Why and when did packaging become an olympic event?  It takes herculean efforts to open a package of cotton balls.  I have battle wounds and scars as I sit here a week after I've moved into my new apartment.  All due to attempting to open items I bought.

Between a box cutter and heavy duty scissors, I eventually got said items opened.  Not without cuts, puncture wounds, and bruises.  And the use of some choice four letter words.

Why are my new plastic food storage containers enclosed in plastic that is twice the strength of the containers themselves?  Who decided they needed to survive nuclear holocaust unscathed?

My theory is because a Tylenol capsule was tampered with back in 1970 something.  Packaging became freaking ridiculous and is only getting worse.  And think about it; we buy food for consumption that is naked and unpackaged.  But a newly purchased set of salt and pepper shakers will not be messed with DAMNIT!

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  1. Drummer

    Hi idigdirt Glad to know you are now safely installed in your new apartment -May it bring you much pleasure – that is if you can ever get rid of all that plastic wrappers. Have a Nice Day
    Kind reghards Drummer

  2. waylander

    I agree with you Idigdirt, but from trial and (painful) error I can now reveal the solution to dealing with the stupidly strong and impossibly secure packaging:-

    The smaller the package, the bigger the sharp implement required to open it, hence a craft knife will open the packaging round a new vacuum cleaner, while a machete is required for a tamper proof pill bottle.

  3. roseinbloom

    Idigdirt. I understand perfectly and just keep the box cutters handy and the scissors, but also keep lighter fluid or some similar product for all the little sticky things that are virtually impossible to remove, then your life will go much smoother.
    I hare this packaging problem and sometimes do not buy an item if it is difficult to open.

    1. idigdirt Post author

      Oh yes, well I didn’t even cover the sticky things. There are stickers that peel off nicely and it irritates me to no end those that don’t! The technology is here people! I scratched up a new food container trying to remove a sticker….because I was IRRITATED and used my fingernail! Lighter fluid….on my list of must have’s!

  4. rose1943

    As Ellen Degeneris says, there’s the complicated packaging for a good scissors you would use to open this package. There’s the pickle jar, when you finally get it opened and the juice is all the way to the top and, most likely, you’ll spill the juice all over. The most fragile lightbulb is hardly package safely at all. Go figure.

  5. cappuccino

    Dont talk to me about those stickers in the bowl of “Non stick” frypans….even turning it on full and high till it was smoking,,didn,t disturb it,

  6. waylander

    Beware of lighter fluid to remove the gunk left behind by labels. Some materials do not react well to lighter fluid and you could end up destroying the product you paid good money for.

    1. bathchairdave

      Condoms are easy enough to get out of their packaging. This is typical of big brother – eat sweets with the wrapper on – ok. Any other fun not allowed.? We need to stop plastic packaging right now. We need to be ashamed of ourselves for using up so much of our planet in our lifetimes, and make one move – any move to correct it.

  7. Twilight

    I totally agree…I think these huge companies should be fined for their excessive packaging…it’s ridiculous and all that plastic ends up in landfills and the ocean..consumers can only do so needs to be a joint effort…including the companies we do business with!