Power of Positive Thinking, What Power

Power of Positive Thinking, What Power

"GO 24 HOURS WITHOUT COMPLAINING and SEE how your LIFE CHANGES". I challenge you to TRY it and let me know what happens. Let anyone or everyone know. I read this a short time ago and I have started to try to be more positive. I will try to do 24 hours and seriously test it. I don't think I can possibly do it. I am too good at seeing gloom and doom of all sort and kinds, but there are those even better than I am.

A friend is settling her brother's estate and she received a huge windfall, but she sees crime and mayhem in the area, and has no plan to enjoy a new auto which she has desired for years that she would not buy for herself, or her extra income which she has said that she really did not need. . Losing a brother is dreadful, but he lived his life to the fullest and had a short period of illness and lived to be seventy-five and that is about as good as we can hope for. This is just one example that comes to mind. People have offered to help and there are professional people, but she won't accept help and she is complaining about being overwhelmed and having too much to do. Many of us are like that. Life is like that. You can help yourself, accept help, focus on the good, and you certainly don't need to focus on the negative when you are up to your elbows in what you need to do.

Another example, I remember tumbling down a flight of stairs, terrible pain and thinking I was going to die, and at the same time being very grateful for the well padded and carpeted stairs. I also remember being grateful that there was a short flight and then a landing. This is another example and life is like that. I must be a pretty positive person. I was not concerned with dying, I just wanted my pain to stop and was fully aware that I was landing much softer than I would have on most stairs to a basement. I know we can all be knocked down and have trouble getting back up or we cannot get up. I do believe that thinking positively helps.

I decided some years ago, the minute someone says there is NO ANSWER, there is NO ANSWER. I have solved many problems, by REFUSING to believe there IS NO ANSWER.
Also, I know that being positive is not EASY. We do not have to be silly or dishonest, but we do need to focus on something positive in any situation. If we cannot see an answer or anything positive, then we need help. We may need to get in a church group or a social group or seek help from those available to us.

I still need to try that 24 hours without a complaint and see how my life changes. So far, I know that I haven't come close to not complaining for 24 hours but as I keep trying, my life is changing. The other morning the 25 year old grandson said, "Thanks for always doing the dishes, I hate to do dishes" I said, you are to young to hate doing dishes, be grateful you have food and dirty dishes to do." This morning as I did a few dishes while making coffee, I thought, I am happy to do all the dishes, it is one thing that I can do to make my grandson's busy life easier. Before, I did the dishes and had mixed feelings about it. I knew the dishes were not worth a confrontation. I am just trying to be more positive. I cancelled out the negativity and chose to experience the dishes as a joy. Life is like that.

You may say that it would be nice if he did them every once in a while, but will my positive attitude make a difference. Who really knows, but if I communicate a good feeling to him then the dish washing will be a real gift. How much power is there in positive thinking? I know that NEGATIVE thinking is a real bummer and I have tried that sufficiently, for sure. Okay, I hope we can all endeavor to NOT COMPLAIN FOR 24 HOURS. Maybe it is impossible, but any effort will be a happier day. That I do believe.

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  1. vonMichael

    Some well recommended scientist Rose indicate that negative thinking is much more useful than the positive way. What else does the worth case excits for?

    It brings more fun, happiness and satisfactionto people if the positive of their doings turns out well.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Michael, I am not sure what your question is. I think you are asking what is useful about negative thinking? Which scientists have you read? We all have to consider advantages and disadvantages, so we do want to “Look before we leap”. I don’t think logical thinking should be included with rational or logical thinking. Positive thinking should not be stupid thinking. I am not suggesting any except the logical consequences of positive thinking. Like smile and the world smiles with you and cry and you cry alone and a whole lot of other benefits. If you get into anything except logical, that is a power that I ask but do not answer.

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Correction. I meant to say in that comment, Michael that I don’t think NEGATive thinking should be included in logical or rational thinking. Negative thinking is negative because it has a negative value or result.

      2. vonMichael

        Hello Rose,

        you may have noticed it, we Germans are a bit odd which I know.
        If we are going to to something new, something we have never done before, we will say; it will go awry and mean with it, it will turn out good.

        But as I’ve noticed it within your Blogs, you understand a lot of logic, don’t you? Please explain that to me;
        ** black is the colour that stands for darkness, for fear, for the unknown, for bad and nasty doings,
        ** white is the colour that stands for cleanness, virginity, honesty, reliability and many other attributes.

        So why do nuns wear black garments and now white? I’m sure your knowledge of logic will have an answer for me in this point.

        1. nmod

          I think I could answer that question Michael .
          See black is also the color to symbolize mourning …and nuns have given up sex for their entire lives !
          Now….isn’t that something to mourn about ? 🙂

          1. roseinbloom Post author

            Michael, Thank you for your comment and your compliment. I wish you would do a blog or tell me what is “a bit odd about Germans”. You seem to be saying, I may be crazy a little when you try something that may be risky or unproven, which has a great deal of logic in it. To me truth is sanity and lack of it erodes into craziness. Truth is always logical. It cannot be otherwise. I stated what I can logically believe from knowledge and experience. , Religion is not logical. period. If men can possibly believe that they are closer to God and women are not, all logic fails. I recently stayed in a home which housed nuns and I seemed to feel the goodness in their home and in their presence and in all their actions so I have great respect for them, and do not want to diminish them or religion, but I cannot say there is logic in all or most of it. What is a miracle except what we do not have knowledge to understand. I stayed away from the magical or miraculous power of positive thinking. If you or others believe in that kind of power of positive thinking, I hope you or they will share that. The plain facts of positive thinking is enough for me to want to practice it. The nuns are a perfect example of positive thinking. The dedicate their life to making a positive difference regardless how hopeless the world may be or full os sin.

          2. roseinbloom Post author

            nmod, I like your answer. The nuns are technically married to Christ and he and they are dead to the world, so they are in perpetual mourning. The priests also wear black, so logic would fail here. In hot countries, they may wear white,
            Your answer may be correct and funny. I know little about the trapping of the Catholic church. I was brought up Protestant. I do believe that the nuns do a lot of good work.

          3. vonMichael

            How do you that, or has told you that Norma???
            Why should only priests be gay as it was published recently by an Italien newspaper. By the way, sex is the most normal drive otherwise God wouldn’t have given it to us.

  2. catalpa

    I read an interesting statement: some see the glass half empty, and some see the glass half full. Others yet realize the glass can be refilled.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Catalpa, that is another good perspective or a way of positive thinking. I also did a blog on the half glass being full of possibilities. When we have little we have a lot to hope and work forI like yours though,

  3. starlette

    Hi Rose, well i always think that i would rather be one foot above the ground than six foot beneath it,( size does count in this instance..hehe..)…..but i see you write the age of 75 is the best we can hope for, statistics tell us that more and more people are living into their 80s and 90s……..well i certainly hope for longer than 75, and i believe i will live longer than that…….as for your friend, she is deliberately looking for the negatives in her situation, she is not lucky to have lost her brother, but she has now come into a inheritance that could enhance her life somewhat……but no, seems she will not do this…….she could well be one of life’s people who actually enjoying moaning and groaning……to be avoided at all costs……..i can certainly go for much longer than a day without moaning……and if i do its usually about politicians ……but i think i can be excused for that moan……Grrrrr

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Starlette. I did say that 75 AND a full life with a short period of illness and disability is ABOUT all we can hope for. Women live longer than men. The life expectancy for males in the USA is 76 years of age. You and I choose to be positive and we can be viable and live to be 95 or so. I do believe that the positive thinking makes a big difference in our aging. Don’t you.

  4. roseinbloom Post author

    Right. about most everything you say, Starlette. I don’t stay away. She used to be a good sport and now I stay in touch. She has no family and her brother avoided her because she liked to tell him what to do. Star, are you sure and you don’t get to moan about politicians. Maybe, sitting down and writing to them would be a positive act. If you only moan about politicians, you are terrific.

    1. nmod

      Oh, you are not ! You are a great guy ! Don’t think less of yourself of what and who you are !
      Jen says you are a top guy and I believe her ,because you are a top friend ! 🙂

      1. roseinbloom Post author

        Cap, I have been reading your comments for some time, and I do not believe that you are “too thick” for insight. If you choose to laugh at a whole lot of stuff, that makes sense to me. If it is true, you heard it and took notice and now you know it. You may want to take the 24 hour challenge of not complaining for 24 hours and see how it works. I hope you do, because you seem to be a good candidate for a big improvement.

  5. lani36

    positive thinking is not only thinking of positives all day but to mould one’s life around seeing what is in front of them , I won’t go into all the specifics, but if you look for the good you will find it , if you look for the bad you will find that as well,many things test us every day also people , though very few, the only thing there is to cut them from your life….to speak out against inequality is a given right , not a moan as I see it if it is a genuine complaint …..
    Just my simple way of looking at life…..

    A glass is a glass wether it is empty or full, look at it like it is a glass….life itself is full, if you just look around and take in all that beauty and don’t worry about the little things ….