Over 50 Employment?

Hello all and how is your day?

Well, to start with this is not a "rant" as much as it is a statement of fact that this country is going to hell in a hand-basket!

When the educated, hard working/learned the business inside and out/older worker is no longer valued and instead a snot nosed 18-30 year old - "I's graduated from High school" is preferred, I wonder what work is actually being accomplished?
I went in for an interview the other day and they were throwing a beach ball around the office. No one was dressed for office work, instead they wore shorts and Hawaiian shirts. That would be fine if it was say "Luau" day or something special but no, this was everyday attire. They were all very rude and spoke on the phone to clients the same way!

The person interviewing me was about 30 and shook my hand upon meeting me but during the 5 minute interview for the accounting position he did not ask me any job related questions. He looked at the resume' that the head office had sent him and said, "Well, you are definitely qualified but why would someone in her early 40s? want to work here?" I answered that I'm very active, a runner and love the beach plus I'm a very good accountant. I didn't get the job. Instead a friend of mine's 20 year old, BLOND,10th grade drop out was given the position. (By the way, I'm 53 and look damn good for my age)

My questions to ya'all is why are over 50 people not getting hired? Why are companies getting away with getting ride of all over 50 employees? And please don't give me 'Obamacare as an excuse because that's just an excuse to screw us.

Your thoughts?


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  1. chalkoutline

    From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty much always been this way. The older one gets, the more knowledgeable. The younger ones know less about life and are less inclined to make trouble by insisting on this or that. The younger ones can be hired for a fraction of the cost of a more seasoned and experienced elder.

    Granted, I’m making some general broad statements here and the above is not true in every situation, but it’s far more the norm than the exception.

  2. jsmile

    As a businessman I can see hiring a younger person for economic reasons as long as they are experienced. Companies today look at the bottom line “first” which I’m not sure I totally agree with. Labor is much like goods, you get what you pay for. Companies have it backwards in my opinion. Hiring two inexperienced people to do the job of one experienced does not help the bottom line. I have hired both and I would rather work one experienced and mature person. When you see employees goofing off in the office, there is one obvious observation, you have too many employees. This is a major contributing factor to high costs of goods and services. Next time you enter a retail establishment (one example is fast food) observe the number of employees on the clock surfing the smartphone or busy “looking” busy or in your case, being paid a fair wage to toss a beach ball cross the office. pagewizards you are correct, the “work ethic” has gone to hell in a hand basket. Good post.