Politics, action not talk

I called my three congressman today. I need to do that more often. If a fight can be avoided, I am for that. I called and I need to call more often. We all do. I am told they really do consider these calls of how their constituents feel. All of us need to be more peaceful and fighting with someone who starts a fight is not teaching peace. I really don't think so. Consider being more active and using your voice where it may make a difference.

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  1. jsmile

    I agree Rose. We should be more involved in politics. Often times we vote and think our responsibilities stop there. We as a people should hold our elected officials accountable. As far as peace, there will never be real peace until the prince of peace returns, which is Christ Jesus. No one likes war I assure you, but bad people who kill innocent women and children just because they can have to be stopped and only peaceful good people will stop them. Good post, thanks

  2. leafofgold

    The only times the USA should go to war are 1) When attacked on our native soil. and 2) to prevent genocide. Not when we are lied too about WMD’s and bypassing Congress in an act of war against a country that did nothing to us.. According to NATO and the UN the use of chemical weapons is against the Geneva Convention.It isn’t just America’s responsibility but that of all members of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Serin gas is no different then the WWII Death Camps. WE said never again then! Now we go before Congress as any President should do and ask for the backup for “NEVER AGAIN” I studied Political Science and History for too long now and it’s a vital part of my personality and interests.There is no way to predict the outcome for this outrage. Not to argue with jsmile but sometimes peaceful, good people are just too weak to staunch the flow of blood. Sometimes it takes a Gangsta to fight a Gangsta. You can’t win a war when you bring a knife to a gun fight. May REASON prevail.