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Its been three days since anyone blogged. Does no-one like the new blog site? I didn't but as its all there is now it has to be used. I know the last blog was very sad. How can starlette do this to us. She is loved so much. But we must go forward. Everyday I go to blogs and I've always loved reading them. Three days with nothing, I am getting agitated. Lets have some gossip and info, not this drivel i'm writing. I'm beginning to think you all have lives out there and that is just not fair. Although I am going to rainy Rotherham in a little while. That is a high spot of the world. I'll finish on a joke. What's green and goes up and down?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A gooseberry in a lift. (or elevator for the colonials). Happy November all. xxx

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  1. padraig1

    hey blinks no i aint doing any blogs either i used to but kept getting slagged for my funny romantic stuff and last one i did on the subject of the good folk leaving it was removed lolol any wonder theres no blogs wonder mmmmmmm if this happens in russia lololololol only a joke in cas it sremoved as well lolol glad am ur first answer blinks

    1. starlette

      Blinks, some people only capable of making nasty comments to the blogs……..but cannot be bothered to write any…………do not become to popular my friend…..or the daggers will be out…….lots of jealousy around…….heehee .xxx

      1. blinker1

        Star, is this really you or am I imagining you are there. Lovely to still hear you matey. XXXXX

  2. Lexann

    It sounds like everyone may be on a “In thought” break. I didn’t know Star, we just never caught up in the same groups, etc. But, she was one of the first people to friended me but, I always read her comments in the activity list and laugh. When one loses someone who has become such a dear friend and communicates with them daily, it can sort of be like a death..very painful not to have that friend around everyday. We can only hope she will return and we wish her the best. The blogs will go back to normal I’m sure. Lex xx