Private Chat Bar – Applications Menu

Hi Chatters,

It's been a busy day today.  I've just added an Applications menu to the NEW Private Chat Bar.  This is located in the bottom left hand corner, as shown below:

Application Bar

What Do All The Icons Do?

  • The F Icon will direct you to our New Facebook page
  • The T Icon will direct you to our New Twitter page
  • The Heart Icon will enable you to share the Senior Chatters page you are on socially
  • The Green Arrow enables you to instantly go to the top of the Senior Chatters page you are on.  This saves scrolling 🙂

It's still very early days, but I will be leveraging the power of both Twitter and Facebook to post Senior Chatters news and information, just like this.  So simply clicking on these links from within the Applications Menu will keep you up to date on everything Senior Chatters

I hope you like the new additions?  I especially like the Green Arrow which takes you to the top of the page.  Little things huh 🙂

Chat soon...


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  1. jostaff52

    Hello Rob, I’m having trouble going into private chat.I click on Private chat and on the persons name but when I type in the window nothing happens! I need some help please

    1. Rob Post author

      Hi Jo,

      Just a thought… Make sure that there is a green circle next to the username of the member you wish to private chat with. This ensures that the member is active on the site right now. If you are trying to private chat with a member with a grey semicircle next to their username, then this indicates that the member has been inactive for the last 5 mins, so may explain why you are not having much luck.

  2. Kurt

    Hello everyone, who can help me out, Im not getting any reply to my problem, I never can enter the chatrooms or open the private chat bar. Im running on a Google Chrome and a Windows 10 device, please help !!!