With the internet and all the questionable, supposed

information being posted by established media and blogs and

just kooks on Youtube and elsewhere, how do others determine

what to read and how to decide if it is believeable. It seems

that severe skeptisism is necessary to try to find truth of

all that is being deceminated.

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  1. ralph

    hi necomer from OZ – yes been around the net for 30 yrs approx now and I agree with drummers comments – the unwary to get ensnared and lose money too! – I’ve have money snatched from my secure bank account by hackers. fortunately restored by the bank but it took a few weeks!

  2. Rockflower

    Hi Aquajohn……..This is a problem and obviously, a lot of people fail to sort the truth from the fiction . These days it seems that half the world is busy trying to scam the other half as never before, or perhaps they have never had such means that enable easily, to reach so many to trick. There are no guarantees but the tools of defence are time and reflection. The time is needed to think LOL! Consider the source, who is telling you, for me a scientist working in a particular field has more credibility than some film star and the more scientists that say the same thing,the more I’m inclined to believe what they say. Then always ask why is this information being broadcast now and why. Who or what will this benefit. If it is personal and someone is trying to make you take some particular action, take the time to think, day, days or even a week or two. Ask advice from a few sources, then make the decision. Never be rushed into something. So yes as you say, scepticism is needed and I own up to a little shade of cynicism about my person. How ever we do have to remember that what is truth is not always a constant. What was accepted as absolute truth in the past is not always the truth we accept today. I imagine many things that we assume in our life times will also be proven to be untrue in the future. So it is that old thing…. buyer beware, it is a jungle out there.

  3. roseinbloom

    It pays to be very skeptical and believe little or nothing 100%. Rockflower outlined a good process. I used to trust some medical sites but now I believe they are too cozy with the drug companies and the different interest groups like farmers and alcohol also influence what we are told. Who is left to trust: trust little or nothing.

  4. aguajohn Post author

    Rockflower early in your response you mentioned the word “think” . It is the most important thing we can do and I strongly suspect it is used by most people, not at all. You also stress taking time to decide what to believe and what to reject. Absolutely, what we read or hear on whatever source is in my mind only to be considered as “possibly” true and by waiting, others more versed in the area of the subject, will comment and add evidence to help us decide.