Senior Chatters Affiliate Program

Due to an earlier Blog post regarding the Senior Chatters logout page, and the fact that some of the ads are inappropriate, it's got me thinking... I know, that can be dangerous, right?

Anyway, here's my idea that I would like your feedback on please...

How about a Senior Chatters affiliate program? Basically, for every member that you refer who becomes a paying premium member SC will pay you a percentage of their membership fee.

This is just an idea at the minute so as always would appreciate your feedback?


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  1. waylander

    I have no problem with recommending this site to others. In fact I have done in the past, but I do not expect to be paid for doing so.

    For the most part this is a safe and pleasant site. I would not be here or recommend it to others if it was anything else

  2. pollie

    rob I recommend senior chatters to everyone…but…getting paid for doing that??? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hahahaha!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. normijs

    It could provide another revenue stream for you, Rob; I guess the question is, would it be enough to justify the extra time and paperwork involved. That’s how you grow a business, though, always exploring new possibilities. Good luck with whatever you decide . . . Normi

  4. nellybly

    i would be happy to recommend this site, rob, but happy to pay my fees for a safe, well-run site anyway.

    1. Rob Post author

      Thanks Nelly. That will never change. We’ll continue to strive to make SC a safe and fun global community for the over 50’s. The idea is to attract new chatters (which you are happy to recommend) and in doing so, you’ll earn a commission for any new paying members.

      Just an idea at the minute…

    1. Rob Post author

      It’s just an idea. But what I’m thinking is that members wanting to promote SC can earn a commission by recommending new people who become paying premium members.

      In essence each member will have their own unique link that they can use to give to people who they think would be a great chatter. I’ll be able to track the link and know which new paying members have come from you uniqie link and pay any commission straight to your paypal account.

      Just thinking it through at the min…

  5. skippy

    Rob it sounds good in part to me. Could I suggest instead of paying us you give new members we recommend a discount off their membership. Just a thought. (and you know how dangerous it becomes when i start thinking lol)

  6. faye

    Despite the teasing sometimes I think all the Members here are promoting the site where they can, but are doing it for the pleasure of seeing S/C survive and grow.
    From me…..NO

  7. sassy

    Rob and everyone concerned…..
    Just my opinion…I think skippy’s idea is the best. SC chat members they better SC by referring folks and suggesting them to become members, offering a discount for their initial sign up only not renewals. Perhaps by using a specific code. A code that is ID specific assigned to individual chat members who can utilize via email or their FB page or other means. I don’t think that members should be reimbursed…Just my opinion….

  8. foreveryoung2

    I recommend this site to any of my friends who I think might be interested because I love this site, but I wouldn’t want to be paid for it Rob. You do a great job for us and it is much appreciated 🙂 xoxox

  9. patricia

    cant see it working and more work for you looking for members account they get a two week trial dont see the need to reward who we recomend, they might not stay after two weeks, so do you wait for them to pay you before reward us

    1. Rob Post author

      Pat, it would only be for members that you recommend who actually go on to buy a premium membership. The whole process would be automated, so very little work for me apart from the initial setup

  10. ladybird

    I do recommend this site to people and wouldn’t expect to be paid for doing so.
    The problem is people don’t join because they have to pay and many don’t have much money, even though they love the site.
    Why don’t you bring back Lifetime Membership, perhaps as a special offer for a month or two, and see how many new members you get?

  11. merryjay

    I understand why you discontinued the Lifetime Membership but I also think that is why a lot of people don’t join now. However I don’t think bringing it back AS A PROMOTION would help because when it reverted back to a limited term membership we would be back in the same boat. I don’t know what the answer is but I personally don’t want to be paid for recommending the site.