Shape and Health

I just climbed back on the exercise and fitness wagon and I know that I am subject to fall off at the slightest bump in the road. If I want to look good and feel good, I know exactly what to do, so I must be stupid to want a better result with no effort. I don't like being stupid. Today, I will eat sensibly and do at least 30 minutes of my fitness routine. If you see me in chat, please help me hang on to the wagon in any way that you think will work. I will do the same for you and maybe we could share some tips and motivations.
I just noticed that there is a group, SC Gym and Fitness Center. Hooray for that, but I also noticed that it is not very active or current. We could change that. I still hope to mention Shape and Health in chat when I meet you there. I used the word shape to get interest and get the vanity thing working in a positive way. It works for me and maybe you can share what works for you.

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  1. vonMichael

    Very well doing Rose. To be in a good shape will reduce the chance of accident in your home which happen more often than in the streets. XXM

  2. PollyPie

    Well Rose, I can tell you my downfall in shape and health………… This blasted computer and Senile Chatters. Far too entertaining to get up and shake the flab!!!!! 😆