Odd Inherited Trait

Here is another story from my "real- life-is-stranger-and-funnier-than-fiction" file.

One beautiful Spring morning, many years ago, my girlfriend Janice called, and asked if I would like to bring the kids and meet her at the park. I had a lot to do, but it was a very lovely morning, so I agreed. I also felt that I should go, because I had put Janice off too much. She was not always easy to communicate with either, and our conversations were usually very one-sided. She talked, I listened. However, she had a kind heart and was likable in many ways. So, I thought "Carpe' Diem!". We agreed on the time and place to meet.

When we arrived at the park, we got a pleasant surprise! Janice had a drink carrier, with four fountain drinks from the nearby drive-in. She said "I hope everyone likes Coke." Nice! We thanked her, then the kids ran to the swings and she and I found a shady picnic table.
We had an enjoyable time that morning. After about an hour, I said "Well, I need to get home and start lunch."

She then opened her purse and pulled out a receipt. She looked at it, then showed it to me...."Your drinks came to $3.10 with tax." (Something like that) . I just looked at her, unsure what to say. Finally-"Well, umm, I didn't bring any cash. I can pay you back later though." She seemed a bit annoyed "Oh."

The situation was awkward, and caught me off guard! However, it wasn't really surprising, considering it was Janice. That is not a mean statement, just a very honest, based on my experiences with her.

Now, jump ahead several years. My sister invited me to join she and her boyfriend's (Chris) family at a restaurant for dinner. She said all of his family really wanted me there too. His Mom and brother were in town for rare visit. I already knew his Aunt and Grandmother, who lived locally.

When I got to the restaurant, I was warmly greeted by Chris and his family. His grandmother came over to me and offered to pay for my dinner. I said "Well, that is very kind of you, are you sure?" She answered "Oh yes, I'd really like to! I am so glad you could join us tonight!" So I thanked her and that was that.

Soon my sister arrived. I was introduced to the extended family. It was a very pleasant time! After a while, people started leaving. I was the last one, still relaxing , drinking my coffee. I felt a bit more tension when the server came to me for the third time in ten minutes "Is there anything else I can get for you?" I noticed Chris's grandmother, across the table, just looking at me. I suddenly realized that the server was waiting for me to pay! "Oh! Uh, just a moment, I have my card here." as I started fumbling with my wallet. Grandmother said "Do you need me to cover that for you?" "No, I have it, it's okay," I answered. "Are you sure?...." (Oh dear Lord, get me outta here! What just happened here?!!)

You get the picture. Now, take a guess who Chris' grandma was. She was my friend Janice's MOM. Janice who wanted her $3.10 back for the unexpected Cokes. Yes Janice was my sister's boyfriend's Aunt.

Like mother, like daughter. True. I kid you not.

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  1. lyn2

    I love this story KayBee and I do think we all have at least one inherited trait from a family member, I know I do.

    1. KayBee

      Hi Lyn. Thanks! I think we all do too, but hopefully it’s not one like I describe in my story…..lol.

  2. millie

    I think I missed something.. Why would she offer to pay if she then expected you to pay for yourself? Was she testing you? Knowing me, I would’ve blurted that out and make an awkward situation even worse..lol. Guess you learned something about that family for sure..Very well written Kay 🙂

    1. KayBee

      Thank you Millie. I think I missed something too! lol Maybe she forgot that she offered, or maybe she changed her mind. I still have no idea.

  3. oldbull

    The world is filled with obliviously cheeky people; you are just so darn lucky you have met not just one but two of ’em. I kid you not.

    1. millie

      ..just don’t bring any money and ya might wanna “go to the ladies room” when u are finished and… just not come back. lol jmo

    2. KayBee

      You (purposely, methinks) leave your invitation very ambiguous, mysterious and enigmatic……concerning WHO WILL PAY!!! lol

    1. KayBee

      Well, I don’t thinks so. I have been an American all my life. I was rather surprised by it, and later amused about the situation. Even more so because similar thing happened twice. I wouldn’t purposely do that to anyone.