Sex Jokes or Pearls of Wisdom

Sex Jokes or Pearls of Wisdom

I wish people would share their life and their wisdom more with me. I know some people who are much wiser and I would like to hear from them. I wish people would share more of the ways their countries live and deal with issues. I do try to share what I think is interesting to others and I do miss the mark quite often. So, I expect most people will not agree with what I am going to say here.

I am amazed that so many think there is a great need for sexy stories that in many cases are not even amusing. Maybe I am prudish and maybe Americans are prudish but I am ashamed at how we elders seem to find our amusement here. I personally think that with some maturity we could see sex as a gift to humankind and certainly not a "dirty joke". This is my opinion and I personally did not come to a chat group to find a joke book. I did come to hear honest stories and opinions of real people near my own age.

Laughter is good, and I know that my opinion may not be well received, but I am finding the blogs very tiresome lately. I just know that people have a lot more going on in their life much more amusing and interesting than sexy stories or jokes. I would like to hear from real people with real stories and opinions of their own.

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  1. starlette

    Rose i think that you will find that a lot of people will not open up about their personal and sexual life to that degree, i most certainly would not put mine up for discussion on a chat site, not sure what you want to discuss, i may have misunderstood you, the issues in this country are from what i read pretty much widespread in other countries too, read about them everyday and hear people moaning about them daily……….sex or as i prefer to call it love making is a private thing between two adults……….the jokey blogs are in a different content entirely……..just made up and fictional characters…………maybe the humour varies from country to country, it certainly does from one person to another…………think of something you would like to discuss Rose and put it in a blog….or maybe using the Think Tank for more intense serious discussions might be more appropriate…xx

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Starlette, It is my opinion that a lot of misery is caused by ignorance about sex. I also agree that it is a private matter between two people. I weigh these when and if I talk about sex. All of a person’s life is a private matter, and when they share their life and thoughts with me I value it highly, therefore, I value your comments here.

  2. macathy

    Star I think you did get it wrong,my interpretation of roses blog was “that she finds the content of the blogs on here sexy and smutty.”I have to agree that the standard of blogs has gone down hil, often a lot too.Would be good to get more personal thought to think about in blogs .thanks roseinbloom before having the courage to say what you think.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      MaCathy, I appreciate your opinion and i am not sure i meant “smutty”, but just that the people I know here have a lot of other subjects t on their mind and one subject, any one subject, gets very tiresome after a while.

      1. starlette

        Rose these people with other subjects on there mind, if they wish to discuss them and seek advice from the other chatters then they need to write about them………..sure everyone will try and help where possible……..

    2. starlette

      Well I will join in with any serious blog willingly…..would be good…..just need someone to start the ball rolling……so where are all the bloggers…..xx

  3. PamfromTX


    “I know some people who are much wiser and I would like to hear from them.”

    That is one big ouch and I find that offensive, Rose. It hurt me as much as it did those who do post these funny blogs. If you find them so offensive…. don’t read them.

    And here I thought I was ‘prudish’. A couple of men chatters have told me this because I refuse to private message. That’s besides the point here.

    I read these blogs because they are available for amusement and fun. I love to laugh. Life is too short to not laugh.

    Again, I suggest that you allow these people to blog what they like and find entertaining to others.

    I am not replying to argue or to stir trouble as that is not my style. I simply think you were hurtful with your ‘blog’.

    I have yet to see others (as of late) participate in writing blogs. Very few do.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Starlette, I have no problem with variety, but I wasn’t finding much and I found very few blogs, on a blog site. I think we all are too interesting and have to much wisdom not to want to share some of it.

  4. cappuccino

    If sex be a “gift to humankind”,I have to wonder why it has been withdrawn (no pun intended)..I have been a good boy,(I think)….To compensate for the lack thereof,I enjoy a good bellylaugh at it,as well as the general human condition πŸ™‚
    Having lived and/or worked in Europe,America and Oceania,Iv found that Americans do tend to be a little more prudish than other peoples..whether that is a good or bad thing is open to individual interpretation …Its not their fault , its not a big deal and it doesnt apply to everyone.
    I found your blog interesting and informative Rose…It certainly gave me something to think about πŸ™‚

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    Cappucine, Why oh why are humans made of clay and not made to last? I do not buy that “Eve’s sin strory” . We all need to laugh at anything and everything sometimes but we elders who have lost a lot need to share and help each other along also and we have to get real to do that.

  6. vonMichael

    Hello Rose what you are going to say are no pearls of wisdom, No!
    I think your intentions are more pearls of life experience and well behaviour???
    Many people have never ever made made any life experience at all or those they have made are not worth being mentioned neither be discussed. That sounds more logical to me.

    In my opinion writing and posting jokes and sex stories in a blog is as inappropriate as the attempt of eating a T-bone steak with a fish cutlery.

    Quite possible I’m wrong but that’s the way I see it. Michael

  7. roseinbloom Post author

    VonMichael. You got it right except. I definitely think that all people have some insight or stories that would be interesting to others. I am saying that I have seen almost none lately.
    I do appreciate your comment and interest. Thank you.

  8. flowersun

    Everyone should feel free to blog what they like,as long as it’s in abidance with the site,?.you are entitled to your opinion,roseinbloomers ,…as is every one else,I love the sex stories and the jokes,my boyfriend and I love reading the dirty blogs,and afterwards we go to bed,and have a good!!!!!….sleep,lol,….sorry meant to say roseinbloom.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Flowersum, LOL. If you like “dirty blogs” you can just google dirty jokes or sexy photos and you can find enough to satisfy any desires you may have or to meet any need. If your bedroom !!!!!!!!…. sleep improves, I will be glad that we had this little talk. LOL

      1. flowersun

        Hang on a minute roseinbloom,why do I need to google?..when I have S.C. to come to,I class this place as my second home,and I love reading my friends blogs on here,they know me,and they know my sense of humour,…I have fun in here,maybe not the sort of fun you like,but again we are all different….I do hope you find what you are looking for,as for the blog section,I think it’s fine the way it is,….Varied thank The Lord.

  9. flowersun

    Oh dear what have I just said,…hope maize don’t read this,>>>>>>>>>>>>,I’m running!sorry maize!I couldn’t help it,xxxxheheh

  10. flowersun

    Maybe you should start a group,roseinbloom,if you want people to share their life,wisdom,insight ,with you.

  11. roseinbloom Post author

    Flowersun, maybe I could do that, but the blog site is for this purpose and has worked very well. There is a group for jokes and quotes and stories. I think I will stand my ground here and that I have a right to do that.

    1. tania

      Blogs are for whatever a person wishes to blog….Rob actually said’ It was good to see me blogging again’ we do not all want to air our lifestyles in this way. Quite frankly the gym and the apple cobbler are becoming rather boring now. I come on here as many others for n escapism of the drama going on in my life, but I would not speak about my life to you or anyone else. I thought chat rooms were for chatting?

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Tania, have you read what Rob has written at the top of the blog writing page. I don’t think you have. It states, “essentially you have the ability to share your life experiences, opinions etc”. I am sorry you are bored with my gym and apple cobbler, but a fitness program is something that we all need, and a lot of people here love to share cultural traditions, lifestyles, etc.
        I need encouragement with the gym and amazingly, I have gotten it, but it may be boring you and others by now. I will consider your comment.

        1. tania

          I spoke to Rob about my blogs and for your information Roseinbloom, he told me that I was okay and any problems to contact him. So you see Rob is the boss of this site in my eyes and if he told me I was okay then that is fine by me. Blogs have always been stories ect. in the six years since I joined this site, and if you do not like a mixture of blogs that is your problem…thank you.

          1. tania

            I beg to differ, but not everyone needs a gym to keep fit and healthy. I prefer diet and walking.

          2. roseinbloom Post author

            Tania, I said what I said and I am sorry that I felt I had to say it. maybe you could look up the definition of “blog:.

    2. flowersun

      Sorry ,roseinbloom,for what purpose?….I will blog what ever I like,be a sex blog,or a serious blog,some of the bloggers on here have been blogging for years,lots of different types of people on here,it wouldn’t do for everyone to be like you or me,we are all unique,and have our own stories to tell, every one keep blogging what ever you like,as long as it fits in with the rules,and if it doesn’t,then Rob would remove it!!!!!…….I love the funny sex blogs,God how boring if we were all the same,j.m.o.

  12. calmike

    When I come here now i don’t think of it as a place for blogs but a place to read Tania’s many repost of things I’ve already read on other sites.

    1. flowersun

      I come on here as well,often,why don’t you pass them by?if you don’t want to see them,…personally I love tanis blogs,helps me get through my day,….others that don’t interest me,I pass them by,your entitled to your opinion,but to me,it’s like your trying to antagonise,….bit like the chat room,if you don’t like what you hear from certain people,block them.

  13. calmike

    I do alot of passing by pages of it in fact,but all the reposting does save me alot of google searching thanks tania

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Blush, I go to the blogs for blogs, and I go to jokes for jokes. Creates a lot of cognitive dissonance for me to come to blogs and find jokes and stories. Do I go to jokes to find blogs, as I was told I should do?
      When I do a blog, I expect and want opinions. I don’t take this personal.