Good evening,  I am new to this site and really have no idea what I am doing.  I really just joined because I was feeling lonely and wanted to chat with someone. I am not particularly happy about needing to resort to an online platform but this seemed like an easy solution.  I just turned fifty and hope to discover a more meaningful existence than my previous fifty years,  and that has been pretty meaningful so the bar is high. 

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  1. starlette

    Hi there and welcome…….depends what you are expecting and what you put into the site……if your past 50 years have been meaningful and you expect more then you could be disappointed………butt…… you do see it as a last resort you say…….if you are lonely by and large you will find people to chat to in the chat rooms………members from different countries so day and night chat…….join the various groups which may be of interest to you…….Good Luck……

  2. 1099

    I too, was lonely mainly in the evenings when it was quiet and nothing available to knock the off edge of the darkness . I too , resorted to social media. I figured it was cheaper than going out to a restaurant where no one notices that you there eating alone. I hope you enjoy the beauty of this site as much as I have enjoyed the awesome smiles like the ones that I have received since I have been here. As Starlette said , I figure you get out of this site what you put into it…and either you’re rewarded or disappointed, but either way they have been wonderful to deal with . Good luck on your journey… may the you find this site to be the edge on your darkness as well.