Seven Blog Topics To Avoid

According to Pro Theme Design, the following are 7 Blog Topics To Avoid

One of the secrets to success when it comes to blogging, is to keep your blog updated by regularly adding content, that will not only interest your readers, but also get them to join in and create a discussion around each post. However, if you pick the wrong topic for your blog post, any discussion can quickly turn into a heated argument, and leave you sitting in the middle as a referee. So how do you decide what to write about and, more importantly, what topics to avoid?


When choosing a subject for your next blog post you clearly need to narrow your focus in to the central purpose of your blog and, first, ask yourself whether your intended post falls within the subject area covered by your blog. Next, you need to consider your audience, and make sure that the material you are proposing to present to your readers will not only interest them, but also be to their benefit.

Now these may not seem too difficult, but you can still do more harm than good, if your blog article includes content that touches on any of these 7 topics.

1. Topics covered by your competitors. Many of your readers will also be visiting your competitors’ sites, and the last thing they want to see is the same content that they can read elsewhere appearing on your site. Give your visitors fresh content that they simply cannot find anywhere else. This alone will give them a reason to come back to your site.

2. Topics of a political nature. It is very easy to be drawn into a political discussion about almost any subject you can think of, and this usually results in laying the blame for something at the Government’s door. Many people hold strong political views, and it is very easy to upset them, without meaning to do so.

3. Topics of a religious nature. Just as many people hold strong political views, so to do many people feel very deeply about religion. This too is another area that should be firmly off-limits when writing a piece for your blog.

4. Topics of a controversial nature. As with politics and religion, there are also several topics that can be said to be controversial, and to provoke vigorous, and often very heated, debate. The list is too long to details all the topics here, but includes such things as abortion, gay rights and the death penalty.

5. Topics including comment on natural disasters. It is not uncommon for people to use a natural disaster to attract a reader’s attention, simply because natural disasters are trending and popular topics, that themselves draw an audience. By it’s very nature a natural disaster brings death, suffering and misery to a significant proportion of the population, and this is not something that you should exploit to further the aims of your website, or wider business.

6. Topics of a purely personal nature. If you wish to get personal with your audience, perhaps on a one-to-one basis, than a platform such as Facebook is better suited to this than the pages of your own blog. Starting up a discussion about home remedies for flu, based upon your own child’s recent illness, is fine on Facebook, but most of your blog readers will not be comfortable with such a discussion on your web site.

7. Topics that you have previously covered. Most webmasters get lazy from time to time, and it is often easier to write a post based around something you wrote a few months ago, and not come up with something new and fresh. The problem is that your readers may well end up with a sense of déjà vu reading your latest post, when they really wanted to come away feeling that they had learned something new.

Unless your blog is about one of the topics mentioned here, then avoiding these 7 topics will go a long way towards keeping you out of trouble with your visitors.


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  1. millie

    lol Laurie. IMO those are the topics most worth discussing b/c they actually matter. They may cause a stir, but that’s one of the things that makes life interesting… jmo 🙂

    1. PollyPie Post author

      I agree millie. I suppose like me, many were brought up to ‘Never talk about politics’, ‘Never talk about religion’ and ‘Never lend or borrow money’. As you say, these are the best topics to debate over, but they are also so personal, they cause friction too. 🙂

      1. Postman73

        Hi Polly. I’ll agree to disagree love, if i can do that without getting myself ‘handbagged’, lol. If you’re all adult enough, and can sit down with the right group of people in here, Religion and Politics are two of the best topics you can choose to chat about, without it getting heated. Company, is what it’s all about, but, as you know with Blogs, you can’t chose and pick the company.

        1. PollyPie Post author

          I don’t carry a handbag postie, and your disagreement is accepted 😀 .
          But think about this : Julius Caesar and the Optimates (Boni) could not agree and thousands died; Jesus and Allah’s beliefs have caused world wide wars for over 2000 years; and Churchill and Hitler have caused wars.
          If these great leaders of the world could not sit at a table and debate intelligently without getting heated, what makes you think us as Senior Chatters can do better? LOL!

          1. Postman73

            Ah, but what makes you think we CAN’T Polly ??

  2. macathy

    Ok then Polly I think Rob just best shut down the blog section.I fir one aren’t going to talk about pets on here.lo. Interesting blog thiugh.

    1. Jsmile

      I saw this same list somewhere a while back. I have to agree with mille laurie and cat. Should one be silenced just b/c another gets offended of a thought or feeling? Should the blogger no longer blog just b/c someone else can’t accept differing of opinion? How sad and boring life would be if we all agreed on the same subject? I read blogs very frequently here as most know. I observe the “general” topics and the heated ones. The off the “norm” always gets others involved hands down. I refer back to my point a few days ago, If all agree and are of ONE mind we’re all “happy” I use that term very loosely. If every member doesn’t have the same freedom to express their thoughts through blogs as they see fit (within reason) then I agree with Macathy, shut the blogs down. For that matter no one be able to interact except those on your friend list. The one and only problem with blogs or any public posts on this site is there are people who wear their feelings on their sleeve. They sit and wait to be offended. They take things said here as if the blogger has directed the point straight to them. If all who claim to be adults would act accordingly we could have healthy discussions. We could learn and feed off each other. We could disagree as adults should without bringing personal “feelings” into the equation. Polly your blog was what “you” wrote and obviously “your” opinion. I personally appreciate your contribution. I don’t agree with it but that doesn’t mean I should attempt to silence your opinion. You contribute much and that’s what it’s all about. Just my 2cents. “J”

      1. PollyPie Post author

        Thanks J. I found this while googling the subject of Blogging, but as I stated at the top, these topics-to-avoid were advised by “Pro Theme Design”.
        I am seriously confused about what a ‘blog’ is ‘suppose’ to be.
        Thanks for your input 😀

    2. PollyPie Post author

      Blogs are the present day way of voicing opinions, so we cant get rid of them yet !! I remember the days of Hyde Park Speakers Corner.
      Every Sunday since the right of free assembly was recognised in 1872, people from all walks of life have gathered to listen to speeches about anything and everything, Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism, public protestations and pontifications, rants and ramblings.
      Anyone can share their opinions, and to heckle. All you need is a topic and something to stand on to start pontificating. LOL… Great Sunday mornings 🙂

  3. Suzan1957

    I must be confused, I thought a blog was like a personal journal or diary, personal thoughts shared. I agree with others above, why have a blog section, close it down. What happened to freedom of speech. Respect each person’s views and don’t judge them if they are different from your own. My word, we are all adults here, but appears many act as children. Just saying.

    1. PollyPie Post author

      It is confusing Suzan.
      The way I see it:
      Someone writes a blog. = freedom of speech.
      Some people like it, and say so.
      Some people dont like, and say so.
      All good so far.
      Then someone who likes it, objects to the people saying they dont like = no freedom of speech
      Then the problem starts !!!! 🙁

  4. Jsmile

    This isn’t complicated one bit. Again, great blog Polly. This blog is a prime example of how people should interact. One writes a blog all reply with agreement or disagreement but being done in a mature adult matter. Could it be that when a topic of high tensity is brought up that people can’t control themselves enough to engage in the point counter point? That’s really what it is. Instead of cordially discussing the topic people feel the need to argue and silence the subject. Mainly due to ignorance of said topic being discussed. They’re against your opinion so rather than debate or discuss, shut the blogger or poster of apposing view down. I always love a good debate or discussion of a topic I’m not well versed in. If I just engage and listen to the one I don’t agree with, I learn so much AND I have NOT silenced the person NOR have I attacked their character. As I have stated here so many times, Often times I will not agree with a topic but never will I make personal attacks or SHUT you up by suggesting YOU not be allowed to blog your life story or whatever you like. One thing here I have noticed, The ones who come out bashing and angry, complaining about this or that are the very ones who contribute the least to the site. Wonder why that is lol? From what I have seen here in the past four years is, we have some very talented and educated people from around the world on this site. Instead of bickering, hating and anger because you don’t like someone because of their belief in creation, ban together in this great community we call Senior Chatters and contribute to educate and edify others. Everyone has so much to offer others. With that I say, You who hate, leave. You who can’t accept opposition, leave. You who seek to depress and tear others down , leave.

  5. starlette

    Well I haven’t left…and have know intention of doing so….and I do think I contribute to the site……..but with the said subjects you will just go around in circles……..if the discussion is live, would be a different kettle of fish……..but very hard to pick up on peoples feelings and emotions in type…..

  6. roseinbloom

    This blog space here is used by member who do it without making money, and it is owned by Rob, not the bloggers, and as long as we follow his guidelines we should be okay. I agree with everyone and I love different opinions, I do write blogs, and I think that the best test for what people like to read is what they do read, but I also write because a subject has value and it is okay if only a few people benefit. I do notice that people love controversy on the site, but I steer clear of anything that may be gossipy, or personal to others.