1. krazykatlady

    i know who you are talking about but i doubt he’ll read blogs and see is fed up to..check out the admin/monitor group….and i’m not one for naming and shaming but i’m going to stick out my neck and say it this time..


  2. pearly163

    I guessed who you were talking about too …. it wasn’t difficult. He swore at me this evening then played innocent when I said that I had been offended by his language. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about and that in the lobby “bloody” was a descriptive word.

    I also struggle when people stick up for him and say that he has a hard time of it. So do many of us, often not known to others because we don’t bring it into the lobby with us.

    I agree with your words in capital letters Kat!

  3. skippy

    if you read woodsies wall says it all, am fed up to, with him bringing down chat, nasty remarks, time for bye byies i think

  4. lzezdoc

    I hear how you feel Just kill them with kindness ….Yer a precious and lovely person and I am so blessed to have your friendship (((((Tessa))))) Love Doc

  5. macathy

    I know I am not a monitor ,,but if the problem is so bad and you all agree…. why is it not that he is told ,,,not to use the chat room …if he is allowed back in and doesn’t follow the rules out buddy and stay out. Too strict????? Mac

  6. faye

    He was already removed at one stage many weeks ago. I also notified him as to why it happened. But…he kicked up such a stink leaving messages and comments everywhere denying every wrong doing etc that he was allowed back in. But it seems he really doesnt change at all. Up til now we have made allowances although I honestly dont know why as he abuses everyone who trys to talk to him nicely and include him. Now it is time for him to shape up or ship out as he has abused one too many times.

    1. faye

      No problem Pat. Tessa began this because she was on the recieving end and seen a lot of c*** from Woodsie earlier on.

  7. Wanda

    I hear you Tessa. I don’t know why his whiney, juvenile behaviour is tolerated. He does make chat unpleasant and drives away newbies. And why is he in the “featured chatter” category. Does Rob know the havoc he’s causing? He obviously has emotional issues, but it’s so unpleasant when he’s in the chat room. It’s grating on most of us.