Purpose for relationships in our lives

Something God reminded me of again on my walk just now when at times I have tried to take back the control of my life. We are all born and put on this earth to fulfill HIS purpose not ours and if in doing so He brings those special people into our lives, family and friends, to walk along side of us and with us for a little while or forever to remember those relationships were born out of HIS love and provision for us and be thankful every day for them, nurture them with love and understanding and forgiveness and perseverance, but never hold onto them or anything else so tightly that it no longer serves the purpose for which HE brought that person into our lives and us into theirs. The most important thing we can do is know God's purpose for our lives and do our best to live it being thankful for everything, the alone times are often those times HE grows us most and prepares us for the next step of our journey, so don't fight those times just ask HIM what it is I need to learn during this time to enable me to fulfill the purpose YOU have for my life. And never ever hold too tightly to those relationships in ones life but just be thankful for them and enjoy them while they last and pray for them and let them go if HE sends them in another direction. Only HE knows the full story we see only in part and often with eyes seeking only our selfish desires, I thank you God for reminding me of this and keep me ever aware that all good things come from you and don't demand my way but always seek YOUR will in everything.
Thank you God for bringing each of these people to walk with me, some for a short time, some for many years and some forever as each one is part of your plan for me and may I learn from them what you sent them into my life to teach me.

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  1. tomk777

    These beautiful words reflect a deep faith in God and understanding of what life is about. Life yesterday, today, and tomorrow is a reflection of God’s Eternal Will for each one of us. . God has been with us since we were conceived. God wants us to be happy and one who loves God above all, loves Oneself, and loves others with whom we come in contact. God IS love and Friends are a living sign of that love . We search for meaning and peace. God gives us both if we are open to Him. Thanks for stating a wonderful reflection on what it can mean to be fully alive.

    1. cappuccino

      Im with you on that one Tessa.
      Isn,t there a group for this kind of blog?
      Maybe we should both hunker down for the blast of vindictivness coming our way.

  2. starlette

    You know what..I DONT wish to appear rude and if the above two comments hadn’t been posted I was ready to stand alone on this one…I,m holding in about what I would really like to post…I do not take kindly to having religion rammned down my throat…going to church quoting the bible doesent make you anymore of a christian than I am…indeed I know a lot of hypocrites that do all of these things….but you ask them to put their hand in their pocket or offer to give a bed to an homeless person would they….would they heck…..I didn’t realise the blogs were for bible study…feeling really insensed now so I am going…but I will answer back if I get any follow on comments to my reply…go preach elsewhere…

  3. PollyPie

    @ rose4him …… I have to agree with some of the others. The topic of Religion, especially when you state, “We are all born and put on this earth to fulfill HIS purpose not ours”. This is your belief Rose, not a fact. This is no way suggests we dont have the same belief, but this should not be in a Blog..

    May I suggest you delete this from Blogs and post it in the appropriate group, “One True God”. ?

  4. Jsmile

    rose4him I read the blog and didn’t see where anyone was being preached to nor was it “rammed down” anyone’s throat. How can this be? Has she no right to blog as she wishes? She had every right to blog as does anyone. I am curious why anyone would get so angry at this? Well I know why you get offended but I’ll leave it alone. From my experience the mention of God on this site just will not be tolerated by some, period. This lady did not post this to offend or ram it down anyone’s throat. As far as suggesting she post it in the proper group, well I can tell you, she would have gotten the exact same response there too. I remember when I had the “politics” group people didn’t agree with it and attacked accordingly. There were some who silenced that just because “they” didn’t like it, in fact some are the same ones here complaining about her blog. If someone don’t like a particular topic why in the world do you read it then get offended and attempt to silence differing of opinion? I read blogs every time I sing on. Some I love, some I can’t even finish reading. Does that give me a right to lash out and hate just because I don’t like or agree? Not on your life. Rose has the same right as any of us do to blog as she sees fit. She broke NO rules. She attacked no one, she “preached” to no one, she called no one a hypocrite. she wasn’t angry with anyone. Now she has been asked to remove the blog?? Is this really showing “tolerance” and “love” as I see being suggested so much here on a daily bases? No it is not. If I sound high spirited on this matter, you bet I am. If you don’t like a blog instead of attempting to muzzle what you don’t agree with just simply DON”T participate or read it. If I offended anyone, and I’m sure I did, I make no apologies because it is wrong on all accounts to attack a member here just because you don’t like what you read. Perhaps we should all be required to be of ONE mind, all abide by the exact same script so no one will ever be offended. We can all be happy puppets of one accord. I’m done before I post what I really think lol.

  5. starlette

    Jsmile you assume do you that anyone who has a differing opinion to rose is an atheist…well my friend,I do not have to justify myself to you but just for the record I am not…..and it would not make any difference to my thoughts on people if they were….my take on it is how the way you live your life and treat your fellow men…..break the word assume down and you will see it says to assume makes an ass of you and me….anyone who has ever read the bible knows it is full of contradiction…each religion interpretates it the way they see fit….I resent being told if I do not lay down my life for god and do his every last bidding as some people seem to think that is what he asks of us..( have they had a telephone conversation with him..I wonder ),,then it looks like I,m never going to see those pearly gates…..but hey ho…saves me shaking all the hands of the hypocrites…so be it…do have a good day my friend

  6. cappuccino

    The differences of opinion and beliefs are exactly the reason that blogs on sex,politics and religion are not suitable for the general blog site and should be directed to their respective groups.
    I will take your advise however,and next time I see a blog peppered with “HE”,”HIM” and “HIS”, not bother reading it.
    Bye now.

  7. vonMichael

    Politics, religion and poems should neither been posted nor discussed in a blog.
    Each of us has made his / her own experience with these topics during the life.
    Any comment will end up controversy and will not lead to a fair discussion nor to a
    conversation. But this is indeed my own single meaning and will not represent other
    meanings at all.

  8. Jsmile

    Not suitable? For whom and why? As I stated before she would have gotten the same responses in any public group as well. Back when I had politic group people complained “in the group” when they didn’t agree. Starlette, I called no one an Atheist nor did I “assume” anything. I called you nor anyone names. I simply replied to a blog. The issue is when a Christian shares a personal thought they are taken to task. She directed her blog to no one. She wasn’t preaching. She simply wrote a blog. It was a well written blog. How simple is this? Cappuccino, differing of opinions should not be sensored by me you or anyone else. I may not agree with you but that gives me no right to shut you up nor you anyone else. It’s apparent the lady’s blog was taken way out of context and used against her. It went from a personal experience/opinion to name calling and labeling. How sad when some can spew anything they wish and the cowards back off while others can write a simple blog about God and get the treatment here. Those who disapprove with this blog or any blog referencing Christianity or God, remember this when you speak “love and tolerance” If there ever was hypocrisy this is it. “As long as you play pretty and agree with the masses” we’ll all have love and harmony. I love you all lol.

  9. millie

    Good blog Rose, and great response Jsmile. So happy to see people called out on their hypocrisy for once. I might agree that this would have been better suited to a different group, however, this is not the first nor likely will it be the last time that something is posted as a “blog” (poems, short stories, etc…) that are really supposed to be in a group. Seems to me that there was a LOT more “preaching” done here than just by Rose… people basically calling all Christians hypocrites and making blanket statements about the Bible contradicting itself. I might point out that if taken IN context it does NOT contradict itself. BUT the main point of this response is to say that it is not okay for you to say that you do not want to be preached to and have religion “shoved down your throat” and then turn around and preach your opposing opinion and endeavor to shove YOUR point of view down the throats of others. There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate and if had been handled that way there would be no need for this discussion. It’s healthy for the mind to discuss all of these topics in a mature and intelligent manner, stating our opinions and the reasons for them, NOT forcing anyone to agree nor trying to shame them into silence. As “J” asked, where is YOUR tolerance? Rose, I hope that you will not let this stop you from contributing your valuable insight and faith in the future. I am sure that many were greatly encouraged by you. Thanks.

  10. starlette

    There will never be healthy debates about religion, politics or sexuality…..hence the reason Rob chose to make these no go areas……stick within the boundary’s and no problems will arise…..I didn’t write the blog..

    1. millie

      … IMO the REASON we can never discuss these subjects is because we begin acting like children trying to force our way/opinion on others, personally attacking and degenerating into name calling. Rob (as the parent that he’s forced to be in these situations) does what parents do – tells us just stop talking about it if we can’t get along. If we had mature discussions w/ points/counterpoints then the really interesting things in the world could actually be discussed on this site and (again IMO) this would be a more fun and edifying site. Regardless… I actually think this came across as more of a prayer (hence the belief that it probably would’ve been better in another group), but I don’t need to tell you what to do or speak for you, Rose…you’ve done a beautiful job of doing that for yourself. Thanks for a most thoughtful perspective and lovely blog..

  11. PollyPie

    IMO, the reason religion and politics should not be in Blogs, is because these subjects, everyone is wrong ….. and everyone is right.
    The problem I see with Roses blog, is that her ‘beliefs’ are stated as ‘facts’, and when this happens, it almost certainly is a target and upsetting for those who do not share her beliefs.
    I thing the blog would have great….. IF she had made these statements as ‘her beliefs’.

  12. macathy

    I think you all just like to pick because it is about God, I don’t know why you read these blogs if they get up your nose.Dont see anywhere were Rose is shoving it down your neck.We have free will,so can just not read it.my God how many blogs I look at and say “here they go again “but I just move on to the next one. I looked at writing a blog on here and it says that “blogs give you the ability to document your life experiences,observations,opinions etc around topics YOU find interesting” .Well Rose found this interesting so has every right ,in my opinion to write it,,I do disagree with her in that God knows how our life well be.God has given us free will and right up to the last breath we have free will.Well done rose good blog.

  13. Jsmile

    Well explained Macathy. Good post. I never understood why people read a blog if they don’t like it. From what I saw this lady didn’t mention one name on here or direct it to a particular person. As far as the “no go” I just read over the rules ( mind you I could have missed it) please forgive me if I did but the only place these subjects are NOT allowed are the CHATROOMS. Simply put some are attempting to be self appointed site sensors and police. This is bullying someone to silence their beliefs that another does not like. I don’t even know the woman but am not going to sit back and say nothing. There certainly isn’t any site rules to allow anyone to bully or sensor another member because you don’t like or agree with them. If she was wrong Rob will deal with her. He is the only one with authority to do so. Everyone who has replied to me I want to thank you for your input. I do not agree with it but that’s your right to voice your opinion. We can agree to disagree agreeably and respectfully. Far be it from me to EVER attempt to sensor anyone. We are all human beings and should be treated with dignity. I will close with one thought; Unless you have ever been embarrassed or attacked on here on behalf of your right to speak, you have no clue the impact it has on the receiving end. Some can stand up to the harassment, some simply can’t. They just either leave the site or don’t come on. In my humble opinion, those who said what you thought you needed to say to her, why didn’t you send her a pvt msg dealing with it? Why did you see the need to humiliate her in public? You never know what is going on in someone’s personal life or what they’re dealing with. Read her profile and tell me you can honestly say she meant harm to anyone.

  14. cefnrider

    If a jehovah,s witness comes to my door i dont rant and rave at them and also i am polite and smile and tell them no thanks and they move on. I suggest those that spend half their lives in blogs criticising others do exactly the same. By the way those same people are the ones who block up blogs with their petty blogs half the time. If i dont like a blog i dont read it all and move on. Try acting like grown ups some of you and respect the right of others. I am the first to say if i think something is wrong but i dont disrepect someone for their rights as long as those rights are not used to attack others which as far as i can see this blog never did

  15. vonMichael

    So many intelligent words are been said here. But the finest has never been mentioned by anyone:

    Before becoming a Muslim, a Shik, a Hindu or a Cristian let’s become
    a Human first.


    1. millie

      We’re all “human”, VM. It’s having “humanity” that we should strive for ~ kindness and respect for others, however vehemently we may disagree and not broad-brushing all races, religions, groups, etc.. by the actions of some and the portrayal by Hollywood.

      1. PollyPie

        “The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status, or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we all believe that we are above-average drivers.”
        ― Dave Barry

  16. roseinbloom

    This has been a good blog because we all have learned or could have learned from it. How much religion is brought to a public forum is a matter of respect for others. I have to question and think more about what blogs are really about and that they do not offend anyone and are appropriate for this site.

    1. cappuccino

      I agree with you Roseinbloom..additionally I feel what could constitute a “good” blog,is the amount of comment and differences of opinion that it generates…which this one has done.
      That may have not been Rose4him,s origional intention,but may I congratulate her on a job well done. 🙂

      PS….Isn,t there something in the bible about the Lord working in mysterious ways?

  17. johnwharden

    what about the little guy called the devil, spare a thought for him,never meet him, but maybe one day l might same as others, maybe better to get on his right side me thinks lol

  18. KayBee

    Here is the quote from Rob at the top of the page where we can post blogs:
    “Essentially, a Senior Chatters Blog gives you the ability to document your life experiences, observations, opinions, etc around topics you find interesting.”

    (I did not find the blog rules about avoiding topics of religion, politics, sex, etc. I think I remember seeing something like that in the past, though.)

    The first sentence of Rose’s blog, she stated that it was about what she felt God showed her while taking her walk. So she was just sharing a personal experience.

    I have seen several blogs in the past that mentioned sex/sexuality. Those didn’t receive much flack. I don’t think they received any at all.

    Let’s see, people getting offended. I have seen some military/war experience blogs here. Some people are pacifists. Please refrain from writing about war.

    I wrote a blog about some of my experiences as a parent. I apologize for that, because some people here were never able to have children of their own. Some chose not not have children. So sorry if I offended someone that fits in those categories.

    Choose any topic, someone will surely get offended about it.
    Oh please people. People vehemently attacking others? Now, that’s offensive!

  19. Jsmile

    With all the attention this blog has gotten I really hope another good member will not be discouraged from participating and contributing to the site. SeniorChatters is too good of a site to continue to have good members pause or just leave all together at the hand of the angry few. I personally know of members who no longer log in or simply left at the taunting of the few. it’s sad it happens this way. Anyone who treats another member this way should stop and think about the impact of their words before they speak. Kaybee your reply was spot on. As a member I would like to suggest when someone does not like another member or has a offensive issue with them, Take it up in private with that member or take it to Rob! The general membership needs not see it. It avails to prosper no one to humiliate a member in public. It does however reveal the offender’s character.