Mysterious, Scary or Just Fun?

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico. I lived there until age 17.
Many people who read my first sentence, will immediately think of the famous Roswell UFO incident. Especially if they are from the US and over age 40.

Many times during my life, when people learned where I grew up, they commented about it. A few of the comedian types, who are friends, have said things like...."Oh, knowing your from Roswell, explains a lot about you! Always thought you were a little odd..." Haha. Right.

My Mom was a little girl and witnessed the UFO herself! I am going to copy and paste an email below, that I sent to a friend a few years ago. It was my response to her request: "So tell me something interesting about Roswell, NM."

"Well, when I was young, my Mom told us that she and her friends, all about age 8, were up in a tree goofing around when they saw something weird in the sky that scared all of them. They ran in to tell the adults, and they were laughed at for their childish imaginations! She said that they really did see it, and when the news broke later that evening, they were sure they had seen the spaceship! (Mom was born in 1939, so she would have been about 8 in '47 when it happened). You may have heard that the media and government kept the whole thing "Hush hush" for many years. Even when I left that area in 1980, it wasn't talked about much. Then, I am not sure when, but all the documentaries, books, tv shows came out about the "Roswell incident". When I went back for a visit several years ago, Roswell was full of "Alien-mania", stuff, including a big UFO museum! They even have an annual Alien Festival every summer.

So, there you go! Mom never told us that she did or didn't believe in aliens and spaceships. I don't know how exciting my little story really is, but it's all I've got for now."

Part of the very mysterious and controversial story, was that a farmer claimed to have seen several dead alien beings near the spacecraft, at the crash site.

If you aren't familiar with the Roswell Incident, Google it!

Please, feel free to share your thoughts too. What do you all think about aliens, spaceships and such? Now, I am not trying to be mysterious and secretive by withholding my own opinions about it all. I still don't have any clear cut answers. I am baffled by this story and all the worldwide tales of sightings through the years. I am just not sure what to think!

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  1. Lou67

    It is not what we think but what our federal government thinks we should think.. We don’t have a mine or do we?.. The future will show what is and what’s not.. I am a American Indian.. I believe anything I’m told when it comes from the federal government.. lol.. I believe they saw what they believe they saw.. Lou

    1. KayBee

      Haha Lou. You’ve shown us clearly that you do indeed have a mind of your own. Good for you! You GO Lou! (Wooo!)
      I’ll mysteriously avoid (or evade) commenting about the federal government here. 🙂

  2. KayBee

    I see that #1 under “Related Posts” is an excellent blog that tells more details about the Roswell incident. Shadow wrote it in 2011.

    1. ozzybloke

      We would have to be naive or arrogant to think we are the only life forms in the universe, so I keep an open mind. Can’t comment on your govt but if ours is anything to go by (whoever is in power), I don’t believe much of what they have to say either. And when you hear from people who have been driving through state forest and had their vehicles tracked by objects suddenly rising out of the timber, military disclaimers aren’t all that convincing.

      1. KayBee

        I do think there have been too many sightings, for too long, for them to just be coincidence or nothing to it all.
        Thanks for your comments Oz!

  3. vonMichael

    The flying saucer have been invented by the German Airforce during the period of 1941-45.
    At the end of WWII when Germany was occupied American soldiers got
    the construction plans whereas the American Airforce made use of later on in the desert of Nevada.
    The idea of that kind of aercraft is still in the head of leading aircraft engineers and on their table.

  4. lani36

    I have a theory about Roswell,min min lights and all the sightings of U.F.O.S ,that under the cloke of secrecy ,of secret service agencies, may be new aircraft being designed for endurence, ability and future warfare ,because they are mostly seen in very unpopulated areas … but then who am I to tell a bird he can,t fly, ha ha …. Lani

    1. KayBee

      Hi Lani, thanks for your comment! Your theory is shared my many, and makes sense to me, even with my limited knowledge and understanding.

  5. Debbie4958

    You know its really hard to say and we all have different opinions but I tend to agree with Ozzy. Surely we couldn’t be the only life form in the universe. Who knows. KayBee how mysterious and exciting and scary for your mum. How hard would it be to see or even think you saw something and no one believes you.

    1. KayBee

      Thanks Debbie, I agree too! Yes, Mom told us that story when I was a teenager, and I never forgot it.

  6. PollyPie

    I certainly do believe there is intelligent life on other planets that are just as interested in us, as we are of them.
    Obviously, something drastic happened in Roswell in 1947, but what happened is anyone’s guess, because I doubt we will every know the facts.
    a) It could have been a craft from another world that crashed, and therefore would explain the farmer seeing several dead beings near the crash site. The Fed Govt think the US population are pathetic beings, therefore denying anything happened, which would mean a huge cover up. Leaving the 55 year old question of did it, or didn’t it happen.
    b) It could have been an experiment by the US to invent a craft with a multitude of gases in preparation for another war. If the experiment went wrong and crashed, with the unknown gases disfiguring the crew, this would explain the farmer seeing bodies, and the Fed Govt’s huge cover up.
    c) It could have been a meteor, but if this was the case, the Fed Govt wouldn’t need the cover up.
    I believe that either a) or b) are feasible.

    Thanks for this blog, Kay. Other event to google 😀

  7. KayBee

    Thanks for reading my blog Polly. You know quite a lot about this and have some very interesting thoughts about it! Thanks for sharing them.

  8. georgia

    KayBee…and you didn’t even attempt to infiltrate, to penetrate the impenetrable? Come on…you could have been the one under the cloak of darkness to enlighten us all, lol. The U. S. Government, with secrets? OMG!
    Loved reading this and all the comments, learned a lot. So glad you shared it with us. 🙂
    geo xxx

    1. KayBee

      Thanks Georgia! Well, I have this “thing” about not expounding on topics that I am not so knowledgeable about. 🙂 I do think the government is keeping many secrets about all this. But I didn’t interview any government agents personally, just Mom.

  9. Jsmile

    Just read this. I believe in UFO’s! I see one every morning in the mirror LOL!
    I really think all these unexplained experiences and sightings are of the governmental experiments and studies. If you study the origin of these unexplained strange phenomenons, they seem to always originate in the Southwest US. Area 51 comes to mind. I’m constantly intrigued how some modern technology isn’t really all that new. Awesome blog KayBee. 🙂

    1. KayBee

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Jsmile. From one alien to another, I appreciate your opinion. Yes, the SW desert areas of US seem to be where we hold many our secret meetings.