cure her paralysis.
Although Salim’s mom had planned to use the pigeon- blood, the T-aunt chose her motherly love as a healing concoction.
I am sure she was right when the T- Aunt aid, “It would not have mattered even if they were sparrows or the parrots, or even the eagles or the crows.”
“As long as I loved them and they loved me back the healing , theirs as well as mine was imminent ” It was love coming to her rescue yet again!”

[ N.B.: Copyright is the sole property of the author]

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    1. Abhilaaj Post author

      Thanks lani36.
      As a preamble to the story let me add that it is a true anecdote, observed by me in person.
      The T Aunt was administered the best medical care and the physiotherapy, no doubt, yet the loving relationship with the family of the pigeons had a very smoothening role to play. Besides other advantages, It kindled a desire in her to live!

  1. starlette

    Well abhilaaj, you asked me for a frank and honest opinion, and these are my feelings, I do not wish to offend you understand……well the mind plays a big part in the healing of the body, your mind goes down your body will quickly follow, but having said that many cancer patients have fought desperately to live, they had so much to live for, young children….what greater reason to stay alive for, but alas they lost their battle…… I wasn’t going to reply to this blog but seems you wanted my opinion…….well I also think you are promoting your forthcoming book…….good luck on this one and the sales……hope it does well for you……not really my type of thing, not to say I am not caring and compassionate, I am…….but do it in my own way….xx

  2. Abhilaaj Post author

    Good enough Star! My book is far away. Not even edited fully. I respect your views and thank you for the same. Unfortunately you mistook my intention.Regards