my tribute to my friend Eddy (if it works that is!!)

this is a video tribute that i have done for my best friend Eddy...I thought the world of him and am so pleased us meetin up when we must have been meant to be...sometimes god works in mysterious ways....

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  1. woodsie60

    Well Polly U moved me deeply by the feeling U have put into this Tribute. I never knew Eddy but reading so much here He must be looking down on those who did and feeling there love such an honour he is feeling to have left such a warm mark here and living long in memory for time forward

    Thank you Polly for showing the goodness there Steve.

  2. jcb1

    pollie that tribute brings a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. what a nice thing you have done and shows what a caring heart you have and what a good friend you were to him. well done sweetheart.

  3. moggy

    Well done Polly,u were very lucky to have met one another,u are a very caring person and im sure he is looking down at this,and i reckon he is saying thank you polly,twas a pleasure knowing u .
    Rest in Peace Eddy xxxx

  4. passaggio

    Very beautiful and moving tribute to Eddy. Also brought me to tears as well. He was blessed to have you as such a dear friend Polly. May he rest in peace. xo

  5. annemarie

    Pollie, What a wonderful tribute to Eddy and I am sure he is looking down from above and am sure he knows how much you cared and loved him as your friend. I am so glad you were able to go down and spend time with him . May he RIP. He will be missed here on S.C. xxx

  6. lo1234

    Pollie, that was so beautiful. What a great friend you are and I’m sure Eddy is looking down smiling at you. So sorry for your loss. xxxx

    1. pollie Post author

      thank you msscooter…yes i feel i was the lucky one to find a friend like Eddy…a true friend till the end 🙂 🙂

  7. maize

    Pol…thank you for this heartfelt tribute to a lovely man. Friendship is so important, so vital…you were so lucky to know each other and to recognize each other as true friends.
    Thank you for reminding us all how precious true friendship is
    Maisie x

    1. pollie Post author

      thank you maizie… i thought long and hard about doin this for him… i know he would have liked it…and friendship is so precious as you say, and i appreciate yours very much 🙂 🙂

  8. myhurtingback

    Didn’t meet either of you but the essence of what was clearly a true and deep relationship was present throughout that tribute for even a stranger to share and appreciate.

    1. pollie Post author

      thank you so much for those kind words hun…i know if you had have met him you would have liked him as much as me…he was a gentleman through and through 🙂 🙂

  9. skippy

    What a beautiful tribute to Eddy pollie, sure made me cry ((((((((hugs)))))) to you my friend and RIP dear Eddy xxx

    1. pollie Post author

      oh thank you so much john…i know im not perfect but yes i thought the video summed our friendship up perfectly…:) 🙂

  10. nmod

    I’ve watched this video few times its touching , the meaning of true friendship ! A beautiful tribute to your friend thank you for sharing xxx

  11. jenna

    Polly that was a beautiful tribute to your dear friend Eddy. It brought tears to my eyes also. Eddy will be looking down and feeling so proud that his wonderful friend put such an amazing video of your true friendship together. xxxxxx

    1. pollie Post author

      oh thank you Jenna i am so glad you liked it and yes he would have loved it..i so wish he was here to see it 🙁 🙁

  12. topaz875

    Eddy was very lucky to have a friend like you, pollie. And you were lucky as well to have Eddy as a friend. For you to make this tribute to him says it all. God bless you both.

  13. cinta

    A beautiful tribute and well put together pollie. It meant to be for you to meet eddy on earth and be friend in spirit. Love and blessings xxx

    1. pollie Post author

      thank you cinta..i feel too it was meant to be at that time…like i said…god works in mysterious ways…we dont always think so at the time but usually it is for the best and myself and eddy had the best time durin my visit..:) 🙂

  14. crumble

    A very loving and fitting tribute to a wonderful man. We are so lucky to have known Eddy and to have had in our lives. There will never be another like him. There will be many days when we think of you, and smile. God Bless you Eddy xxx

    1. pollie Post author

      thank you so much crumble…i was the lucky one havin him for my friend and no.. there will never be another Eddy…:) 🙂

  15. crumble

    A very loving and fitting tribute to a wonderful man. We are so lucky to have known Eddy and to have had in our lives. xxx

  16. PamfromTX

    pollie, what a wonderful friend you had. I’m sure he is looking down at you and smiling. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video clip with us. RIP, Eddy.