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This is the first blog I’ve ever presented and I’m not even sure it will make it past the starting post but here goes.  I’ve been a member of SC for nearly two years now  ( doesn’t time fly when you’re getting on in years  ! 😨 ) and if truth be told I was getting a little disappointed but the lack of ‘ chat ‘ recently compared to when I first joined. However I do very much enjoy the interaction within the groups I’ve joined. But I must now say how delighted I am to have discovered DJ – GAV and his radio show. It’s on in the evening  , here in the UK  , and folks go into the music room to chat as well as to listen to some good sounds.  I do try to visit most  nights and thoroughly enjoy the chat and the music. l don’t think ( apart from holidays with no Internet access ) I’ve missed a day logging on to SC so this site draws me in and I’m very glad I discovered it. I’d just love to hear more chatters around during the day but admit I’ve no idea how this might happen. Any suggestions anyone ? 😄

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  1. Hi Scorpio, Welcome to the blogs, I do wish other members would take the plunge. I know most of our members must have interesting things to say but somehow they don’t come here and exchange them. I too have been disappointed with lack of general interaction recently. Evenings I’m occupied and I have little patience with small talk. So many members love the competition groups, puzzles and the like, that is fine but I do not enjoy these so I’m mostly found on the blogs, where ideas are explored with a bit more depth. None of us thinks of ourselves as writers but I believe the act of putting thoughts on paper does help to keep the old brain cells firing. So it is a good thing but it does take more time. Perhaps the problem I don’t know, but no one has to write a 1000 words, one idea, one question at a time will do. Anyway thanks for your post Scorpio.

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