Reverse SC Change Process

Reverse SC Change Process

I hope that the SC change process can be reversed. It now seems to be backwards. I suggest that the idea of change be introduced first; second, wait for comments; third, make changes; and last explain changes made.
I am a bit tired of coming and finding changes, feeling lost, and beginning a process of explanations and changes.The cart before the horse comes to mind. How many times does this have to happen before the most Honorable Mr. Rob "gets it"?
I mean no disrespect, but I feel like I have April Fool's Day several times a year.

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  1. teddyted1

    i agree rose. Robs’ got more change than a Barclay till has. bit like Microsoft never listen to the payers. if its OK don’t fix it…

  2. Faye

    Rose anything Rob has done can be undone….but just a few people wanting that does not mean it will happen. A lot of what he does is technical and Im sure not many of us would understand any of it until we actually see it in place.

      1. Faye

        I dont really understand what your concerns are Rose. This is Robs “baby” and as such he changes what he see’s as an improvements on the site. He doesnt need to get consent from the membership to make these changes but if some particular thing offends, disturbs, is unworkable etc he will look at it and address those concerns. Maybe I read it wrong but it seems you want him to let the site get old and not upgraded/updated while the members take their time to decide if they want certain things or not…..all over 4000 of them….LOL Here he is right now having trouble getting everyone to do a testimonial for him what chance has he got of getting a majority vote for something new to be installed. Not meant to offend Rose and maybe I have worded it wrong but Good Luck.

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Faye, I know it is Rob’s site but he listens to members. I said one thing only.
    The process of change is backwards. Cart before the horse. I am a lifetime member and I find Rob amazingly willing to listen to members. Maybe if his administrators would take a realistic view, members would not need have to get involved.

    1. Faye

      Sorry I misunderstood when you said concerns and yes, Rob does listen to members regardless of their membership status. He invites members to have their say at any time.

  4. vonMichael

    I see Rob did what he thinks that has been needed to be done. On the other hand many different interesting avenues in creating a webpage can be done, if wanted!
    But Rose walking in yesteryears shoes dos not seem to be very comfortable to me ( only! ). Rob will have to notice in the future that the content in the blog will be reduced for the benefit of chats.
    Which means chat lines are less attractive to blogs and one can not step deeper into a subject or topic of interest. Have a nice day Michael.

    1. dandelionsmiles04

      Put your foot back into the ‘Think Tank” . Don’t abandon your hard work. Don’t make this personal. With every great idea, people will disagree ; however, that does not mean it is not a great idea.

  5. Postman73

    Well, and i think i can class myself as the one who threw the stone into the pond that caused all these ripples, can i just say; Rob, has bent over backwards to try and please everybody here, and ever since i had the audacity to ask for a quiet room, for just a small number where we could sit and put the world to rights, i’ve been banded as everything from Public Enemy no.1, Trying to take over the site. Promoting myself to Admin, or at least coming across as that to some, and now, i find, that all these people who slagged this very rooms existance off, and who don’t get along with me particularly well, are just about living in the Think Tank, whilst the Lobby stands empty.
    All i wanted, was to quietly slip out of the back door of the Lobby, and into one of the unused rooms, hopefully, to attract a handful of people who never even used any chatroom, but even they had told me, they would use this room, it’s just what they had wanted.
    And now, neither these close friends, nor even myself, can get into there without coming under a hale of verbal abuse. 3 people yesterday morning, were chased from there, by two other members on here that hated everything the room stood for, and yet they caused total mayhem. Even i, in the end, was forced to leave. Don’t misunderstand me, i’m no shrinking violet, and can still take very good care of myself thankyou, but these ‘people’, know full well, they are quite safe enough hiding behind their little computer screens. Well, i hope they’ll all be very happy, my friends, will never get their ‘quiet room’, nor shall i, and nearly 6 of which have told me they’re even thinking of leaving the site because of the atmosphere. I to, would be on the first bus out of here, but i love my photography group dearly, and until Rob says otherwise, i’m staying with that. But, i’ve already written off to Rob this morning, telling him, that i, and the people the Think Tank was mainly opened for, will never again be setting foot in there. All very sad when people can’t be adult enough about something, and just let things be.

    1. laurie

      I wasn’t in the room when this incident occurred so can’t comment on it but I was there for some very thoughtful and interesting conversations. I hope that whatever our differences are, that they can be resolved and we can continue to enjoy this room for the purpose for which it was intended. Well done Postie!

  6. Faye

    Postie I am so sorry you have had to put up with such actions…just because you were trying to help. These same people wont be happy unless they are stirring things up but unfortunately they dont break any rules. Do you realize how frustrating it is to the Admins and Monitors knowing they cant do anything to make chat comfortable for everyone due to people like this? I can only suggest using the Block button so they end up just talking to themsleves. Not ideal I know but maybe they would get the message and leave those there in peace.

    1. Postman73

      All water under the bridge Faye, i tried, and got my fingers burnt for ‘stepping out of line’. Just bury my head into my group now i think, and put a smile back on my face. Thanks anyway m’love.

  7. cefnrider

    may i state categorically that if postman did not keep asking me what i thought of the room i would have kept my mouth shut but as he wouldn,t take no for an answer i told him honestly what i thought. Now if he didn,t like it well tough act like a man and accept it. We all have our own views but dont use the site for your own personal vendetta postman

  8. cefnrider

    and faye i was well within the rules with what i said so please when your talking about it make it plain i was just answering a question asked by a certain member who didn,t like the answer

  9. Rob

    I’m not sure how you can feel lost, Rosie. The functionality of the site remains exactly the same. All I have done is add two new rooms and provide an easier, less complicated way or logging into those rooms from the homepage. In essence, I’ve given everyone more choice. Not quite sure how that is a bad thing.

    I’m sorry you feel tired of “all the changes”. But I will continue to develop and improve Senior Chatters like I have always done. I’m more than happy to listen to feedback and if something isn’t working, change it.

    I don’t have a team of developers; a customer services department; a marketing expert or support a analyst – It’s just little old me and the Admins and Monitors that help me run things on a daily basis. So if things are convoluted, that’s the reason why. So yeah, I Do Get It!


  10. roseinbloom Post author

    Rob, Again I repeat, I am not tired of all the changes. I am tired of the process,
    Backwards. Cart before the horse. I don’t have personal issues with anyone and If you read my blog above, you will see that I questioned the PROCESS. I love the changes as they are now. I love the new blog site and was the first to post pictures. I do not blog usually until there has been no blogs for a few days.
    I will also repeat that I do feel that the only real issue was at times, the lobby got full and sometimes, I just didn’t want to enter which didn’t happen that often.
    I adapt myself to the rules and you have a great chat room site, so sorry if I didn’t feel a big need to change the rooms. You do listen and I have spoken and please read my blog again, and do not read what is NOT there.
    You do need member’s opinions and when I am not able to navigate the site I do know that eventually it will be fixed or I will learn what I need to know. Thank you Rob for listening and i am sorry if my language in my blog is too harsh.

  11. flowersun

    “I love the change and the updating,…it’s all about change,and I “love”!! It,three cheers to you Rob!!..makes the site so much more interesting.

  12. BuffaloSkinner

    If I may with Robs blessings say, That I myself is just one person among thousands in this room, I have only been a member for 3 months, I truly like the new room, I think it is a great thing, I myself praise Rob for doing such and Postman for his grand ideas and all, Bravo Postman and Rob, True I have but just a select few with whom I truly enjoy being in their presence, But does not keep me from being friends of many in here, The new room HAS and or would truly help not only the Newbie,s, But myself, ( still a newbie in many ways) to have and get acquainted with previous members abroad, Simply because the lobby gets crazy sometimes or most times,, Honestly, Does it matter if there were but just 1 room or thousands of rooms, I sometimes have to leave the lobby because I cant keep up with it being so crowded, So yes having other rooms is a great idea, Which now I prefer and many others are like me, They like it to, The THINK TANK,, and Giggles, Its only obvious you can see who or how many are in other rooms, You can always switch from one room to another just like I do, But the Think Tank is grand just like the lobby is, And the few other rooms, I mean, like when you go shopping ,,is all items you are after in one room???, and if they were, How could you possibly shop, Personally I wish this Think Tank was available when I first joined has a Newbie and or the giggle room, Because It was hard at first for me, I seriously was not going to join, But others pleaded with me to join,, But who am I to say this or that about the rooms, I joined for not only companionship, But to make friends abroad, AM VERY HAPPY I DID,

  13. Jsmile

    I think I get what Rose is saying. The changes are made then deals with the good or not so good feedback of the members. I think she is saying, Ask the members first or wait until a member or majority suggests changes. I don’t really agree with that method for business reasons though. No matter what opinions are given or changes made all are not going to like or agree. I do know on many occasions Rob has asked for feedback and or suggestions. From what I have seen there’s not a huge involvement. I suggest when he does ask for feedback on changes and processes to the site members get involved. If Rob reversed the process in how he moves the site forward, I assure everyone there would be mass confusion because advancement of the site would run at a sick snail’s pace. I think we all agree this is a great format and a great chat site. I know of no other sites where the owner is as involved as Rob is here. Rose I’m with you here. I sometimes I go for long stretches not being here. Come back and am a bit lost in navigating but usually doesn’t take me long to learn the new processes. Which I always find easier once I figure things out.
    I think the horse is doing a fabulous pushing the cart LOL

  14. roseinbloom Post author

    Jsmile. I would just like the site changes to be operational when they are made. If you are here all the time, all of a sudden, you have to try to figure out what has been done and then it gets sorted
    I think I will not get involved in the process again, anyway soon. Forward or backwards. I shall learn something from this.

  15. Laine

    I wish you had hung in there longer Postie, it was a very good idea and was beginning to have a good following.
    A bit of choice has got to be healthy, we dont all enjoy the same things. We can all move about the rooms and visit different friends and have variety. Thanks Rob… I think its great !

  16. ismee

    Am loving the different rooms … for me it gives something for everyone, whatever it is your looking for am sure its catered for somewhere, all rooms are good and gives us choices. sometimes settling into the comfy chair with that comfy cardy, and comfy slippers is great but sometimes ya wanna kick your shoes off and strut your stuff, or sit with mates and have a meaningful convo…….and change well that keeps us on our toes…… sometimes its good to have to search the supermarket cause they have moved the jams, lol. sometimes you find something really exciting down an aisle that you wouldnt normally go down……. haha, ( I know shut up issy your rambling, and gigglin now, hehe, – and postie, dont go, leave it a bit longer see how it pans out love, its early days yet.. and everything deserves a fair crack of the whip. xx )

  17. johnwharden

    and l dont know what you are all talking about lol myself l go in a room that l want to be in what ever its called, plus l like to go for a walkabout well thats what l call it , some will go in one room others another, what ever suits them, ummmmm now where was l lol lol

  18. macathy

    Lost as always john ,your right what’s in a name it’s just a room .people will go to the room that people they want to chat to are in .most times not enough in my time chatting to want more that one room.if you want something more private there was always loads of rooms to go into anyway.