Return to the Land of Chatters!

Good Morning to everyone!

I was once a member of your group, and proud to be a ‘Chatter’-I sort of got lost when I updated my computer and found I no longer could access the site, despite help from the Admin team. Over this period, I’ve been able to pop in and out but the site has changed so much since ‘the olden days’ and I’m going to have to explore it further to find my way around it.

It’s crossed my mind how life has changed since I was a member of ‘Chatters’ I enjoyed a really full life, after being a teacher for many years. I enjoyed writing books for kids, and writing for a little local paper…just about agricultural shows and local events, but I enjoyed the contact with other people and was a proud member of our village WI Committee. I enjoyed yoga, and became a Dementia friend, and loved meeting friends for a coffee or a meal. Now, my area is under strict regulations, all meetings are banned and  we can’t even meet up with someone from another house. As long as this horrific Virus is defeated, and the world can return  to normal, that’s all that matters…..

I’m lucky to be able to keep in touch with family and friends, lucky to love reading and music, and lucky to live in a lovely rural area with a fat little dog who loves walks. I’ve completed my first adult novel which is being published and I’m a positive, optimistic person, who still believes in the goodness of people and the fact that our world is a good place.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find my way back again to your lovely Chatter home!

Stay safe and keep well! 

Maisie xxx

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  1. Welcome back Maisie……not really a stranger to me i see you in Facebook….congratulations on getting your book published, hope its a great success for you..xx