I went on vacation and came back to a lot of changes. I just want to come to the site, make my usual stops and do my usual thing. That is all I EVER want to do. I don't want to train my brain here on tech skills to ward off dementia or any form of dysfunction. I just want to DO MY USUAL thing. I want to be able to navigate the site without inventing or using a sextant or a compass or to learn computer programming or do WHATEVER it takes to keep current. If constant tech learning is the cure, I prefer disease. I love to learn, but I DO NOT want to learn how to use the web site over and over and over again.

I don't know which is true, I don't bother with learning tech stuff or I have no aptitude for it, or my brain just repulses from it. I think it is a combination of all three. I just booked a room in different cities, studied quickly and did a good job of finding a good room, in the right location on short notice, for a good price, BUT give me 2 minutes with a device, and I can feel like throwing it against a wall and stomping on it. I am at that point right now with this site.

I come to this web site because it WAS pretty and friendly and calm. Now I have boxes popping up at me and bells dinging.I don't know where the people are gathering or what is going on. New emoticons are in Shout but I cannot use them and I cannot post in the information box to tell them anything.

I think more attention needs to be put in maintaining the site and no changes should be made UNLESS they are absolutely necessary and almost guaranteed to produce more members. Happier members mean more members.

I know of another famous site. I don't remember any changes for several years and it is the biggest site on the web. A theme in the USA is to build a better mousetrap. The Rolls Royce nor the Mercedez changed much for years. They got it right and kept it right. The Japanese cars got laughed at and are now copied. They were ahead of their time. Some things will stand the test of time. You CANNOT build brand recognition or product loyalty while making constant change. This site is so good that changes, usually make it worse.

I want this web site to be a safe harbor. When I sail off, I come back drained and weary. I DO want to recognize the place and KNOW that I am back on terra firma.

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  1. Faye

    Upgrading and updating is normal for any web site Rose….even big ones like Facebook do it quite frequently. Even your computer, laptop or IPad would update on occasions. Its part of the world of technology. Imagine if it didnt happen…..lots of breakdowns due to old components. On here I think most things are kept much the same basically just renewed and if that means something is a little different so be it….the world we live in…LOL

  2. Goodtalkingguy

    Quite agree Rose, it seems loads more on my private chat now, don’t know how that helps, when l send messages to people who have already accepted me they just completely ignore me, marvellous feeling,

  3. lani36

    I feel Bloom that changes do occur in our lives overall, technology for we older one’s are a challenge, i agree, but nothing stays the same……it iritates me to see that side panel ,(the new room) i believe, so i turned it off…. if needs be as it,s warrented i will turn it back on from time to time , but i really don,t feel I have much use for it , because we have many rooms here and the lobby which is what I have always spoken on ,there is a private room for all that need to talk privately etc:, however , we are all different with different needs and I guess we have to be open to all ,not just what our needs are, so I say , push on and if needs be ,learn what this new room is all about , if we need to and if we dont turn it off,and go with what we know ….. xxx

  4. vonMichael

    Good morning Rose,

    Oh I understand you very well Rose. You got so familiar with your usuals of the past which offer you no room for changes. Correct?

    But Rose just think back of your life, how many usuals did you quit and others
    have changed into advantages? A change from (a) to (A) doesn’t mean to fight dementia or any other form of dysfunction as you mentioned.
    No, any change in life or any improvement helps to prevent the brain from getting stagnant.

    I would like to capture your example concerning the cars. You are right, the previous version of SC was a bit old-fashioned in some points. As I see it, ROB had created a Jaguar MK II as his first model. The Jaguar MK II was a wonderful car at its time but this Type doesn’t meet the requirements in safty and comfort of today.

    So ROB has re-designed his Jag MK 2 so it meets the needs and wants of modern users of our time. And you Rose, you are not ( and that is the impression I got of you ) are antiquated. In your blogs, posts and comments you offer time based views on various topics.

    What reason could prevent you from furnishing your knowledge with the benefits ROB’s changes may have ready for you to use?? There is of course no need for you to accept them all in total. No the choise is yours, just select those which fulfill your requirements best.

    Test first and complain later as I would suggest.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Michael. I have tested and I don’t like it. The prevent senility was said in some fun. No one wants to hear me, but what part of too many changes is not being heard. The site needed NO changes from the time I first came basically. There has been no noticeable improvements. The little 1 shout to 4 shouts. 1 lobby to 3 lobby chats. The changes are usually done in response to people quarreling, not because the web site needs to be redesigned. Contrary to what you said, the changes are dumped on me.

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    Faye, I am on facebook and I do not get constant changes. It has been basically the same for years. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many changes for me and for others, I am sure. Too, Too MANY. This soynds a bit condescending like this is the first site I have ever been on and that I have not been using computers for 25 years for work, research and social purposes.

    1. Faye

      Being so huge Facebook changes are more subtle but I hear the same complaints over there as there are here unfortunately…lol From what I can gather the old chatroom had outlived itself…I guess if you were one of the many who kept getting thrown out of it you would understand that one. But Im giving the new one a chance to grow on me and 6 mths down the track it will feel like its always been there just like the old one which once had a new format also….and complaints come with it.

  6. vonMichael

    Hi Rose,
    I think you’ve got to go with the time don’t you? WIN XP can’t be compared with Vista, WIN 7 / 8.0 / 8.1 and now WIN 10 is coming up on the market. I can do with changes once in a while but not every week or fortnight, no!

    I reduced my demands and take out of the offer only those parts I can make use of. Are you depending on Chats? Fine; just open your own private room and invite all those people you want, like and need.
    Size it down your approach.

    Some sides on SC are croweded with Bible verse, dire cartoons, oversized pictures. Very good and interesting ideas can be found here as well as very, very nice private shots which are a pleasure to be looked at.

    SC offers me enough space creating my own ideas. For this generosity I’m prepared to accept changes and improvements as long as they don’t interfere my own ambitions.

    If you need any kind of assistance just let me know. It will be a pleasure for me to help you. Michael

  7. cappuccino

    (Mumble…mutter)…Dont talk to me of tech changes..I still havnt worked out how to operate a cell phone :(…… Bring back smoke signals and drums I say !

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Agree, cappy. and as I learn the darn things keep changing, but I was right, we got to try to keep up with Stuff. I am struggling with my smart phone also. It does have a mind of its own and it tries to copy me. It copies my typos also. Darn.

  8. macathy

    I don’t understand them ,but I try to give them a chance.I know with computers there is always changes updates and things get too old to run any more ,so we have to go with the new that is here,I know my son tells me all the time “just accept it mum DO THE UPDATES”
    Rose as you say you have been using computers for 25 years you should know that it has to change .We don’t always like them ,but we just have to try to learn the way it wants us lolol
    This new chat room Is different I’ll give you that ,on my iPad its small but I’ll give it a try as Rob is trying !!!!

    1. passaggio

      I agree with you Mac. I know change is difficult Bloom as we get older. We see that the site is working fine, but in the technology world, there has to be constant upgrades, otherwise the site will go down with too many bugs. I hope you are able to give it a chance, since Rob is doing his best to please everyone. If you need help, just ask the techies that are on the site.

  9. sylvestercat

    Hi rose,I`m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to things computer,even so I`m prepared to give it a go and like to be flexible enough of mind to do that.Just because something looks unfamiliar doesn`t mean it need be different.Be patient and try at least before admonishing a challenge.

  10. roseinbloom Post author

    Sylvester. Good advice, but these changes have happened while I was away and then busy. We do NOT need to change everything at the same time. More moticons, now that could wait and they are causing a problem, just one example. I think we need to be warned of these changes, and not be taken unawares. I could also store up a big load of PATIENCE.