One little change for better…..

January, the time of year when we make lots of great resolutions to better ourselves in the year ahead, but generally forget what they were by the time February comes round. Indeed, our promises to change seem to somehow remain the same year after year. So what are we doing wrong? And what can we do differently?
The best resolution – to make no more resolutions!
The first step towards making a change is pretty straightforward: stop making resolutions.
You might think that by not making any resolutions things will just stay the same. Far from it – New Year’s resolutions have something of a bad reputation because we so rarely keep them. That’s because we tend to make them so big and so many that our resolutions are most like wishful thinking than realistic goals. It generally takes just a few weeks before we recognise this and slowly start to give up on achieving them.
So consider this: it might actually be the case that your resolutions are preventing you from making changes. So how can you rectify this? By making one little change at a time, and here’s how…
Change how you approach change
Change occurs no matter what – whether it’s age, waistline size, personal appearance, friends, home or hobbies. The key is to embrace it by playing a more active part in the process, beginning with the small choices we make each and every day and directing them towards an achievable goal.
Accept that change isn’t always easy
Breaking routines and habits you’ve had for years is no easy task. However, any setbacks or obstacles you encounter should be viewed as part of the process, not as reasons to throw away your plans. If you truly believe that making a change will help improve your health and quality of life, then it’s certainly worth sticking with.
Keep it simple – one goal at a time
Because change can be tough, you should try to focus on what you can do rather than on what you can’t. Once you know what your goal is, set about breaking down how you can achieve it by noting the exact steps you need to take. And be sure to restrict your goals to just one or two - attempting to set too many goals now may spread your willpower too thin and weaken your resolve.
Make things clear – write your goal down
One of the things that separates resolutions from goals is that the former are vague while the latter are clear. For example, say you make a resolution to get fit. It's a great idea but what exactly does it mean? Do you want to be able to run a marathon in 6 months or just be able to play with your grandkids without being out of breath? Be specific when jotting down your goal. This will give you both focus and purpose and offer you scope to revisit and review it whenever you need to.....Good luck everyone!!!

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  1. roseinbloom

    Pollie. I love your blog. Now I will write them down, also know that you are making changes so you will be HAPPIER in the short or long run. Good habits are GOOd because they work. So make goal or plans or habits that you see a real and recognizable benefit. Ex. Have more fun. I did that one again this year. I will do more singing and dancing, cook more, DO more, and of course, I will bathe, brush my teeth, wash and clean and work and exercise because I am a civilized human being. I will have two birthday parties this month and I will bake a cake. I got stuck spending $20.00 for a birthday cake last month. And I need to spend money–not throw it away and that is one of my resolutions or whathamacallits, also. So, I hope I have made my point. I belong to a gym and a weight and health group. If you need support in keeping your goals, find it. You could start or join a group here on SC.

    1. pollie Post author

      Wow Rose you do sound like your goin to have a heck of a good year.. Im pleased to hear that.. Yep i always write goals down and tick them off as i achieve each one.. thanks for your comment hun 🙂 🙂

  2. powderpuff

    good blog pollie, make it simple. my aim for the next 3 months is to up my walking so I are fit enough to cope with the tour of England when I come in April. its a easy thing to do, just make sure I walk the dog daily. lol

    1. pollie Post author

      Thanks Powderpuff.. that is the aim to keep things simple and achievable else you lose heart if not.. make sure you come to visit us when you tour UK!! 🙂 🙂

  3. tizzy

    This is positive, informative and could be of great benefit to those who may have difficulty in adjusting to what they want to change but simply can’t for various reasons..Good blog Pollie!!