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I think that you can find all types in a school playground. It doesn't mean that you'll be branded for life, just that maybe you're trying to fit in by hanging around with certain groups.
Mine is short and sweet. I was an observer. From the very first day I did not understand the purpose of playing; I could do that at home or at my grandparents' place. No, recreation had always been awkward.
I went through school without having friends. Sure, I could talk with anyone but I always felt better alone, less awkward.
Learning something, anything, became my obsession. When my younger daughter was in school, she once asked, "Why do we learn all this stuff? We're only going to die." I had never thought about that. I don't remember if I even answered that one. I still wouldn't have an answer.
Fast forward 50 years and there you have it. I'm still in a school yard but this time I'm learning from the actual students, all of you. By this time there is no more awkwardness, I guess we are what we are. I'll always be an observer, a learner. So I'm very interested in anyone's point of view. I see it as a comparative stage, like when we'd used to ask, how did you make on your test? Only, I am asking myself this question now.

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  1. starlette

    Hi David, we never stop learning from the biggest school of all, The University of Life……… days we learn the basics that enable us to find work, need to be able to read, write and do basic maths, listening to my English teacher reading a chapter from an interesting book weekly gave me my love of reading, I learnt to sew and cook………..Biology taught me nothing, History and Geography were not my forte, travel is the best educator to learn about the world and people, you remember places better by actually visiting them……….yes we are going to die one day but the in between bit still has to be lived, and the more worldly wise and astute we are the better chance we have of a decent life……… if your talking emotions they have to be experienced and handled the best you can, especially the down ones, no one can ever teach you about those, or how to handle and react to them…… much as we would like to at times, you can never shape someone’s future by your past…….have to learn for ourselves……

  2. cappuccino

    I found school playgrounds both in England and Australia to be battlegrounds…The pecking order seemed to be the cause of most rumbles,though there was the occasional truce when the marbles or yoyo crazes,swept across the land.

    1. foreveryoung2

      I also was a loner Way – I was very shy and came from a dysfunctional and poor family and was the brunt of many taunts – girls can be very hurtful at these times. Primary school was a very unhappy and painful time. In Secondary School I met a very dear friend and we are still friends today. This got me through High School.

  3. roseinbloom

    If I understand you correctly, I disagree with “by this time no more awkwardness. we are what we are”. We still have the playground and the ones just having a good time and then there are the bully types ,messing with other people’s games and making trouble. Human nature has not changed in the 50 years or more. If they WOULD just be who they are and be satisfied with that, we all would have a better time.

    1. davidrv Post author

      Thanks for your comment roseinbloom, and all the other chatters also.
      That reference was to myself; from 6 y/o to now. I didn’t know how to cope with all those kids.
      The types (good and not so good) are still present wherever you go, and I’m better prepared to deal with them today.

  4. magellanic

    I have a few playground memories. Second grade at a huge school. The playground looked like it went on forever. I still remember her name, Victoria. She only wanted to be friends, as I remember, when I bought an ice cream sandwich. She would come asking for half, which I always gave her, and she would want to hold hands and skip, which I always did. She had warts on her hands. It was a very traumatic experience for me. lol
    The third grade was better, different school. My best friend, don’t remember her name, and I picked teams. My team was Man From U. N. C. L. E. and her team was Thrush. Uncle always won!