Reconnect with yourself

Sometimes, we try to avoid feeling lonely by spending all our time with others, but it doesn’t always help. This is because the feeling of loneliness can sometimes be caused by being disconnected from ourselves. In this case, being with people won’t ease the feeling.

In fact, when we experience this kind of loneliness, being with others can actually make it worse. This is because being with people, spending time on social media or watching TV can distract us from developing a relationship with ourselves. The answer to healing this kind of loneliness is to get to know ourselves better. Connecting with ourselves is essential if we are to have happy, fulfilling lives.

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  1. Buddha once said…
    never search your happiness in others, it will make you feel alone.
    search it in yourself and you will feel happy even when left alone.

  2. Maybe I’m mistaken but this all sounds a little self absorbed to me. I’m quite happy in my own company but it’s a wonderful feeling when one connects with other members of the human race.😊

  3. Very good advice……… for the how do we connect with our self part, I am thinking knowing yourself and doing what makes you feel content and peaceful……….I recently read a short story in a magazine from a women who was being made to feel guilty because the weather was bright and sunny and she should get herself out in it, she didn’t like the Sun it gave her headaches and made her squint, life wasn’t passing her by or she was missing out just because she chose to stay out of the Sun……….don’t be influenced by what magazines and people tell us what we should be doing to fulfil our life’s………. don’t be made to feel guilty if you prefer your own company………don’t think everyone out there has a better life than you………your life your choices…..