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Hi Chatters,

This might be a long post, so bear with me please. I’m just going to say what I feel so forgive me if I jump about a bit. So here goes…

I want to explain why I took the decision to replace the old chat room. I realise that some of you are upset over losing the Lobby and for that I apologise.

To cut straight-to-the-chase there were critical site updates that HAD to be made in order to keep SC up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes which the framework of the site runs on. Without these crucial updates the site would have been open to possible attacks. Admittedly, this would have been a relatively small risk initially, but as time went on would have meant that the site wouldn’t have been as secure as it could be. I wasn’t happy with that.

The downside however was that the updates and patches meant that the Lobby would have been increasing more difficult to support and develop further. It’s over 5 years old now and technology, especially in the web world, moves on very quickly indeed.

This is why the Lobby was replaced with the new chat engine. As with anything new there are teething problems and I’m busy working through them, making it a better experience for everyone. Obviously I can’t please you all and I know some of you will be bitterly disappointed at losing the Lobby, but I see this as an opportunity to change SC for the better, and I hope the majority of you will embrace that with me.

Please bear with me here while I get to my point. In case you don’t know, I run Senior Chatters on my own. Yes, I do have the amazing help and support of our chat rooms Admin’s and monitors for which I’m extremely grateful, but in terms of developing, updating and supporting the site I do that on my own.

I also work, and therefore run Senior Chatters in my spare time. So when people ask why wasn’t I notified or why are there so many changes or this isn’t working properly or Facebook isn’t like this, it’s because I haven’t got a development department, marketing team, customer support team or a million dollar budget to help!

That’s why I rely so heavily on members helping to test new features, and why I value feedback so much. I simply do not have the time or resources to develop, update, test and implement changes. Issues like the font’s too small or the background colour hurts my eyes, are all things that are easily fixed, and I’m working hard to get them right for you all, that’s why I’m always approachable and keen to hear your ideas.

However, what has shocked me is some of the nastiness and abuse I have personally received, and no I won’t name these people. Yes, I run senior chatters as a business and I do make a small profit from the premium memberships that get sold. I’m not rich by any means, and to be honest my wife would sooner I just gave the whole thing up. I’m not going to do that as I get a lot of pleasure knowing Senior Chattters helps so many people; and funny enough I do actually enjoy what I do and chatting with you all.

All I ask is that negativity is removed. If you don’t like me, what I’m doing or how I run SC then fine. I don’t hold grudges, life’s too short, but let me be clear. I will not tolerate negativity anymore or abusive people. If you have feedback, let me know politely, and I’ll seriously consider your ideas. Otherwise please don’t spoil it for all those Chatters who’re happy with what I offer. Nobody is forcing you to stay, yet I see the same negative people moaning and complaining – yet still use Senior Chatters day on day.

Like I said earlier I’m doing my best to make Senior Chatters better for everyone. I’m not going to get there over night, but I hope you appreciate all that I’m trying to achieve. I hope you’re with me, if not no hard feelings and I wish you well.

All the best
Senior Chatters

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  1. OK Point taken. Tryinf to be positive about what needs sorting so i’ll keep my gob shut and give you time before further complaint.

    Go for it and get this sorted out so we can all continue to enjoy this site

  2. Hi Rob, must I say you do a good job of what you do with, yes times have to change eventually, some times for the good but not often bad, I don’t mean in a bad way.
    With any task or project has to have an element of cost have to be reimburse by the owner, yes I can imagine the snide remarks and no doubt a lot of hurtful words, so what, if you require payments of one form of use, so it should be that way. I wouldn’t do it for nothing, I have had new locks or electrical parts for people that who are relatives and friends, I want to be paid for it, it is not a freebie job, parts cost paying from someone, oh yes do the work for nothing and use your time and parts that you buy for, yes I am have one of those heads that have a handle, definitely a mug handle.
    The verbal abuse that you have to listen to and take it as well I no wonder your other half has said to you,” pack in now”. But you carry on with the pride that you take in what you do, knowing that you bring a lot of people to pleasure and joy, also those lonely people men and women of all walks, who, for some of those that are unable to do those that can carry on in a normal life, it’s is their lifeline to quite a number of people to talk, share in topics and as well the sadness to those that may be serious Ill or even to have lost a loved one. I on the odd time I have a look in Facebook and some of the language and the insulting remarks that people say, even from reading the odd person, that is someone who is so one of my own near relatives, I don’t, can’t be talking to those certain people, I would not speak to all them at all. It has quite recent lately that a young 13 yr old girl has taken her life, and it has that has come to the attention that the police are looking into the antics of the bullying from certain social media of the networks.
    So you see Rob if you had a less type of constitution, you would may have gone at a place, where you could to a point of suffering depression, as you know in the past some people do have suffer from abuse from people.
    As you know at a place that has major change, you will always people saying, stay the way it was. Does not all change, even from the latest technology, no sure you may buy an object and 6 mths later it is outdated.
    I think you do al-right as you are doing, even with the windows 10 Is still in beta, no doubt like all windows it is always patches and god knows what to add on to windows. Recall as far as I remember there have been at least different 20 Microsoft windows change, that is since 1981, not bad. there has one major change in yours and the people moan , try with years of moaning about windows.
    No rob you did very good so far it will either leave or stick with what you change but there is always newbies to come on, so they will benefit from them, so stick to it Rob and keep on plugging on old son you do well, and thanks.
    sorry so long to type,

  3. Rob, thank you for taking the time to write a blog. I like and respect you a lot and I know you mean well. It is your site and I respect that, but I still think you need to consider the changes and try to do them at a slower pace. I will just expect things to change next time and ride the bumps without making a lot of noise. Your site is better looking than facebook.

  4. Thank you Rob for taking the time, concern and interest to write explain, in detail your thoughts and position. I agree very much that people who are disrespectful should not be tolerated. This is not a site to constantly engage one’s prejudices and unpleasant characteristics. I must say few, in my limited experience, fit this bill but you will know who perpetuates disrespect. I never complain but make positive suggestions that arise from observations and others comments.

    The security of the Site is very important because should it fail hackers can get into member’s home computer and cause problems. Finally you can take great comfort that the site provides an outlet for many who would otherwise be confined to their homes and imprisoned in fading thoughts. Members help one another to forget problems for an hour or two and sincere international friendships are regularly engaged. So when reality tells you to, ‘ pack the site in’ please push this negativity away with the knowledge of the good you are doing.

    Many thanks Charles.

  5. I think this has helped to clear up some questions. I admit, I don’t like change. It was very frustrating for me the first 2 days but you listened to my problems and you corrected them. I work for an international IT company where the programs change at a minimum 5 times a day. All done for security reasons. It’s frustrating and often there is a 3-5 day tweaking of the programs. Often I have wanted to drive to the Hudson River and throw my iPad, computer, iphone into the water and dive in myself. I’ve called my boss and said, you will find me at the bottom of the Hudson tomorrow and listed as a Leaper in the NY Times. LOL
    Ok, I admit, after all that everyday, I come here to relax. I don’t want to learn yet another program but it has to be done on occasion and often without notice. I don’t like it..but this is life. Life happens. So I’ll blow off some steam and curse and have a martini, but I’ll adjust and get over it. Somethings I may never like, somethings I will grow to like. Somethings I’ll just have to adjust to, and get along with regardless of my personal opinion. The most important thing is that I keep my friendships. OHHHH yes, Chatters, you might get angry with me for disagreeing with you about the sight changes and that’s ok, because if you can’t yell at a friend and still be friends then what the heck good is having one. So for all out there that are angry and frustrated with the site or with me or whatever, you can yell at me, send me your most nasty emails, if it helps, but lets just be patient and wait. What a difference a day makes!

  6. Thank you Rob for the explanation.
    The chat window it’s back on my iPad , last night I was able to have a short private chat with a friend . It will take some time to get used to it ,as the screen moves as I type and that makes me dizzy
    But lucky for me ,my laptop was fixed recently so I may be able to use it instead of my iPad .
    I will give it a try and see how I go .
    Rob you are one of a kind ! Thank you for persisting ! Much appreciated.

  7. Very short, you are doing an excellent job Rob, Thanks for all the hard work you put into keep the most happy here, but its impossible to please all there will always be a few don’t like change.

  8. thank you Rob, I thoroughly enjoy the site and have done for a few years, I check in almost every day and sometimes spend a lot of time reading blogs, checking groups etc. keep up the good work, changes do have to happen and I for one am all for them Dinny

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed blog to all of us Rob. I hope it will help everyone understand that complexities of running an online site.
    Thank you also for not throwing in the towel on Chatters. I for one, have really enjoyed chatting with so many people from all over the world. Where else could we find this ? I have met so many lovely people and it is all because of your constant hard work to keep this site safe and sound.
    I appreciate everything you have done for the site Rob. Bravo !

  10. Hi Rob, thanks for the thorough explanation of the changes and why they had to happen, I feel that when all is explained then chatters will flow through with the changes in time…. If I make any remarks , I hope its always two positives before a negative, abuse has no place in any society, to anyone by anyone..
    Thanks again for repairing the you tube site last evening too Rob your patience was amazing, and you didn’t stop until it was working ,well done….
    One can always get their point across without being abusive..
    So I for one wil do mybest to embrace this new site and seehow I go, i,m sure i am the least technological person on site , but i will do my best to learn about it ….once again thanks for a great site….

  11. Rob, Thank you and I never go into the chat room but do like the site and the people /friends I have made here. I know you work hard to keep S.C. a safe site . Thanks again for the information on your blog. Anne Marie

  12. I just wanted to say thank your for your comments Rob….I have to admit I havent been coming in chatters as much as I once did due to all the arguing and disagreements…..Life is too short for all the drama that some people seem to thrive on….I have enough of that in my everyday life….I have made many friends through chatters and enjoy chatting with them often…Thank you for all you do for all us members..

  13. Thanks Rob for everything ,I am sure people will understand that the change had to happen.Thanks for all the time you spend here helping us all to get along lolo
    Thanks for the time you have taken to get this Gremlin of mine still able to work on here Thanks xxxx

  14. ROB,
    the way I see it is quite different. SC is your baby which means how and when you feed it is up to you. Its also up to you when and how often you change the diapers. The way you dress it, which color you choose is just and only your business.
    That all doesn’t concerns me and it is absolutely none of my business to criticise any of the steps you are going. It’s also none of my business to add any kind of proposal to your steps cos I am not entitled too.

    I’m just one of more than 4000 SC member, nothing special and as long as I get from the SC what I’ve paid for I accept it as it is, today as well as tomorrow.
    I wish you always a successful outcome of your activities, Michael

  15. Rob thank you for your detailed explanation for the changes. I am sorry to hear you have been abused, there is no call for that, there are ways of voicing opinions and abuse is certainly not the way to go about it. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the site, you go out of your way to please your members.

  16. Hi Rob,I fail to see any problem with you altering the site,we`re still chatting and having all the benefits of the site plus I appreciate your concern for the welfare/security of us all,your doing a good job and hope none of the whingers distract you from providing a unique service for us who can communicate across the world in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

  17. Rob– Thank you for all your hard work and for the blog to try to clear the ‘fog’ for some people who seem to be experiencing ‘problems’ – you must have the patience of a saint.

    You have an excellent site – do a wonderful job at providing it for us to use and enjoy – and I personally was not aware you run this in your ‘spare time’! LOL! Just keep doing what you are doing. If those that dont like it -then they have the choice to seek elsewhere. Hopefully, they will engage with the changes and eventually enjoy the experience.

  18. I agree with everyone else thank you Rob for everything you do to keep this site up and running.
    Maybe if people look at this site like a home that gets full of holes so anyone can walk in so it gets fixed, and up dated so it might not happen again.
    Its just an easy way to see things.

  19. Thank you Rob for your very explanatory blog. I still love your site even though i was naughty once but it was never against you and you know that’s the truth. I hope you don’t give up on SC because it’s the best site on the internet, mainly because of your hard work on keeping us all safe from scammer’s and the like. Dont let the negative and verbal abusers get you down…they aint worth loosing any sleep over. Everything changes every day in life and and SC is no different. Anchor’s away ol chap (sorry <D) and looking forward to navigating my way around…Onwards and upwards Rob! 😀

  20. HI rob,
    i was just in lobby and talking to myself…. please!! can we figure out a way to see who is in there ? Feels very silly to go on jabbering thinking people are listening….other than that i think the room is going to be ok..

  21. Hang in there Rob, Willing to put up with the changes as long as we don’t loose SC! You are doing what you can which is more than I can imagine!
    Thank you for SC…it is still an awesome site!

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