Rusty and Charlie

Every morning my grandma knocked very loudly on my bedroom door at 5 AM. Not a minute earlier, but maybe a few minutes later depending on what day it was. On Mondays, her knocks were two raps, meaning you’d better not need another. To me, this meant to get a move-on, chores to do before school. Horses to be feed, dog, cats, and even a squirrel. Hay from the loft for the cows, bulls to be let out for pasture all before breakfast. Do not get the wrong impression this was not near as difficult as it might sound, considering if you are used to the routine.

My sister was the lucky one. She was the second-youngest and could sleep 30 minutes longer. But she too had her chores. My youngest brother was only responsible for grinning.

Myself being the oldest I was charged with getting the rest of the herd all working, so to speak. My two younger brothers bucked me at most turns, but I was bigger, back then. Needless,at,6 AM it was a run to the kitchen for breakfast. Bro two had saddled Rusty and Charlie, Bro three fed both and I got the hayloft settled. All before 6 AM.

From the barn to our school was close to 4 miles. Well old country roads, make that 4.5 miles one way we called the FM roads ( Farm to Market ). There was very little traffic other than maybe a Tractor or truck, or a younger lady taking her kid to a babysitter in her husband’s car in a hurry.

My two brothers rode Rusty because he was laid back and easy. I took my sister on charlie because she was spirited and like the smell of another gal on her. the gait was always easy unless there was a snake in the road or maybe a dead animal. Once we all got into town my brothers when to the middle school and I dropped off my sis to her class the joined Rusty where he was hitched on the backside of our school pasture.

The days of my youth…

When I look back right now, I smile. I wish I had the honor to have been a fother, but this was not possible. I try to explain to young parents, but it seems that they have now no time. I hope and do wish that they find the time,…

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  1. Sounds like you and your siblings led a wholesome and active life on the farm. From those beginnings grow strong minded and purposeful adults with the capacity to take on any challenge thrown at them. Guess there is more to tell, look forward to it!

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