No points for me just lets have some fun?

No points for me just lets have some fun?

L long have I posted words to enjoy.
E Everyone now posting for points!
A Always I thought of the blogs as great fun.
D Definately now it's lacking in content
E Each time I come in,hope for the fun
R Right now it's not there it's very unfunny.

B Bring on the banter bring on the fun.
O Oh how I hope there is some brightness to come.
A After all we are oldies and need to enjoy.
R Rather have fun then to be all so glum
D Dose anyone want to be first one to try.

L Let us be merry ,let us be glad
E Easy to see that you all know the way
A After the fun now write what you will
D Don't worry about points or if it's too short.
E Everything is right now let your hair down.
R Right way to do it is write what you like.

B Bring it on let's see what we have.
O Oh I am sure that there is writers out there.
A All let it out ,the way that you feel.
R Roaring so loud for all to hear.
D Don't let me down, come on ,all try!

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