Picking Another Crayon

Senior Chatters is the backdrop for our conversations. It is the watering hole where we meet. This is where we share our thoughts with the world.

If your thoughts are negative, your conversation will be negative and you will paint Senior Chatters a negative color. Look around you when you go in the chat room and see what the atmosphere is. Then ask yourself what you have contributed to the conversation.

It is high time we all took responsibility for what is going on in Senior Chatters. Time for the main topic of conversation to stop being the critiquing of the room and what we have lost.

Next time you go into chat, check your box of colors and pick a new crayon. Loosen up and have some fun. Stop waiting for the other guy to lighten the chat. It is up to you and you alone.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Frankie. You are right. We all need to gain a few conversational skills. It will help the people that do more than they will ever know. Some have all kinds of talk they can not or will not do. Most of us need to add some variety and color to our conversations.
    I will try.

  2. Faye

    Some will say it is because the chatroom is open to anyone. But what would one being saying in the old chatroom that couldnt be said in the present one. They are both chatrooms and therefore used for chatting. I agree with you Frankie….some of the conversations are so inane and boring but then there were times the original chat was the same. Let newbys see you can have some fun along with intelligent conversations…not heavy stuff but general day to day chatting with the aim of making friends and enjoying the experience. Its here to stay so make good use of it.

    1. frankie55 Post author

      And just because it is open to everyone is WHY we should all strive to be responsible for our input. Remember the old computer programming term….garbage in, garbage out? Being responsible doesn’t mean you have to weight every word. But maybe we could think out why we are there and if we are consistent in our over all actions. If people want to have fun, then behave in accordance.

  3. rodger

    How right you are, Frankie, let us all accentuate the positive. SC is, without doubt, one of the best, if not THE best +50 site thanks to our dedicated Site Master, Rob.
    Yes, some old dogs like myself have a problem with new tricks but we get over it after a grumble: So treat it as a game and muddle around, as I am still doing, until you find out which button to push and which lever to pull to get where you want to go.

  4. grandmaj

    I don’t normally comment on blogs but this is a very good one Frankie… I now look at the past chat in community room before I come in. If everyone is being negative about the site I don’t enter the chat room. The site has had changes nothing we can do about it. So need to suck it up cupcakes lol and enjoy what we have.

    1. frankie55 Post author

      The only problem with this very reasonable behavior on your part gran is are more and more people avoiding the room because of the negative chat? Time for the positive people to take control.

  5. grandmaj

    Yes I know what you mean Frankie, and would you blame a newbie for not entering the room????? Then again they may avoid it because of the rubbish I rattle on with at times haha

    1. frankie55 Post author

      The situation creates quite a quandary gran. On the one hand, I generally think avoiding occasion of adding attention to negativity is the best course of action. On the other, I think the negativity may have won out in the short battle and requires some combative. In conclusion…I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER!!!! Would someone with the correct answer please step up?

  6. lani36

    Hi Franki, am I under a rock or what ???? i find the room fun , i love the repartee that goes on between the chatters, i do agree some of the Newbies must wonder what we are on about once the fun starts , hahah…..laugh and the world laughs with you , cry and you cry alone . a great addage…… we throw snow and dust at each other at times and thats what good friends can do without getting peeved, that’s true friendship …… so lighten up , have fun and join us in the chat room guys , loads of laughter bring your fun with you ……xxxxxxx good blog Frankie…

  7. patrickr1950

    I am sure I might agree with you Frankie, but unfortunately I got lipstick all over my glasses from looking at your avatar, and now I cannot read anything.

  8. macathy

    I think the biggest trouble is most hardly go into chat room come on have their own chats .Room is empty more then it’s used !

    1. oceanwaves732

      I so agree, 2dog- chat for me is Not just about cheering everyone up all the time! that is the rhetoric of optimism and I am so done with being told I should lighten up at times-yes, I agree that you shouldn’t come into a chat room and bring everyone down, but life is life and if I can’t express myself in a real (as opposed to negative) way, then what is the point?