Re- out with the old in with the new

Re- out with the old in with the new

As regards yesterdays blog... which seemed for some, to be a problem?? I wrote about a problem I had had in the year of 2014 with pests and vermin, crows etc.. If however ,some of you saw any resemblance in the aforementioned subjects to themselves or their friends, then that is their problem not mine..

In reply to scotty ...yes I did feel I could have started up a critter zoo!! I suppose that is one of perils with living in such a beautiful rural part of the UK.. I am surrounded by fields, trees ,rivers and farmland. I wouldn't change it for the world. Wouldn't go back to living in the town or city again that's for sure!! plus we seem to get all the best weather in this part of the country!!

In reply to Tizzy .. yes I did contact Rentokil.. they did what they could and were very helpful with their advice etc and like you say.. I am rid of them now thank goodness!!

In reply to powderpuff.. I guess you are right we all do have trouble with pests of one kind or another at some time in our lives and we eradicate them best we know how!! Reports do suggest we are all only a few feet away from a rat at anytime!!!

Have a good day everyone....

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  1. roseinbloom

    Pollie, this is the only blog I have seen, but you do seem to be in a beautiful part of the UK and critter problems are common even in cities. I had a raccoon in my attic and I am in the center of a large city.
    Saturday, I hope to clean out all remaining leaves near the house to prevent critters from being invited to move in.

    1. pollie Post author

      Sorry you missed the first post Rose.. Yes I do live in a gorgeous part of the country and I am also only 10 minutes away from the beach. I am very lucky and well blessed to live where I do..

  2. powderpuff

    pollie, I was a little annoyed when I saw your first blog gone , as I feel it wasn’t offensive and if someone thought you were talking about them they must have had a guilty conscience. I just thought you were talking in general about getting rid of the ones in your life that had become a bother. I still say bravo to you. it took courage to stand up and say what you did.

    1. pollie Post author

      Thank you for those kind words Powderpuff, and you are right, I was writing about ‘things’ that had been a ‘bother’ to me throughout 2014. 😀

      1. flowersun

        I know,I felt so sorry for you,especially when you had to stomp on one… many times was it,to my recollection it was 9!!.that must have been a BIG BUGGA,to kill.

        1. tizzy

          Flowersun, I believe this subject has been concluded and finished with!! I hope you have a nice evening!!

          1. flowersun

            I’m replying to blog,thank you,Tizzy,your not in charge!!…enjoy your day ,evening,

          2. flowersun

            Hope to see you in Jibba jabba,…come and shake your booty!!!.

  3. tizzy

    I agree with the other ladies, I didn’t find your blog offensive either, I have lived in quite a few places in the country, and know vermin etc can be a problem, but what else can we expect when humans have taken over a great deal of their natural habitat, they have no where else to go…I’ll never forget visiting you for those few days last year Pollie, apart from the wonderfully warm reception you gave me, I will never forget how kind, generous and hospitable you and your friends were with me. Your home and grounds are a veritable palace, a lot to be proud of, and it’s evident that you have put a lot of hard work in to it and it’s upkeep, your home, and all your lovely friends, are lot to be proud of; I’m so looking forward to meeting up with you all again in the near future!!

    1. pollie Post author

      awww thank you so much tizzy for those words.. We were very happy to have you and enjoyed your visit so very much.. what fun we had, it was the best time..and as you rightly say.. my house is spick and span in spite of the lowlife!!

  4. marionpedersen

    Star your comment “just let it go and move on” is good advice. If BOTH sides of the conflict take said advice it should cure the problem.

  5. tizzy

    Well, Starlette, you have surprised me, you say you ‘don’t even know Pollie,’ therefore, I have to question how you ‘could taste venom all through her blog?’..I also don’t understand what you mean by ‘dog with a bone comes to mind,’ or ‘let it go and move on’…I thought SC was a place where it’s so often said that there is ‘room for everyone’ and ‘all are welcome.’.. We all have different subjects we would like to talk about, and Pollie simply talked about the troubles she had with vermin in 2014, .. I, and many other people, have also had problems with rodents etc. when living in the countryside, these things happen and we have to control the problem..I think you can see by my comment above, I HAVE actually met Pollie and have spent time with her, her husband and friends, I was made to feel very welcome and extremely comfortable in every way, but that happened because we all took time to get to know each other personally rather than by hearsay. if I have spoken out of place then I apologies, I just wanted to address the fact that you said you ‘DON’T even KNOW Pollie’ yet you ‘could taste venom all through that blog’ I’m sorry to say it, but that seems very ambiguous to me, but as is often stated here and other places ‘we all have a right to our opinions,’ therefore I respect you had your opinion, I just couldn’t understand what you meant by saying you ‘don’t know a person yet tasted venom’ in what that person wrote…You and many others here don’t know me either, maybe, one day, you may all like to get to know me, the person I am and where my beliefs and passion for life lay. For now, and with with respect, I wish you a very good day or evening!!

    1. pollie Post author

      Thank you for those wise words Tizzy.. what can I say that you already haven’t? I can add nothing to that at all.. Lets just hope the one above takes their own advice and ‘moves’ on especially as it has nothing to do with them at all…Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to say what you have and for the help you and many more gave me throughout these unfortunate incidents that I had to deal with.. 🙂

  6. tizzy

    I apologies Marion and Starlette, I was writing my comment before I saw yours, I’m also hoping that all turns out right in the end, whatever the problems may be, wishing you a good night and happy day ahead!!

  7. pollie Post author

    In conclusion.. re- the above post and the one before.. Can I just say, the above post was NOT an attempt, feeble or otherwise, to get out of my words.. This problem I had with the ‘pests and nuisances’ throughout 2014 was for me, very real, I can assure you of that. If you would like proof of this ‘problem with the pests/nuisance’ that I had, I do have documented evidence which I will gladly post if pushed enough!!! It would make for interesting reading!!…As I said previously, if anyone saw any resemblance to themselves or their friends in any of aforementioned lowlife, then that is their problem and certainly not mine. As for those who don’t know me I have no idea why they are getting involved at all? I would prefer in the future, if the six or seven who seem to have a problem, would refrain from commenting on any further posts of mine please, as I now see the ‘instigator’ has finally made an appearance with two words!! and as for the rest of you… please….. just go forth and multiply, or as MR T would say shut the ‘jibba jabba’ up!!!

  8. jcb1

    Pollie I thought this was very well explained as to the unfortunate problems you had throughout last year. well done my friend for writing about it. x