Nite Owl Room

I have given this great thought, and have some ideas to toss at you. and you may toss them back at me if you like, lol  I seem to be thick skinned, I don’t bleed easily, I’m fairly reasonable, for a woman.  lol  Very open to others ideas, which I would love to hear from you. So hit me with your best shot, ok? As women who are bored and can’t sleep, I think it’s easily a time you have the right to be grumpy, and that can lead to some healthy discussions, or we can be quiet and just glare at each other. Facts have shown tho that women are not gonna be quiet for long periods, The pressure builds in silence, until someone has to say something! Then we are off and running, of course in a lady like manor….yes? Something else I thought of, is we need a mascot, this is reasonable for any organization, big or small. The thought I have here is the two owls sitting atop SC. How lucky can we get? I also have in mind that we don’t need two owls, when one will do, so our first plan is to tell the female owl from the male owl. Surely they are not of the same gender? I’m sort of leaning toward the yellow owl. This could be another heated discussion (rational, of course) Here is one of the perfect places for you to give me some feed back, so please speak up, my lovelies…hehehehe I think it is only responsible of us to seek proper permission to copy the owl WE choose…Ok that is food for thought, we don’t have to do it 3 days….. Now it’s your turn to speak !!! Do try to do it all at once, I still have a small margin left for going crazy….hahahahaha ….. ok that’s it for now.

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    1. missyu Post author

      Thank You Rob for the valuable Owl Info, and you are right about the eyebrows, For once in the bird world the female is the best looking…lo l Missy u

  1. roseinbloom

    Missyu, I am rarely bored and cannot sleep so I don’t have that problem; I do wake up very early but if I get bored then I start my day.
    A’s for the owls, Rob the owner, allowed to vote on them and my selection did not win but I like them and never considered the gender of either.
    I do not agree with “having to be Ladylike and a lot or other gender related statements. I give myself the right to state my opinions in the same manner as a reasonable and gentlemanly man would do.I had a brother who was one year older and I grew up thinking that I could follow him along. Also, my dad encouraged me to do well and never expected less of me. I am so grateful for my dad for that. If I get bored, I can always find some work to do, my Mon taught me that. I also can find amusements because I live in a a large city.

    1. missyu Post author

      Roseinbloom, thank you for reading my blog, it was not meant to be a factual scientific group of words. Whimsical was more the effect I had in mind, I’m sorry you failed to see that see that! I’m proud to be a lady who is ladylike, and any gender related statements were said in jest, without any malice, you know that “IS” accepted in todays world! If going the gentlemanly route works for you, that is great….I do have to wonder what kind of amusements you would find in the “Large City” @ 3 a.m. hmmmm!!! Missyu

      1. roseinbloom

        Missyu, A certain amount of truth is said in jest . At 3 am I can go to the drugstore and two supermarkets. I can start my laundry or cook or just watch TV or get on my laptop. Only the first three are due to being in a large city.
        Making gender related statements is more serious than you may realize. I said I choose to say what a gentlemanly man would say that does not make me a gentleman. If having the right to speak is not ladylike, I am definitely not ladylike and don’t want to be.

          1. missyu Post author

            You are the most narrow minded person I have never met, I was advised to ignore you, but I thought it could be worked out, I was wrong. I refuse to keep bickering with you, it is going no where, so it ends here for me!! Color me gone. Adios Senorita!!!

  2. starlette

    Don’t think I can be of much help to you here miss………very rarely are the times I cannot sleep, only if something is troubling me………..bored never………( try ringing a sex chat line )…….only joking….lol…….. I would have to have the healthy discussion with myself, so would always be right……….the male of the species in birds are usually more colourful and flamboyant then the females……..maybe buy a bird watching book and study them. learn to identify them, their nesting habits, their favourite food, the colour of their eggs, where they are to be found…….yawn…….sleep will be a welcome relief………heehee….

    1. missyu Post author

      Thank you star for reading my blog. I think some of your ideas had a lot of merit, especially “trying a sex chat line” that was too cute… haha … I haven’t tried the ” healthy discussion with my self”, but I’m not ruling out the benefits that may obtained from this process. After all at this age what I got to lose? I don’t know about the reading bit, may sight isn’t what it’ use to be, but that can be said for my whole body…lol

    2. vonMichael

      Hi Star,

      talking with yourself has more than one advantage to you; the most
      important I think is the truth in the answer you get.
      I don’t think you wilö not cheating yourself, no you will always honest with
      yourself???? !!! ??? xxxM

      1. starlette

        Well you have a point there Michael……..nothing to be gained in telling myself what I want to hear if its not true………if you cannot be truthful to yourself……. who can you be truthful to…….xxx

  3. rose1943

    I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. I used to get upset about it, but since I’m retired and don’t have to get up for work….I play it by ear. Not much I can do lest I wake up the husband and son downstairs. I take to the separate bed by the tv… a video or dvd…..sometimes that will help me sleep. Usually it’s things on my mind that keep me awake. Does that bore me? No, but it can be frustrating.

    1. missyu Post author

      Rose thank you for reading my blog, it seems like you have found a good way for you to deal with this situation, I do hope it continues to work for you . you are one of the lucky ones!!! Missyu

  4. Rockflower

    I am definitely an owl …..I always had the tendency to be more a night person but night people just have to fit in with the “lark’ or day people’s schedules in a working life. Unless they are really smart and follow some profession that truly fits their own rhythms. Now I’m retired and I and I do most of my creative work very late and I love it. When I do hit my bed I sleep and that can be until 9am…..who cares. I take an hour to slowly drink coffee and get dressed then I’m ready for anything LOL! Sleep patterns do change as we age, my advice is to go with the flow of your own body rhythms, don’t insist on pushing yourself into a schedule that does not fit your innerself and don’t care about what others may think. OK I’m off to set in for a long evening LOL!

    1. missyu Post author

      Thank You Rockflower, for reading my blog, I too gave always been a night person. It puts you out of sync with the rest of the world, but you learn to deal with it. I was lucky , the last 10 years I worked I was on night shift. What a blessing for me, but the norm peeps seem to forget you needed to sleep. It may have been day for them, but it was nite-nite time for me. lol But I adjusted, I learned I could function on 4 hours sleep… the biggest perk was I was always home for all holidays….. you give a little and you get a little. Perfectly rounded life, huh…lol..? If you worried what others thought, you would be wasting your life, for nothing, literally… lol… You have a good attitude, it will serve you well!!! Have a perky day.
      B C N U…. missyu

  5. Whitewaves

    I prefer to think of my self as an early bird not a night owl, do a lot of work reports, updates, get the washing machine on even been known to bake at 4 am, maybe 10 years of night duty has left it’s mark.

  6. vonMichael

    Hello Whitewaves,

    your comment reminds me on my uncle many years ago. He did his miltary service in
    RUSSIA / WW2. in the first line of Stalingrad. Autumn he was lucky cos he got wounded and so he was send back to hospital in Nazi-Germany.

    During his time in Russia he was selected for one of 4 other comrades for sentry duty cos in his profession he was a baker by trade who had to get up early morning by
    01:00 – 1.30 am and that has never changed after the war. After 1945 he got a job in
    the car industry for the night shift only.
    If this the true side of the story or not I don’t know??? But all I know is they paid an
    extra-bonus of 25% for night shift worker.
    but this is only the beginning of a long never ending story cos during his time of
    sleep during the day cos nightmares of what he had seen in Russia never to get into
    a dream as it is normal I would say. Good question of yours to be answered.

  7. jessamyne

    Seems the topic became a bit sidetracked. I thought it was supposed to be about a night owl discussion room for people who happen to be up at night.

    If it would involve a lot of bickering over petty issues, I wouldn’t be interested. But I might suggest cat fights be resolved with a healthy pillow fight.

    Always worked for me and my friends, lol!

  8. missyu Post author

    You are absolutely right about the night owl room, but unforeseen things happen…it will not be a bickering room it be as we all planned…. now I have to find out how to make a new room hahaha…you have any experience in that area? I’m sure there are instructions some where, I’ll have to put on my glasses and go surfing PC…..will let you know what I find out, or what I can squeeze outta some one who has made a room…..I’m thinking it cant be too hard…hahah… Be in touch with you. Thank you for responding to the slight bump in the road…hahahaha Missyu

  9. Scorpio

    I had just joined your group but I have just read these comments and was appalled by the rudeness shown to an old and valued member Roseinbloom . I have therefore decided I do not wish to be a member of your group.

      1. Scorpio

        I do not intend to become embroiled in an argument with you. Suffice to say I have never encountered such rudeness before as you displayed towards a fellow member of our community. This is not what is expected in Senior Chatters.

        1. missyu Post author

          Well I have encountered such rudeness, and it was from YOU. I had been on SC maybe 3 days, and y had briefly talked to me 3 or 4 times, I thought you were a nice lady, and sent you a friendship request. oh boy you fired back at me like I was some kind of trash, you said you wouldn’t consider it until I proved I was worthy of friendship….I let it slide cuz I was new and didn’t know the SC protocol, but I didn’t forget about it . I knew at some point I would tell you what I thought. I didn’t come to SC to made to feel like a low life, which is what you had done to me in no uncertain turns. I came to SC to make friends and be part of a group, I thought it was what SC represented… I had seen some very colorful glittery sign that said “Newbies It’s All About You” Followed by a big “Welcome Sign” which I thought was really great, But then you spoiled it for me, and I was afraid to open my mouth. I’m afraid no more. You are not a nice lady, maybe you were having a bad day as we all do, but you had no right to take it out on me, I had done nothing but try to be your friend. I hope you haven’t done this to other newbies, it’s really not a good feeling to have when you have just joined a new site……….So I can see why you and Roseinbloom are such good friends… have a lot in common, and it is not *Being Nice*
          Ok I’ve had my say, and will say no more. it’s water under the bridge. Just let it be!!!!! I did try to send this, but some reason it wouldn’t take it, the same with the cc to Ron private mail
          i’ll work on that!!

          1. Scorpio

            All the above comments are totally ridiculous and completely without foundation. I utterly refuse to continue , in any way , this exchange of words. This is my absolute final comment and there will be no further posts by myself in this blog.

  10. rose1943

    I am in the dark. I thought this blog was fun. Now it seems it’s being closed down. So much bickering in these blogs. No use going to them anymore.

    1. missyu Post author

      Rose come out of the dark into the light… we are gonna get this thing going, there will be no bickering, and it will be fun, if I have to bat people over the head…. hahahahahha, I’m just kidding, I hope you know!!! but we are very serious about our nite owl room and I think it will be interesting and fun if we can get the negative ladies to settle down…lol just give it some thought , if you are not comfortable with the idea you don’t have to join us. It is totally voluntary!!
      Thank you for the reply, we like to know how people feel about it, that will help us structure the room!! * miles of smiles*

  11. CSweet51

    I am a night owl fighting myself to change that. so some nights I am and other I am not. but my point I want to make is next time I am on and you are also, rather than me logging out I will message you to say hello and welcome…..My Bad sorry. Looking forward to meeting you