Password trouble

I could not get access to Senior Chatters and I forget exactly when it started, but a few days ago. It is concerining that if I had not finally found a way to get back I would have been off forever.

I went to facebook, but could not post. I kepting following a prompt over and over and then the password did not work.

I finally noticed an email and sent a message and got no answer. It concerns me that if I have a problem, there is no way to reach management.

Maybe, my membership, got lost in the black hole of cyberspace, and now all is well, but it is still concerning.I did hear that others had a problem but I still have the same issue: I caould not contact management and get help for days.

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  1. jcb1

    glad to see you back roseinbloom. the management isnt as good as the management in shoutbox by the looks of it hee hee!