Natural Disasters

I have been unlucky enough to be caught up in two earthquakes whilst I was living in California, you could actually see the roads and trees moving up and down and the houses shaking. Has anybody been involved in any equally terrifying events?

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  1. waylander

    Nearest I’ve ever come is a force 12 South Atlantic gale. Even on a decent sized ship watching 40 foot waves march down on you is disconcerting.

    1. aloysious Post author

      That must have been frightening as seen a few big waves while sailing but can’t imagine 40ft waves , amazing g, great talking to you, aloysious

  2. annemarie

    I lived in Fremont, Ca. from Dec. 83 to July 95 and experienced 2 big ones out there . One was in 84 down in Morgan Hill south of San Jose and the other one was in 89 the Loma Preta earthquake that brought down some of the Oakland Bay Bridge. I was at home when the Morgan Hill earthquake hit and the house swayed back and forth. It was a ranch house and no damage . I was at work when the one in 89 hit and by the time I walked from the stock room to the front of the store it was over and we didn’t have any damage except a few piece’s of glass wear fell off the shelves . I worked at Marshalls out there in Newark, Ca. So we would have small ones sometimes but those were both very strong earthquakes. We had one that hit off the coast of Delaware last month and people felt it here in Baltimore but I didn’t feel it.

    1. aloysious Post author

      Hi, Anne-Marie, I lived in Long Beach, CA in the early eighties and coming from England had only ever read about earthquakes, the first one all the cupboards flew open and there was glass everywhere, but I was most worried about the poor cat. There was some structural damage too, but I like my terrace firm, steady and not moving up and down. I’m glad you went hurt, I wasn’t just shocked, but the most stupid thing is your bold to stay inside, I went in the garden and screamed, !!

      1. annemarie

        Well the first one when I was sitting at home at the kitchen table and when it hit it caused the water in the pool to splash out of the pool. I never thought to get up and go outside as they tell you to stand in a doorway which I didn’t do either time.

        1. aloysious Post author

          Aloyious, yeah they tell you flat against, the wall but the after shocks went fun and no power, telephone news. Y the time I left long beach which is the epicentre I was adapting a bit, but the minute the lamp started swaying and I went quiet I knew what was coming. Are you used to it do you take for granted now. Alosious

          1. annemarie

            I moved back to Baltimore, Maryland in 95 after my husband passed away and don’t miss the earthquakes but miss the California Weather and my friends out there.

  3. aloysious Post author

    Ye I miss long beach, the spruce goose, queen Mary, ports obcall, sunshine, but not the freeways, earthquakes and smog, the air turns yellow around rush hour, great talking to you. Cheers, aloysious

  4. roseinbloom

    I lived in California, San Diego, Los Angelos, and San Francisco. San Francisco was my favorite except for the weather. San Diego was wonderful but I felt the earth move on a regular basis, so I am happy to be away from that except I love the fluid life of california. I was hoping my granddaughter would settle in San Diego where she now lives, but she married a man from Tyler Texas, which is also a love town but it is not California. In Chicago we had one earthquake that I experienced. I lived in a high rise and my pictures were crooked when I returned home. I was glad I was on the ground at the time and felt nothing.
    Good thing about being older is that most of our live is used and the years risked are not that many and are not that promising. We can take chances now.

  5. aloysious Post author

    I lived in long beach for 7 years and loved going to San Diego and San fransisco , but your right about the weather, as for taking risks I have managed to cracking my tailbone parachuting, break my arm skiing, my leg , horseriding and my ankle playing paintball so I guess I have always taken risks and am accident prone? I stayed in Chicago one winter ,cold, they had to dice the plane.Do you like Chicago, went to the house of blues.hope you are well. Aloysious

  6. Rockflower

    Living a long, long way from California and recently seeing the disasters on news programs and feeling for the victims, never the less I can’t help thinking ….living is California is akin to living the old testament. Fire, floods, earthquake, land slides. You only need a plague of frogs and locusts to have the full picture. Now I’m kind of expecting someone to write and tell me you have those too!

  7. aloysious Post author

    I moved back to sunny! England a couple of years ago it wasn’t just the earthquake there was a lot of violence in LA , there was an attempted break in at the house I was living in and I picked up a gun (kept in the house for protection, ) and I would have used it if necessary. Also I wrote an article about the British police not being armed and got three life threatening letters, bye bye, LA, earthquakes yes too many guns no

  8. rose1943

    Your postings are great to read, Aloysious. I see on this blog that many people have moved around a lot. I have lived only on the north side of Chicago for 74 years to be exact. Judging from the rest of the US, things have been pretty calm here. Some big snowstorms, big winds, minor shaking but nothing serious except for all the shootings not really that close to me. If I had to live anywhere else it would be in the Upper UK where golden girl lives near the beautiful moors. Went there once. I once read a book called ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ who predicted that California would eventually go under. I’m beginning to believe this. Our coasts seem to be in jeopardy more and more as time passes. It’s all about the water and the temperatures down below. Very interesting subject I think. Stay safe and thanks for writing this.